I'm Back! Wedding & Honeymoon Update

A big hello to all my amazing readers and followers and even some new followers I've gained while being away!!! As you can see I have been absent from my blog these last few weeks. I had some content pre-prepared that you may have already seen, and other posts that needed a little editing and touching up, but with my wedding and a jam-packed holiday including a two week cruise with no internet, and going back to my hometown for two weeks, my little blog got neglected! 

Don't worry though, I'm back! I did 100% enjoy my time away and I'm feeling so refreshed. I've already been busy preparing content for you all and will be doing a combined October & November favourites this month since I missed last month. I also have a What's in My Travel Bag Updated post coming to you soon and some major hauls from my travels. I'd love to know what else you'd like to see. I know a lot of bloggers post gift guides and other christmas-related content leading up to the holidays, so let me know if there is anything along these lines you'd like to see.

Now, many of you probably clicked on this post so you could see wedding pictures! I was lucky enough to have an amazing photographer Lee Burgess from Life and Love Photography and I couldn't recommend her more. She got our photos back to us in just over a month and we have so many gorgeous shots to choose from! I am having trouble deciding which ones to frame and make into canvases, I love them all. The wedding itself went without a hitch, and I can easily say it was the best day of my life. Married life is treating me well and my new name is Mrs. Sarah Clark!

Wanna see some pictures? Click below!


Beauty Bin: Empties #2

Who wants to take out the trash with me over the past few months? You can read my last Empties post here, and I've definitely let the products pile up since then! If you're up for some mini-reviews of all the products I've finished up over the last few months, keep reading!

Battle of the BB Creams: My Favourite No Fuss Bases

When you're in a rush, you need to meet a friend for coffee, run to the grocery store or just look human, sometimes all you want is an easy base that will even out your skintone and help you to look presentable. Generally these types of bases are aimed at daytime use and also include an SPF, making them a great multi-tasker for busy people! Today I'm taking you through some of my favourite BB & CC creams which I turn to for a really quick and easy makeup look.

Save or Splurge: Rimmel Brow This Way Eyebrow Sculpting Kit VS. Benefit Brow Zings

As a new feature here at Bows & Pleats, I wanted to start a Spend or Splurge series where I review similar products with a high end and low end option to see which one performs better. I'm all for saving a few bucks with my makeup if a product performs just as well as it's luxury counterpart, but I'm also happy to spend the money on something if it works really well and is high-quality. I hope you enjoy this series, and today I'm talking eyebrow kits! I'm comparing the Benefit Brow Zings with the Rimmel Brow This Way Eyebrow Sculpting Kit*. Which do you think will do better? Keep reading to find out!

New Posting Schedule: Wedding & Honeymoon Edition

Hi my beautiful readers!!! Just a quick note to say I will be trying my very, very best to have a new post up for you every Monday over the rest of October and November! It's 1 week until the wedding now and then we embark on a 5 week honeymoon throughout USA/Canada and visiting my family in Newfoundland. I hope you understand regarding my reduced schedule during this busy period, I just want to soak up every moment and enjoy time with my family!

Lots of love,

Sigma Beauty Haul & First Impressions: Affiliate Welcome Pack

Today I'm going through a major Sigma Beauty Haul with you and explaining everything you need to know about the Sigma Affiliate Program. Keep reading to find out all you need to know!

September Favourites: 2015

September has been a very busy month for me with my upcoming wedding growing closer and closer and now the countdown is now just 2 weeks away! *insert squeal here* I have really tried to keep it simple with my makeup this month, with a little bit of trialling new bits here and there that I may want to pack with me for my honeymoon. So, if you're interested in my favourite beauty items over the past month, please keep reading on!

Beauty 101: Setting Sprays for Every Budget Explained

Whether you want to believe it or not, setting sprays are definitely a necessary step in any lady (or man's) makeup routine. For me, they really do assist with increasing the longevity of your makeup and also reduce the chances of makeup transfer when you're using your phone or touching your face. For those that may not be too familiar with setting sprays, I've broken down some of my favourite ones and given you lots of options and price tags to choose from.

Shucked Coffee + Kitchen Review (Now Drinc Cafe)

I've been wanting to incorporate some more lifestyle posts into the blog lately, so I thought a recent trip to Shucked Coffee would be a good opportunity to share a little review with you. It has just recently changed name to Drinc Cafe, with Broncos star Sam Thaiday deciding to partner with his teammate Andrew McCullough to bring something special to the hip little spot in Newstead (Brisbane, Queensland). My review can only be based on my experience with Shucked Coffee + Kitchen, however the location remains the same and I believe the menu will pretty much stay the same as well with only some slight changes.

Dove Hair Therapy Moisturising Shampoo & Conditioner: Review

I don't usually switch up my hair products as much as my makeup products, but this new range from Dove has reminded me that more affordable brands do have a lot to offer in the haircare department! Although we often don't give supermarket brands much credit, they're constantly working on their formulas and prices to produce high quality products that don't cost an arm and a leg. I run out of shampoos and conditioners fairly quickly with my long hair so I can't always afford to buy from a salon. Today I'm reviewing the Dove Hair Therapy Nutritive Solutions, Daily Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner* which were kindly sent to me. I was not paid for this review and all opinions are 100% honest and my own, as always!