17 October 2014

Frugal Fridays: NYX Eye Shadow Base

Happy Friday!

Today I felt like doing another installment in my ongoing series called Frugal Fridays. I love high-end products as much as the next beauty babe, but sometimes there is just something so satisfying about finding a great quality product at a bargain price. This series is all about showcasing some of my favourite beauty products which won't break your bank account!

Many of you may already be familiar with the brand NYX. For a long time, us aussie residents had no choice but to order their products online from places like BeautyJoint or Cherry Culture, often being forced to pay high shipping costs and/or waiting for weeks to receive our goodies without even being able to swatch them. Luckily, Target now stocks NYX items so we can pick up new products right when we want them! You can also go to the stand and play with product testers and then order them online if you don't mind paying and waiting for shipping (the US sites often offer NYX at a cheaper rate), although to me it isn't really substantial savings. Target have had some 20% off sales throughout the year on NYX so I usually stock up on new items at that time.

NYX is a great drugstore brand that doesn't compromise quality for price. In my opinion most of their products are hits, and like any brand, some products may stand out more than others. I particularly love their blushes, butter glosses and their smaller eyeshadow palettes.

One of my favourite NYX products is their Eye Shadow Base. The NYX jumbo pencil in 'milk' has long been a cult favourite to use to prime the eyelid to create a white base before eyeshadow, but I find that it is very difficult to blend out on the eyelid. The NYX eye primer in ESB02 "White Pearl" gives the same boost of white on the lid, but is much more blendable and creates a smooth and even base for the eyelid to be prepped for eyeshadow application. Some people may not enjoy this particular shade, as it does have some slight shimmer to it, however I don't mind this at all, and think it really compliments shimmer shadows. If you'd prefer something more matte, you could also try the shades in EB01 - White, or ESB03 - Skintone, which don't have any shimmer.

Wearing NYX Eye Primer in Silky White

I find that using this primer boosts the colour of my eyeshadows, prevents them from creasing and also assists them to last much longer on my eye! I've had my pot for about six months now and I've barely put a dent in it. The packaging is sturdy while not being overly bulky and can easily be added to a travel makeup bag.

I'd highly recommend this product and find it is comparable to mid range and high end eye primers. You can purchase this directly from Target or any online sites that carry NYX products.
NYX is currently 30% off at Target Stores as part of their 2 Week Spring Event!!!

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  1. I bought NYX milk when I was over in August, maybe I should have got this instead!