NYE Beach Glam Look

Chunky Sparkly Necklace - H&M ($48 AUD)
Diamonte Black T-Strap Sandals - Famous Footwear ($30 AUD)
Black Halter Dress with Sequins - UStrendy ($53 AUD)
 Black Polish with Sparkles - Sally Hansen available at Priceline ($11 AUD)

Review + Demo: Australis Stayput Foundation

I have had a few requests to review this foundation from Australis, called the Stayput Foundation. It claims to last for 16 hours on the face, as well as being smudge-free and moisturising. If you’re wondering if I agree with these claims, and whether or not this drugstore foundation is worth trying out, then keep reading!

Nars Audacious Lipsticks Review + Swatches

The NARS Audacious Lipsticks have been flooding social media sites for a couple of months now, but I thought it was worth doing a full review of the lipsticks on my blog! Keep reading to hear what I think of this new range.

November Monthly Favourites: 2014

Sooooo, I know I said I wasn't going to do a blog post about my favourite products of November, and technically that is still true BUT I made a video instead!

Hope you all enjoy it! I am hoping I will have more regular videos up soon so I would really appreciate if you subscribed to my channel!

If you have a YouTube channel please leave the link below ♡

Benefit Cosmetics: USA Haul & Mini Review

Hi to all my beautiful readers! I decided that I won't be doing a November Favourites this month, and instead I will be gearing up for a bigger post at the end of December with my 2014 favourites! Stay tuned to see all the items I've been loving throughout the year.

Today I thought I'd show you all some goodies that I recently ordered from Benefit. I have to say that overall as a brand, Benefit is one of my absolute favourites. They have clever, innovative products, with beautiful packaging, and a wide range of different items so you can create a full look with their products, and I think they are all really good quality.

How To: "No Makeup" Makeup Look

My "No Makeup" Makeup Look

Sometimes, when we have a passion for things like cosmetics, skincare, and other beauty products we can lose sight of our true perception of our definition of beauty. We may forget that often the most beautiful looks, are those that accentuate our natural features, and flaunt the details we were born with! It's easy to start comparing yourself to other women (or men) you may see on Instagram, or on Youtube, but nobody is perfect, and it is all the small details that set us apart which make us unique and beautiful. More importantly, it is our personalities, our confidence, and the way that we feel about ourselves that really accentuates our natural beauty.

To demonstrate what my perception of Timeless Beauty with all of my lovely followers, I wanted to create a "No Makeup" Makeup look which is a very natural daytime look, that is simple and easy, but what I consider to be very timeless, and a look that accentuates my best features so I focused on the eyes.

Keep reading to find out how I achieved this look :)

Review: Eco. Modern Essentials

ECO. Modern Essentials is a skincare brand that was created from its parent company, the Natalie Group, which you may have heard of through the skincare brand NAT. (you can read more about them here). ECO is a skincare brand that aims to provide quality natural skincare that is results-driven, yet still affordable! Their philosophy is to provide basic products that can be used for daily rituals for modern living. I love the simplicity of their packaging and products, and it's always nice to try out local Australian skincare brands. Keep reading to find out more about my experience with trying out ECO. Modern Essentials!

Shanghai Suzy Lipstick Collection + Swatches

Shanghai Suzy was founded by former cosmetics marketing exec Joanna Wheaton, and is a lipstick-only cosmetics brand that delivers fun and bright shades of lipsticks. Each shade is limited edition, with a new range of shades being delivered every season! This brand has gained a lot of attention within the last couple of months, releasing a beautiful Spring/Summer 2014 collection in September that has got everyone talking and promoting the brand like crazy, especially on Instagram. I'm a huge fan of these lipsticks, so I thought I'd finally do a post showing you my whole collection & swatch them all for you!

October Monthly Favourites: 2014

I hope you all had a fun & safe Halloween! I stayed at home with my fiancé and watched scary movies. I even bought candy for any trick-or-treaters, but sadly we didn't have any :( Luckily for you this meant I had some spare time on my hands so I'm on the ball this month, and have my October Favourites ready for you! 

I went back to the basics this month, I've been experiencing a lot of unwanted breakouts, so I haven't experimented much with foundations, and stuck to base products I know and love. I played around a little with some new eye products, and have discovered some great little gems! If you can believe it, I don't have any favourite lip items this month, I've been playing around with lots of different shades, and just couldn't decide on one favourite I've been turning to consistently. Keep reading to find out what I've been loving this month!

How To Keep Your Hair Healthy With Goldwell

I've been using Goldwell products for several years now, after being introduced to the brand by my hairdresser. After trying many of their products, Goldwell has definitely become one of my favourite haircare brands! They have so many products that work well for me and I find that it's easy to create an entire haircare routine just using this brand, which is often hard to do!
I wanted to talk about a few additional products I use which you may not always consider as part of your routine, but definitely assist to keep your hair healthy and shiny. I've already raved about the Shampoos, Conditioners and 60 Second Treatments from the DUALSENSES line from Goldwell (read the review here), but I'd like to chat about a few other products that keep my hair shiny, frizz-free & looking healthy. Keep reading to find out what I've been loving!

Favourite Products: Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

Hi Beauties! Today I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite products from the brand Lush. Lush is a great brand that believe in using fresh and organic ingredients in their products, so that when you look at their labels, you can see exactly what each product is made from, without any nasties or chemicals. Lush are probably most well known for their amazing smelling bath bombs and soaps which fill their stores with delicious scents!

My personal experience with the brand has been a little hit or miss, but I still thought it was worth writing a post about since the products that I do enjoy from Lush, I like a lot!!! I have been disappointed in the past from some of their cleansers (such as herbalism) since I found them to be very messy and ineffective in application (lost product everywhere). I also really did not like their fresh face mask in cosmetic warrior. I bought it to combat some of my blemishes when I was having a breakout, but the scent was absolutely nasty and the product just did not work for me!

However - there are lots of other products available at Lush and here are some I would definitely recommend you check out!

Frugal Fridays: NYX Eye Shadow Base

Happy Friday!

Today I felt like doing another installment in my ongoing series called Frugal Fridays. I love high-end products as much as the next beauty babe, but sometimes there is just something so satisfying about finding a great quality product at a bargain price. This series is all about showcasing some of my favourite beauty products which won't break your bank account!

September Monthly Favourites: 2014

Well, I'll be honest, I almost completely forgot about my favourites this month! I've had a very challenging few weeks within my personal life, including being in the midst of moving house as well as a family member passing away. I've been so homesick to return to Canada, I've found it hard to stay up to date with my blog. My apologies for not getting as much content out as I would have liked to this month.

Now on to the faves! Being such a crazy month, I've been generally keeping my makeup pretty simple. These are the products I've turned to the most to help me feel put together without being very time-consuming.

Mini Strawberry Net Haul + First Impressions!

Hi Lovelies!

I was so happy after a busy work day on Friday to come home to my beautiful goodies from Strawberry Net!!! I thought I'd share with you today to brighten up your Monday blues.

I haven't done too many orders from this website, but I do find that shipping is relatively fast (3 days via australia post regular mail) for me, and everything was well-packaged. I was actually only going to buy one product (who ever really buys ones one thing though?) which was the Estee Lauder Matte Perfecting Primer, but then I sneaked in some last minute products that have been on my wishlist! Keep reading to find out more about these products! All prices quoted are from the Strawberry Net website, and are given as a guide only.

My Top 5 Skincare Tips For Clearing Acne Prone Skin

Although I was avoiding writing up this post for a while, due to the nature of posting not so pleasant pictures of myself for all to see, but I realise how hard it can be when you're experiencing tough breakouts and nothing seems to help. I wanted to share with you all, some things that I've discovered throughout my life, but mostly over the past four months which have really helped to get my skin clear. Some people are blessed with naturally amazing clear skin and an even skin tone, but others like myself will probably never have "perfect" skin but we can achieve skin that we feel confident in which is my personal goal! I am much happier with how my skin looks now and I will continue to work towards better skin with my current tips & tricks.

August Monthly Favourites: 2014

Time for the monthly roundup! These are all the products that I've been loving this month! Keep reading for mini-reviews of each and why I've been loving them lately.

Frugal Fridays: ELF High Definition Undereye Setting Powder

Hi lovelies! I thought I'd do another instalment of my Frugal Fridays Series for you beauties, where I talk about a favourite beauty item, that is also conveniently affordable without sacrificing quality.

Today I'm talking about the ELF High Definition Undereye Setting Powder - this can be purchased through the ELF Cosmetics Australia site, as well online through iHerb and in Kmart stores. This great product is only $8.00 AUD on ELF's website!!! That's an awesome price for a setting powder, and it's great quality as well.

How To: Soft Smokey Eye & Nude Lips (+ Life Update)

So I apologise for my lack of posts lately. I have been a little swept away by the recent news of my engagement! Last weekend my long-time boyfriend got down on one knee and proposed! How exciting! It was totally unexpected, and a very lovely surprise! We were walking his family dog along the beach, so I was very surprised!!! I have been busy meeting up with friends, as well as starting some planning for the big day. We want to get hitched next year so there is already lots to do!

Now, on to this makeup look! This look was not planned at all but I loved the way it came out. This weekend just past I was heading out to celebrate our engagement with some close friends and I whipped up this makeup look when I was playing with my custom palette from Inglot.

Frugal Fridays: Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Foundation

Hi lovelies! Today I thought I'd start a new series on my blog called Frugal Fridays where I introduce a beauty bargain that won't break your bank account but still offers a great quality product.

I've already mentioned Maybelline's Superstay Better Skin Foundation in my most recent July Favourites, but I thought it was worth doing a separate post about since it is currently 50% off at Priceline (in store & online) until Monday, 25th August!

What I'm Loving Lately: Face Mask Edition

So I don't know about you girls, but I love a good face mask. Sometimes they may look strange enough to scare off our partner/roommate/family member/pet ... but if they do the job, I'm keen to try.

I honestly have an embarrassing stash of face masks, but since I generally will only use a mask once or twice a week, I do like to change them up fairly often and rotate new brands into my routine. Here are some face masks that I have really been enjoying lately!

July Monthly Favourites: 2014

Sometimes I can't believe how quickly a month flies by! August is already here (and I'm a few days behind) so it's definitely time to tell you about my favourite products throughout July! Keep reading to see what they were!

Bite Beauty: Luminous & Matte Crème Lipstick Collection & Swatches

Bite Beauty is a very creative and innovative brand from Toronto, Canada! Being from Canada, I've known about this awesome brand for a while, but I don't hear much hype about it here in Australia which is what led me to write this post about my Bite Beauty Lipstick collection.  Read on to find out more about the brand, which lipsticks I own, and where you can buy Bite Beauty in Australia!

How-To: Going Out Makeup Look

Everyone loves a good Going Out Makeup Tutorial! They are always my favourite to watch on Youtube or to read on other blogs. A few weekends ago, I was heading out to have some drinks with friends and I put together this look in about 30 minutes! Not too bad :) I was really happy with how it turned out so I thought I'd put together a quick post about it so you can see how easy it is to achieve this look. All products mentioned are linked for easy reference! 

Review: SHE HD Mousse Foundation

So today I thought I'd do a foundation review for you lovely ladies. This is specifically targeted for my fellow aussie beauty lovers since this product is from an Australian brand called SHE. If you're interested in knowing more about the brand or this mousse foundation I picked up, keep reading :)

What I'm Loving Lately: Shower Edition

I know this sounds sort of strange, since the shower is a very intimate place but I'm always interested to hear about what products people use in their shower! I love body scrubs, soaps, cleansers, body washes, and hair products so I thought I'd share with you all what I've been really liking lately in my shower routine ...

Review: Make Up Store Multi Lash Mascara

I had never tried the brand Make Up Store before but was recently given the opportunity to try a product from the Australian beauty brand. If you're familiar with Lauren Curtis or Chloe Morello on Youtube you would be familiar with the brand and their creative products and innovative packaging. I was super excited when I was kindly sent the Make Up Store Multi Lash Mascara* for review.

How To: Clean Your Makeup Brushes & Make Your Own Brush Cleaner

One thing I feel very strongly about is regularly washing your makeup brushes. I certainly am a bit of a makeup brush hoarder, so when it comes to cleaning, I sometimes avoid the dreaded task. Once you get the hang of doing it though, it becomes easier and easier each time and you find little tips and tricks to make it a faster process. Washing brushes is also super important if you want to avoid unnecessary breakouts caused from bacteria building up in your brushes. Today I'll take you through how I wash my brushes and my DIY brush cleaner ...

What I'm Loving Lately: Skincare Edition

One of my favourite categories of products to read about, research and buy is definitely skincare! A good skincare routine is essential if you want the rest of your makeup to look its best. If you want to feel confident with little or no makeup, you need to maintain a good skincare routine ...

How-To: Winter Drugstore Makeup Tutorial

Today is something a little different for you. A lot of my lovely followers have been asking me to do an easy makeup tutorial for a night out or just more of a bold look. Since it's winter here in Australia, I thought I'd use some colours that are a little darker, yet still very wearable. This particular look incorporates a simple neutral smokey eye with a bold plum lip ...

June Monthly Favourites: 2014

I've discovered quite a few favourites this month, including mostly new treasures! Here are my favourite beauty bits that I couldn't put down this month ...

Haul: Mecca Maxima + First Impressions

On Monday, I was in Brisbane city with my sister-in-law and I had my first experience at Mecca Maxima. I had been drooling over their website for a few months now, but the in-store experience is definitely way more fun! I love swatching things on my hands to see colours on my own skintone, and check out the selections, brand by brand. I had a really good time, and chatted for a while with the lovely staff there. They were really friendly and helpful. I picked up some new items that I'm really excited to show you, so read on to see what I got ...

My Beauty Diet: Shopping My Own Collecton

The dreaded words .... SPENDING BAN. Whenever I read them I cringe a little but so I'm making up my own rules to limit my purchases over the next few weeks. As some of you may have already saw through my Instagram, I have been on a beauty diet for a few weeks now! I've been cutting out new purchases, and limiting myself to shop my own makeup collection.

Makeup Geek: My Custom Eyeshadow Palette

Can you ever have enough eye shadows? The answer is always NO! Especially if they are from Make Up Geek!

The lovely Jacquelyn had asked me to do a post on this a while ago, and I've finally got around to swatching my small (but pretty) collection of Makeup Geek eyeshadows. If you'd like to see my collection & what each shadow looks like, keep reading ...

Liebster Award Nomination

I'm really honoured to have been nominated for a Liebster Award!
Thank-you to the lovely Danielle from The Perks of Pretty Things for nominating me.
Please check out her blog if you haven't already and click below to keep reading ...

MAC: Alluring Aquatic Collection Review + Swatches

Some people get heat palipattions at the sighting of a new MAC Limited Edition Collection, others are de-sensitized as there are so many it sometimes becomes hard to keep up with them all. I'm generally more of the latter so I so apologize if you may be sick of hearing about the MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection. There has been a lot of buzz and hype around this limited edition collection spreading quickly across Youtube, Beauty Blogs, Instagram, and throughout the beauty community. I think this collection was very sought after because the packaging is very eye-catching and unique. It is decorated in metallic aqua packaging with water droplets actually built onto the products which you can feel when you touch them. This is a point of difference from any other MAC products that I own, and I think it is an aspect that makes this collection stand apart from the others ...

Models Prefer Moisture Lust Glossy Lip Tints: Swatches + First Impressions

Today I'm doing a quick first impressions post on what I think of the Models Prefer Moisture Lust Glossy Lip Tints. These are available from Priceline for just $7.99 AUD (although I couldn't seem to find them on their website) and are an affordable alternative to the Revlon Kissable Balm Stains which are a lot more expensive at $17.95 AUD, also similar to the Covergirl Jumbo Gloss Balms which are $12.95 AUD.

Australis Colour Inject Mineral Lipsticks: My Collection + Swatches

I am super excited to share my collection of Australis Colour Inject Mineral Lipsticks with you! These are my favourite drugstore lipsticks of all time and I have collected quite a few over the last couple of years.

These retail for $12.95 AUD and you can buy them from Priceline or the Australis Website. The packaging is really cute, but has recently changed to a different type of packaging which I don't like as much as the black/pink tube. However, I do appreciate being able to see the true colour of the lipstick at the bottom of the tube, where as the original packaging had stickers with colour names but the sticker's colour didn't reflect the true shade of the lipstick. You will notice that 4 of my lipsticks look different than the others, and these are in the new packaging ...

First Post: Everyone Starts Somewhere

Hi Everyone!

So I have finally made the leap and created my own beauty blog. I have been thinking about doing this for over a year, and have spent a few weeks dedicating myself to getting the format and design of this blog just right. Of course, I will continue to tweak and change things as the blog develops, but overall I am happy with the blank canvas I have created for myself. I hope you like it too.

The purpose of my blog will be having an outlet for my passion for makeup, skincare and beauty products. I love posting reviews and looks on instagram, but this blog is a place where I can do more in depth reviews, tutorials, hauls, etc with lots of pictures. I am not a trained makeup artist. I actually work full-time but I have a strong passion for the beauty industry. I am planning on spending a good chunk of my spare time on this blog to review products and share new makeup looks with you all. I have been experimenting with makeup and skincare since as long as I can remember and I always keep up to date with new product releases, brand launches and trends. I also like to discover new things for myself through talking with other makeup gurus! Check out some of the blogs I like to read when I can.

I hope you all enjoy my blog, and please please please suggest ideas that you would like to see from me! I will have more posts coming up soon. I just wanted to say hello to my fellow beauty blogger friends and new visitors. You have all been part of my inspiration to create this space.

Lots of love,