04 November 2014

Shanghai Suzy Lipstick Collection + Swatches

Shanghai Suzy was founded by former cosmetics marketing exec Joanna Wheaton, and is a lipstick-only cosmetics brand that delivers fun and bright shades of lipsticks. Each shade is limited edition, with a new range of shades being delivered every season! This brand has gained a lot of attention within the last couple of months, releasing a beautiful Spring/Summer 2014 collection in September that has got everyone talking and promoting the brand like crazy, especially on Instagram. I'm a huge fan of these lipsticks, so I thought I'd finally do a post showing you my whole collection & swatch them all for you!


Shanghai Suzy is a unique brand, in that it delivers a high quality, highly pigmented lipstick at a low price point at just $12.95 each, which is much cheaper than some drugstore lipsticks here in Australia. They come in sleek black packaging, with embossed silver writing and an amazing fragrance inspired by grape flavoured bubblegum! Yum!!!


I absolutely LOVE the packaging of these lipsticks. The top of the packaging has the shade colour stamped in, and the bottom of the lipsticks have the shade name and formula for easy reference. I love having the shade colour at the top so you can see exactly which one you're grabbing! I also love how the lipstick clicks together so it is secure in your handbag, and it also gives it a more high-end feel than any lipsticks I've tried for under $20 AUD!


The lipsticks come in two formulas including matte and nourish. According to Shanghai Suzy, "The 'Matte' formula is thick, creamy and long-lasting, and the 'Nourish' formula contains jojoba seed oil and Vitamin E to care for and moisturise lips whilst delivering a beautiful colour with a slight sheen." I definitely find the matte shades, are not a true matte, they are still very creamy and moisturising, but not overly shiny. Shanghai Suzy lipsticks are not tested on animals and contain no animal-derived ingredients.

I own 4 lipsticks from the winter/autumn 2014 collection, and just recently picked up 4 more from the Spring/Summer 2014 collection! I thought I'd show you swatches of them all so you can see the types of shades that the brand has released. The Spring/Summer 2014 collection was only released in September and is still available for purchase here.

Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection

(L-R): Miss Sophia, Miss Melissa, Miss Simone, Miss Sarah-Jane

Miss Sophia Lilac - Soft, rosy lilac (matte)

I honestly can't express how much I love this shade. This is my favourite shade out of my entire Shanghai Suzy collection. I love muted mauve colours, they just really suit my complexion, and this one is such a cool and unique shade! I don't really have anything like this one. It's a soft rosy lilac. It's definitely very cool, so if you prefer a warmer shade, this may not be for you but I'm in love!

Miss Simone Baby Coral - Peachy coral (matte)

This colour is super unique and pretty! It's an orange, peachy coral and it's so pretty! It's a great way to switch up your normal pink lipstick, and try something fresh and bright, but still appropriate for a work day! Really nice shade.

Miss Melissa Hot Pink - Bright, blue-toned pink (matte)

This is a great going out hot pink, but it wasn't one of my favourite shades, only because I already have quite a few similar colours in my collection. This one reminds me a lot of MAC Girl About Town but maybe a little more blue-toned. This shade is especially pigmented.

Miss Sarah-Jane Neon Coral - Bright coral (matte)

This is a really nice bright coral that leans orange, and is a great alternative if you are scared of a bright red lipstick. This shade can easily add some glam to your makeup, and offer a bit of a different twist on a traditional red lip. I like this one a lot!

Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

(L-R): Miss Leah, Miss Bree, Miss Christina, Miss Courtney

Miss Courtney Electric Flamingo - Cool violet pink (matte)

This is quite a cool toned bright pink, so it won't suit every skintone, but it's a gorgeous bright pink that goes well with a simple eye, and instantly makes you look glam. I really love this shade, and wore it lots throughout September so it made it to my monthly faves here.

Miss Christina Neon Guava - Bright coral pink (matte)

These type of shades are absolutely gorgeous during the hotter months. This one reminds me of the Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid Lipstick in Shocking Coral, except a little darker. In my swatch below, this looks more pink than coral, but in different lighting it does have a more true coral colour. A perfect spring shade!

Miss Bree Blush Pink - Soft rosy pink (matte)

This is one of my favourite shades in the collection. It's a truly sweet medium rosy pink. It's the kind of shade I normally go for, adding some colour to the lips but not taking anything away from an intricate smokey eye or winged liner. You may have something similar in your collection to Bree, but I find I use her a lot and she's a great MLBB (My lips but better) colour!

Miss Leah Baby Cocoa - Light brown mauve (nourish)

The only reason I picked up Leah, was because she came highly recommended from a lot of other beauty bloggers out there, and a lot of people were saying it was their favourite shade from the collection. I wasn't disappointed! Leah isn't a colour I would normally gravitate towards, I generally go for a more pink-based nude, but Leah doesn't come off too dark on the lips. It's a gorgeous muted brown/mauve colour that is super flattering and is the perfect everyday colour, especially if you work in an office or retail and want a lip colour you don't have to think about!

Shanghai Suzy lipsticks are available on their website, where you can purchase 4 lipsticks for the price of 3! You can also purchase them from online boutiques such as Rouche BoutiqueMakeup and Glow and The Nail Pot

Do you like Shanghai Suzy lipsticks? What are your favourite shades?


  1. These are so pretty. I really like all of your pictures too! I need to get some of these, see them all the time on Instagram. I think Miss Christina is my favourite.

  2. Jacquelyn Cox6/11/14 10:11 pm

    Okay, neeeeed Leah and Sophia and Simone...

    Jacquelyn xx | heytherejacquelyn

  3. Love the look of Melissa and Christina... pretty much love anything Shanghai Suzy though, Joanna just nails it with the shades! xx

    Angie || the maquillage

  4. She really does! I'm already excited for the next collections to come out. I will probably pick up a few more shades from this collection as well! I just can't resist the 4 for 3 deal!!! Thanks for your comment lovely :) xx

  5. Leah is amazing! You definitely need her in your life. Perfect everyday nude! Sophia is a gorgeous lavender/mauve colour, such a unique shade! And Simone is really cool too! Do you have any of these already? xx

  6. Aw thanks Lena! That is so nice of you to say!!! Does Shanghai Suzy deliver to NZ? The pricing is really affordable, although you probably don't need any more lipsticks, but hey :) neither did I when I bought mine lol! xx

  7. They are honestly such good quality for the low price tag, I think you'd love them Tasha!! Thanks so much for your comment, really appreciate it :) xx

  8. I loved these shades! Leah is my name so I obviously love the shade the best! :) x x

  9. I am loving the Look of Miss Melissa, such a Great Post! I hope Shanghai Suzy Lipsticks are available in the UK! It would be amazing to use them :-)

    Serene xoxo

  10. Jacquelyn Cox10/11/14 10:10 am

    I don't have any of them! I have never tried Shanghai Suzy before! I hear so many good things, but I always forget... woops.

  11. I actually like the new packaging more than the old. Nice and sleek, and looks quite extravagant. But the Colour Inject lippies are the unsung heroes of Australian makeup, I reckon. I myself have Gangsta Rap and Grunge (which is replacing Rimmel's Starry Eyed as my favourite vampy lipstick. I can't wait to wear it out because it's so scarily dark) and I love how pigmented they are, yet they're so creamy and lovely to put on!

  12. Well, not like you need more lipsticks, but they are super affordable and awesome quality :) xx Let me know if you end up trying any!

  13. Me too Sheri! But now I have old & new! Oh well :) xx

  14. I wonder if they are available in the UK? I'd say they would be Serene, there must be an international store online that would deliver them to you! I'll let you know if I come across any! Love!!! xoxo

  15. haha of course! Leah is actually such a pretty everyday colour, so I bet you'd love it! Thanks so much for the comment lovely xx

  16. Fabulous post! I wasn't aware of the Autumn/winter collection, I'm dying over miss Sophie!

  17. Would you believe I have never tried Shanghai Suzy - what am I doing with my life!?!

    Need!!! x

  18. Uhm, you need this Emily!!! Hurry up and buy some and you can thank me later!!!

  19. Miss Sophia is definitely one of my favourites! The Autumn/winter collection is older so not all of those shades are still available, but you may come across some places that still have them. Have you tried any other shades from the range? xx

  20. Yup, I now own miss Leah, miss Amy, miss Simone & miss Bree. Definitely need to pick up miss Sophia.

  21. Thanks heaps... I wanted to buy boogie woogie from my make up trial but no longer on the shelves... but now I know that I can just buy samba!

  22. Rayne Toni Alexander22/3/15 7:32 pm

    Soooo nice!! I only have one Australis lipstick (the go longwear in Preppy) as I live in South Africa and we do not get them here but this post is making me want almost all of them! Lick The Icing and Grunge are so gorgeous and the names are so creative. Well done on swatching every single lippy in one sitting haha :)