13 July 2014

Review: Make Up Store Multi Lash Mascara

I had never tried the brand Make Up Store before but was recently given the opportunity to try a product from the Australian beauty brand. If you're familiar with Lauren Curtis or Chloe Morello on Youtube you would be familiar with the brand and their creative products and innovative packaging. I was super excited when I was kindly sent the Make Up Store Multi Lash Mascara* for review.


When it comes to make up products, it makes sense to judge a mascara based on what you get inside the tube and the product itself. But if you're anything like me, you also appreciate the thought & effort that goes into a product's packaging and design. In this case, Make Up Store definitely gets it right. This mascara is held in a sleek and narrow matte black tube, embossed with glossy lettering. It's very luxurious and high-end compared to many other high end mascaras in my collection. Who doesn't love pretty packaging?

Formula & Wand

According to Make Up Store, "this mascara gives intense long lasting volume and length to your lashes in a single stroke. Multi Lash Mascara contains natural Carnauba wax that provides your lashes with volume, shape and flexibility".

The formula of this mascara is really well balanced - not too wet but also not too dry or flakey. The plastic wand is embedded with teeny tiny bristles similar to that of Benefit They're Real! and Bourjois Volume Glamour Max however the brush is much more skinny & narrow compared to the previously mentioned mascaras.

I especially like the long skinny wand, since it allows the user to grab the hard to reach inner lashes as well as the outer lashes. Best of all, the narrow wand is perfect for coating the lower lashes without any clumping or transfer. It's really difficult to achieve this with mascaras that have large, thick brushes.


Top: Natural Lashes Bottom: 2 Coats of Make Up Store Multi Lash Mascara

I was very impressed by this mascara. My personal experience is that I achieved way more length compared to volume. I found that the formula and wand together worked really well with this product. While I was using this mascara, I found it quite easy for the wand to catch all my lashes (including my tiny inner lashes) and coat them all evenly.

For me, what makes this mascara stand apart from the many others that I own, is its ability to separate the lashes extremely well without any evidence of a spidery or clumpy look

Top: Natural Lashes Bottom: 2 Coats of Make Up Store Multi Lash Mascara

Pricetag & Availability

Make Up Store products are available in store (in Australia and in selected international countries). If you are living within Australia, you can also order through e-mail or over the phone (02 9360 5885). If you'd like to check out their products or view their locations, you can see them here. The Multi Lash Mascara retails for $38 AUD.


I am generally pretty happy with sticking to cheaper drugstore mascaras since they're only good for a few months, but every now and then I will discover a mid range or high-end mascara that really offers something unique. This mascara is definitely one that would be great for people who have trouble separating their lashes, or coating their lower lashline. This product does both of these jobs extremely well and for that I would have to consider purchasing it on my own when this one is finished.

If you are looking for a mascara that gives you a big hit of volume, this probably wouldn't be for you as it provides a more natural look. I personally love the way this mascara coats my bottom lashes without smudging mascara everywhere or looking too dramatic and scary.

This mascara definitely gets the Bows & Pleats tick of approval! 

Have you beauties ever tried a high-end mascara? 
Did you think it was worth the price tag or do you prefer to stick to drugstore mascaras?

*This product was kindly sent to Bows & Pleats for consideration. All reviews are 100% honest and my own. 


  1. I've never tried an expensive mascara before, only ever drugstore brands. They don't last that long, so I've been hesitant to invest, considering I've been satisfied with my Maybelline etc mascara so far.

    1. Hi lena! I agree it's hard to justify spending the extra money on higher end mascaras when some drugstore brands are really good as well! I use mostly drugstore too but I really do enjoy using this one! Now I'm spoiled!! xx

  2. Great post! Do L'Oreal tubes mascara!

    1. Thanks nance! I will definitely have to do the tubes as I love that one so much for not smudging all day!!! xx

  3. Replies
    1. Aw thanks bek!!! I loved your review as well :) xx