30 July 2014

Bite Beauty: Luminous & Matte Crème Lipstick Collection & Swatches

Bite Beauty is a very creative and innovative brand from Toronto, Canada! Being from Canada, I've known about this awesome brand for a while, but I don't hear much hype about it here in Australia which is what led me to write this post about my Bite Beauty Lipstick collection.  Read on to find out more about the brand, which lipsticks I own, and where you can buy Bite Beauty in Australia!

The Brand

Bite Beauty pride themselves on creating cosmetics for women that use natural, yet high quality ingredients. Their luminous creme lipsticks are long lasting, opaque and full of moisture! According to Bite Beauty, "This lip color delivers super antioxidant resveratrol, which fights free radicals with potent long-term anti-aging benefits. Each lipstick contains the amount of resveratrol found in five glasses of red wine". These lipsticks also do not contain parabens, sulfates or phthalates.



The formula of these lipsticks is really different than most that I own. The pastille colours are called matte lip crèmes, however they aren't your typical matte, and tend to be very creamy and moisturising with some shine to them. Bite have put in a lot of thought with this formula to try to find the perfect balance between matte and moisture. I wouldn't say they are a true matte because of this, however I have dry lips so I do prefer this formula over some of my more drying matte shades that are very pigmented. Specifically, I'm talking about some of the matte shades I own from MAC such as Candy Yum Yum, which is very bright and matte but very drying on the lips.

The other three shades are the luminous crème lipstick formula These are also extremely opaque and pigmented yet very moisturising on the lips. Due to being such a creamy formula, they do tend to feather out slightly so a lip liner would benefit you here. All pictures with me wearing these lipsticks is without a liner, so you can get a true idea of how they wear.

Lasting Power

Pastille Violet, Vigné, Rhône, Pastille Lilac, Cava
According to Bite Beauty, these last for 8 hours on the lips, however I got 5-6 hours of comfortable wear before a reapplication was necessary. As you can see, all of the lipsticks left a stain/some colour on my lips (in this case, my arm) except for Cava which is the most neutral colour of the bunch. Definitely better than I expected for such a moisturising formula!

Let's Try Them On!

Pastille Violet - Cool Toned Purple Fuschia

I personally love this shade. It's perfectly on trend with bright, neon colours as well as it leaning strongly towards a purple/orchid colour, it's very eye-catching. If you are daring enough to dry a very vibrant lip, this is a great colour to try!

Wearing Pastille Violet in my Going Out Makeup Look Tutorial Here

Vigné - Fuschia Berry

This is a medium-dark pink shade with cool, blue undertones. If you've ever wanted to try a fuschia but were scared off by the brightness, you'd probably like this shade as it doesn't come off as bright as you might think. I think this is a really wearable shade, and would polish off pretty much any makeup look!

Rhône - Bright Red with Blue Undertones

This shade is described by Bite Beauty as being a pink berry. I'd definitely have to disagree here. It's a very vibrant red without question. This is a more cool-toned red and it's probably the most pigmented of the ones I own. One layer and you have perfectly opaque colour. This won't be wearable for everyone. I found that it did make me look a little pale and I have a medium skintone, so some fairer skin tones might find the same, however if you are looking for a very bold red lip, this may be just for you.

Pastille Lilac - Vibrant Fuschia

This shade probably has the most misleading name. I was definitely expecting this colour to be more of a true lilac, however it doesn't really lean purple at all. If anything it is a bright berry fuschia that is cool-toned. There is no lilac here! This one is definitely not for people who are scared of a bright lip. This will get you stopped on the streets :)

Cava - Lilac Beige

Okay so for my neutral lip lovers out there, screaming "where are all the everyday lip colours???", don't worry! I saved the best for last! Here is a lovely nude from the Bite Beauty lip range and it doesn't disappoint. It's a very unique nude and I don't have a similar shade in my own collection. This is an awesome beige shade with hints of cool-toned lilac. From the tube, you can't really see any hints of lilac, but on the lips it's much more apparent. I didn't think it looked as appealing just to see it on the lops, so I took a picture of my whole face (please ignore my sports bra and beast-like hair) and as you can see it's a gorgeous everyday nude that would suit most people!

As you can see the shades 'Pastille Lilac' and 'Pastille Violet' are very similar with 'Pastille Lilac' leaning more fuchsia pink and 'Pastille Violet' leaning more purple. Both these tones are fairly cool-toned and extremely pigmented. Swatches below are just for your reference, so you can see the difference between the two shades.

Pastille Lavender, Pastille Lilac, Pastille Violet, Pastille Rosebud [Image Credit:]


I bought some of these lipsticks in Canada, and some I recently purchased from OzSale, when they featured Bite Beauty online. Knowing that the brand is somewhat difficult to source here in Australia, I jumped on the opportunity to grab a few more. They can also be found online at Style Patisserie and Lipstick Republic, both which offer shipping to Australia, Style Patisserie offer free shipping on orders over $75. Yeah! You’re welcome. The lipsticks retail for $36.95 which is pricey, so if you're pinching pennies, try to wait to see if they come back to OzSale, otherwise I do think that these are worth the money.


These lipsticks pack a punch of pigmentation and colour, while not sacrificing a moisturising formula! My favourite shades are Pastille Violet and Cava. All the shades that I picked up tend to lean a little cool, so if you prefer warmer tones, check the Bite Beauty website for more shade descriptions, however consult with swatches online as some of the descriptions can be misleading. I would highly recommend these to anyone who would like to try out the Bite Beauty Line! 

Have you ever tried Bite Beauty? What are your favourite products?


  1. They look so nice! I like the fact that they are made out of fully edible ingredients! :)

    1. Thanks Kate! They feel so nice on the lips :) Thanks for your comment babe! xx

  2. Soo pretty shades,all of them!

    Your blog is cute and I follow it via bloglovin! I'm a new blogger and I would love it if you could check my blog :)

    1. Thanks so much lovely! I did check out your blog but I couldn't see any posts there? Are you still working on your first one? Thanks so much for your comment, I appreciate your support xoxo

  3. They were on ozsale!? Damn I missed out D: I really want to try some lippies from Bite though, I love that they're made from food-grade ingredients! Your collection is absolutely lovely :)

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. Hey Tasha! Yes they were on OzSale about a month ago. They will probably show up again soon though! You know how OzSale is, it usually has the same brands pop up again and again, so hopefully you can catch them on sale again :) Thanks so much for your lovely comment! xx

  4. Love the look of these! The colours are so bright and fun. Never heard of this brand before. :)

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    1. Thanks Sheri! This is such a cool brand. It's from Canada but Sephora stocks them and some random Australian beauty boutiques online carry the brand as well. xx

  5. I haven't tried this brand before but the colours look so pretty! I love Vibrant Fuschia! Make Me Up Mandy

    1. Thanks Mandy! That's one of my favourite shades too :) xx

  6. Heading to New York in 2 months...Bite Beauty are SO on my list...always hear the USA and UK bloggers raving about them!! Loved your swatches...lip swatches are hard work eh?!! Hope you are well beautiful! Lou xo