19 May 2015

Shanghai Suzy Autumn/Winter Wardrobe 2015: Review & Swatches

Nothing beats an Australian owned company that exclusively sell lipsticks!!! What's more is that Shanghai Suzy sell highly pigmented, long-wearing and comfortable lipsticks at an amazing price point of just $12.95 AUD each! I have already raved about their Autumn/Winter 2014 & Spring/Summer 2014 collections here (including full swatches), and it is one of my most popular posts to date!

So now that I know you all love lipsticks as much as me, I thought today I'd share my thoughts on the Autumn/Winter 2015 Winter Wardrobe which includes 8 new shades and a new formula as well! I've tried on all 8 shades for you lovelies, so if you're keen to see what they look like on, you've come to the right place! Grab your morning tea or coffee and let's get into it!

Shanghai Suzy Autumn/Winter Wardrobe 2015: Review & Swatches

Shanghai Suzy currently have three different formulas: Nourish, Matte and Shimmer. The nourish formulas are much more hydrating and slightly less pigmented. The matte formula however, is still very hydrating as they are infused with jojoba seed oil so they aren't drying at all which is rare compared to many other matte lipstick formulas. I find the matte shades are generally the most pigmented. This season Shanghai Suzy have introduced their new shimmer formulas which contain small bits of glitter in the formula, I didn't find that the shimmer was too noticeable but the formula didn't feel as comfortable on the lips as the others, however they are boldly pigmented!

Miss Cassandra Peony (nourish)

Shanghai Suzy Autumn/Winter Wardrobe 2015: Peony

Miss Cassandra is a pretty, medium pink shade that would be perfect for everyday wear or anyone who shies away from bright colours but would like to add some interest on their lips. I think this would suit most skintones and is also in the nourish formula so it is a very hydrating wear.

Miss Kat 90's Cappuccino (matte)

Shanghai Suzy Autumn/Winter Wardrobe 2015: Cappuccino

Just a warning that this shade looks so much nicer on the lips than in the tube! Miss Kat is a yellow toned, beige brown. It is most definitely a true nude shade and I feel like it would suit light to medium skintones but may look a little muddy if you are quite tanned. It is a beautiful shade and I was surprised how much I liked it after applying it as in the tube it looked a little scary! Cappuccino is definitely the right way to describe this colour!

Miss Tanielle Desert Rose (matte)

Shanghai Suzy Autumn/Winter Wardrobe 2015: Desert Rose

This is one of my favourite shades! I have been reaching for Miss Tanielle the most since I bought these lipsticks. It is a gorgeous dusty rose shade that is quite unique and perfect for the autumn/winter transition. It is dark enough that it is quite noticeable but also quite neutral so that it can compliment pretty much any makeup look. I love that this is a slightly edgy pinky brown colour but it is really easy to pull off! I feel like the picture doesn't quite do it justice, so just trust me - this is stunning!

Miss Nina Sparkling Coral (shimmer)

Shanghai Suzy Autumn/Winter Wardrobe 2015: Sparkling Coral

This is a very cool shade, it reminds me a little of Morange by MAC Cosmetics! It is a bright coral shade that leans a little red. It would be great for anyone who is a little afraid of darker red lip shades but would like something bright and noticeable. This is one of the newer shimmer formulas and I could feel small bits of shimmer when applying, I didn't find it too uncomfortable on the lips however. If you look closer at the picture you can see little tiny bits of shimmer which I think is a great point of difference. I like this shade I'm just not sure how much I would reach for it.

Miss Victorine Classic Red (matte)

Shanghai Suzy Autumn/Winter Wardrobe 2015: Classic Red

One of the most gorgeous, classic red shades I have ever tried! If you are looking for the perfect red lipstick it is here!!! I love Miss Victorine because she is the perfect blue-based red that I feel would suit most people. Matte formula, but still super creamy and pigmented. this one won't disappoint you. I don't often wear red lipsticks but when I tried this on, I even surprised myself at how much I loved it! It looks so classy and elegant.

Miss Sanja Fuchsia (matte)

Shanghai Suzy Autumn/Winter Wardrobe 2015: Fuchsia

This colour is definitely for all the pink lip lovers out there. It is a cool toned fuchsia shade, that is bright but not quite as neon as Miss Courtney Electric Flamingo from the previous Spring/Summer 2014 collection. I personally love this shade and would wear it with a bold winged liner for a date night or out to dinner. It won't be for everyone but if you like bright colours you would love this one, and it would suit any season!

Miss Veronica Sparkling Plum (shimmer)

Shanghai Suzy Autumn/Winter Wardrobe 2015: Sparkling Plum

Mrs French Winter Maroon (matte)

Shanghai Suzy Autumn/Winter Wardrobe 2015: Winter Maroon

This is another favourite of mine! I don't usually go for big bold colours but this deep wine colour is stunning and would like great for the winter season. Mrs. French is one of the most pigmented lipsticks I tried and still felt very comfortable on the lips. This one would look great with a minimal eye look or even a classic smokey eye for a big night out. It's a unique shade if you want to mix it up from the traditional red lip. Love this one!

Well, that's the end of my swatch session! My lips were tired after that one! 
Have any of you beauties tried the new Shanghai Suzy Winter Collection? What shade appeals to you the most? Let me know if you plan on picking any of these up!
What are your favourite lip shades for autumn/winter?


  1. The Made Up Maiden21/5/15 8:35 pm

    Ah, love Shanghai Suzy! These colours are gorgeous, I really like Fuchsia, Desert Rose and Peony shades!

  2. Lovely! Mrs French Winter looks amazing on you.

  3. All the shades suit you amazingly! I really love Desert Rose... I may have about 8 back ups already :P

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  4. Thanks so much Sarah!!! Desert Rose is one of my favourite shades too! I will definitely be purchasing some backups! It is such a pretty subtle colour that still makes you look put together :) xx Thanks so much for reading!

  5. Thanks Dana!!! It's definitely one of my favourite shades!!! Which one do you like the best? x

  6. Thanks Nalini!!! I really love Desert Rose! It is the prettiest shade :) x Thanks so much for reading!