10 November 2014

Review: Eco. Modern Essentials

ECO. Modern Essentials is a skincare brand that was created from its parent company, the Natalie Group, which you may have heard of through the skincare brand NAT. (you can read more about them here). ECO is a skincare brand that aims to provide quality natural skincare that is results-driven, yet still affordable! Their philosophy is to provide basic products that can be used for daily rituals for modern living. I love the simplicity of their packaging and products, and it's always nice to try out local Australian skincare brands. Keep reading to find out more about my experience with trying out ECO. Modern Essentials!

Eco Fresh Face Kit* - RRP $48.00 AUD


1 x Refresh Cleanser 100ml
1 x Refesh Rose Toning Mist 100ml
1 x Refresh Moisture Cream 100ml

1. Refresh Cleansing Lotion – 100ml (RRP $16.00 AUD)

This cleanser was my favourite item out of the entire kit! For me, it’s a great cheaper alternative/dupe for the Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser, which I raved about here & here. The Alpha-H is quite pricey at $44 AUD, so I welcomed having this cleanser in my skincare routine, at less than half the price. This cleanser is AMAZING for removing makeup. I can literally use it to remove all of my eye and face makeup, and then I generally go in with a more intensive cleanser for my acne-prone skin. This one is so great for the initial cleanse and removing all the dirt and makeup you've collected throughout the day! It contains rosehip oil and oat extract which is great for nourishing and hydrating the skin. It also has olive extract which is calming if you have any breakouts or irritation. It also has papaya fruit extract which contains vitamins A and C which are great for the skin! I would definitely repurchase this one individually.

2. Refresh Rose Toning Mist – 100ml (RRP $14.00 AUD)

Simple. But effective. This product is great to use anytime, anywhere when you need a boost of hydration for your face. I actually like carrying this with me in my work bag, and spraying it on my face around lunchtime or later in the afternoon if I notice my makeup needs a little boost. It contains rose extract to hydrate, calm and smooth the skin. This one is also great to use with your beauty blender to get it damp for foundation blending! I generally just think this mist smells really nice, and is also very simple and refreshing. It’s a great multipurpose product. I already have quite a few similar mists in my current skincare stash, so I would probably try to get through those before repurchasing, however this is a lovely product that I would recommend.

3.      Refresh Moisture Cream – 100ml (RRP $18.00 AUD)

This is a lightweight moisturiser that is suited to most skin types. I found that it was a nice thin, creamy consistency and soaked into the skin well, drying quickly before applying makeup. This moisturiser contains calendula extract and sweet woodruff which is beneficial for skin redness. It also contains vitamins B5, A and E which provide antioxidant protection. I liked the consistency of this moisturiser and it left my face feeling well hydrated without being overly greasy, but I didn’t like the smell. It is non-scented, but I found it had a sort of “chemical” scent, which turned me off the product. I do like how this one doesn't contain SPF though, so it can be used during the day or night, making it a good multi-tasker. I probably wouldn’t repurchase this product due to the smell, which I just didn't like, I tend to go for a moisturiser that has a fruity or more natural smell, however keep in mind this is a very personal preference!

The Verdict

Overall, I thought that the Fresh Face Kit was definitely good value, and a nice way to try out 3 full sized products at a discounted price, and get a good feel for the brand. The other bonus is that each product can be purchased individually, so if  there is a particular product that you'd like to try out such as just the toning mist, you can buy it without having to commit to the full pack! ECO products are available on their website, in selected chemists and beauty salons as well as bigger retailers such as Target :)

Have any of you beauties tried any skincare products from ECO? What did you think?

*This product was kindly sent to Bows & Pleats for consideration. All reviews are 100% honest and my own. 


  1. Such great value! I haven't tried ECO, so it would be a great way to get a feel for the brand and see if it suits... and I very much like the idea of a well-priced dupe for the Balancing cleanser!! xx

    Angie || the maquillage

  2. Glad to hear you're enjoying these products! I tried the Renew line and I quite liked the cleanser and toner, but was a bit disappointed in the moisturiser to be honest. The products you tried sound really amazing though - that cleanser!!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  3. I've never heard about Eco products, they seems really great.

  4. They are definitely good quality and excellent value! If you are ever in the market for some simple but effective skincare, you may want to check them out :) Thanks so much for your comment lovely!

  5. That's too bad you didn't like the moisturiser, that was my least favourite product out of the ones that I tried as well! I am pretty picky with my moisturisers though! Definitely check out the cleanser if you ever need a new one! Thanks so much for your comment!! xx

  6. OMG Angie, I really think you would love the cleanser. It's such a great alternative to the Alpha H Balancing Cleanser, maybe give it a go the next time you are in target! As always, thanks for your comment! Love hearing from you x

  7. Angela Whiting10/12/14 8:57 pm

    Amazing. Tried today. My skin feels fresh, didn't react at all. So affordable too. Well done on finding this Sar.