28 February 2015

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Foundation: Review + Demo

If any of you are already following me on Instagram, you're probably already sick of hearing about how much I love the Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation ($60.50 USD). Over the past 6 months, it has definitely become one of my Holy Grail foundations and a must-have item in my beauty wardrobe. Some of you have asked me to share exactly why I love it so much and show you what it looks like on me, so if you're interested to hear more - keep reading!

The Formula 

The Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation is designed with light-reflecting pigments which means that it makes your skin appear more vibrant and radiant. This is definitely one of the reasons why I love it so much because as soon as I apply it I feel it changes my entire appearance and makes my skin look flawless, blurring over imperfections and creating a more luminous finish. The formula of this foundation contains green tea and sodium hyaluronate which hydrate the skin so the foundation never applies cakey and actually nourishes your skin while you wear it! It is suitable for all skin types, but for reference I have combination skin. I have some oil around my t-zone but the rest of my skin is normal with some acne scarring.

Wearing Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Foundation - Shades 3.5 and 4.5 Mixed Together

The best part of this foundation is that the coverage is super BUILDABLE, as soon as you apply it, it instantly transforms into a second skin on your face so it feels super natural and is so easy to blend. It dries on the face really quickly but is still able to be blended with a flat top kabuki brush. I find it to provide a lovely medium coverage, but could also quite easily be considered a full coverage foundation if you apply a second layer in any areas that need to be further concealed. I actually rarely use a concealer over the top of this foundation because it's so good at covering up acne scarring and blemishes.

This foundation feels so natural on the skin, and it never transfers onto objects like clothing or mobile phones. I find it is really long-lasting and doesn't get oily throughout the day, even in more humid climates. It also doesn't contain any SPF so it photographs beautifully and would be great for any big events you may have where you want to look good on camera. I actually wore this foundation for my engagement party last year!

Wearing Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation in 4.5 For My Engagement Party

The Shade Range

This foundation has one of the best shade ranges I've ever seen! It's so easy to understand, and there is literally a shade for everyone (I'm serious, they have 18 different shades for this foundation)! The shades range from 0.5 to 12.0 with 12.0 being the darkest. Any shade with a ".5" represents a cool tone, and ".0" represents a warm tone. I have both shades 3.5 and 4.5 but since I am more warm-toned I would probably grab 3.0 as my everyday shade. The cool shades are on the more neutral side so they might suit you as well. I use the lighter shade when I'm pale, the darker shade when I'm tanned and at the moment I am in between so I have been mixing them together.

The Application

Left: No Makeup Except Brows Filled In & Primer Applied
Middle: 1.5 Pumps of Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation
Right: Final Makeup Look with Powder Over Foundation (Blush, Eyeshadow, etc)

The Verdict

Well I think the results honestly speak for themselves, and I have not edited these pictures in any way except to put them side by side and add my watermark! You can see how much more glowy and luminous my skin looks from the foundation, the primer I used was Rimmel Lasting Finish Primer so it wouldn't have added to this effect, and you can see how the foundation really works.

Oddly enough, I have heard very little about this foundation throughout the beauty community but it is definitely an HG foundation for me and I will continue to preach about it. Atleast now I can link people to this blog post instead of rambling on about it daily!

I hope you enjoyed this review and I encourage you to try out a sample of this foundation if you can. If you're living in Australia, you will be able to get your hands on this when the brand is released in Mecca Maxima on Friday, 27th March! What is your current Holy Grail foundation?


  1. Emily Hannah1/3/15 4:42 am

    I love the pictures you have taken, especially before and after. Really helped seeing the difference. This foundation looks great and I think I may consider getting this in the future x

    han // emandhan xo

  2. I am really keen to give this a try Sarah! It really looks gorgeous on your skin! Lou xo

  3. Such a great and well informative post! You look great in your pics!


  4. Loving this post! I think I'll definitely be giving this foundation a go!
    Sarah - xx

  5. This looks so good - I'll have to have a look into it when I'm next over in Australia! Maybe another shopping trip together hehe. My current foundation is MAC studio sculpt but I'm looking at NARS Sheer Glow for my next one.

  6. Thanks so much Lou!!! I hope this post has convinced you to get a sample when it comes to Mecca! I bet you'd really enjoy it! Thanks for your comment! xx

  7. Thanks so much! I'm really glad you found the pictures helpful. Whenever I'm looking at a foundation review, before and after pictures always help me decide if I'd like the product! Thanks again for your comment, I appreciate your support xxx

  8. It feels amazing on the skin, especially in a hotter climate! I live in Brisbane, Australia and it gets super hot here in the summer and I swear by it! Thanks so much for your comment :) xx

  9. Thanks Kate!!! I can't wait to see what the MUFE foundation looks like on me! I hope it makes me look good!

  10. You'd LOVE Brave Dana! Not that I need to convince you to get another lipstick :) haha

  11. Aw, thanks Katina! It was definitely a splurge for me and now I am back into saving mode! Thanks for your comment :) xx

  12. Sorry for not replying to you earlier, but rest assured our shopping date is locked down! Can't wait to look at some products with you! Sadly, UD won't be at Mecca yet but you should definitely pick up a sample of the Naked Skin when it does come there! I may just have to pick up a new MAC lipstick with you as well! xx

  13. Thanks so much Sheri! I have both Angel and Creme Cup, and they are very similar! I'd say I probably use Creme Cup a little more so good choice there! Thanks for your comment babe! xx

  14. I always thought this foundation was light coverage, but I can see it covers up really well! Looks great on you! I'll be keen on trying this one out, but sadly there isn't a Mecca Maxima in my state.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames