22 June 2015

Brand Spotlight: Dunkle Authentic Review

I have been meaning to put this post up for a while now, and I am so excited that it is finally ready for you! I have been really loving this new innovative Australian brand, ever since I was introduced to their amazing products at Obsession 2015 which you can read about here!

I had the pleasure of meeting Molly, the founder of Dunkle Authentic herself, and the master behind all of these beautiful, hand-crafted products. I was instantly impressed by the gorgeous, luxurious packaging and bright colours, and I appreciated the careful packaging of each item.

Molly - Founder of Dunkle Authentic
Photo Credit: Bobby Rein Photography

Dunkle Authentic was launched in 2013, out of Molly's love for handcrafting cosmetics and traveling around the world. The Dunkle Authentic range currently consists of lipglosses, lipsticks, brushes and foundation pigments. Molly plans to grow the brand to include a full makeup range and I'm sure she will be taking the industry by storm!

After I had met Molly and saw some of the products from her brand, I just knew that I had to get my hands on some of these products so I could review them for the blog (and enjoy their prettiness). I decided to order a few things and it was great timing, since their new foundation range was just in the process of being launched! Molly was kind enough to have a private makeup session with me so I could be colour matched to the perfect shade!

Here is a look though the items I purchased and my thoughts!

1. Loose Powder Foundation - Shade #3 ($65 AUD)

I was matched with shade #3 in the loose powder foundation range. It suits medium skin tones, and matches my skin really well with a slight yellow undertone. Molly explained that these foundations are created with very high levels of pigment and therefore can be used as a full coverage foundation. Often we associate loose powder foundations with light or sheer coverage, but buffed in with a dense brush, they honestly cover up all imperfections and last really well throughout the night. When Molly applied this on me it was before a girls night out, and my makeup didn't budge through dancing and sweating until the early hours.

2. 970 FoCo Lipstick - ($45 AUD)

I knew I had to own this lipstick as soon as I first saw it on display at Obsession 2015! It just caught my eye as the perfect spring/summer lipstick that would compliment any look. It is a gorgeous coral nude shade, that is bright enough to show off some colour but is still understated to complement a smokey eye for a sophisticated look. The formula is moisturising and creamy, yet still pigmented. I love this shade so much! It may seem like a lot of money for a lipstick, but keep in mind, each one is handcrafted from natural ingredients by Molly herself, so it's made with love and they are of a very high quality. 

The Verdict

Wearing Dunkle Authentic Foundation in Shade #3 & 970 FoCo Lipstick

I have to say I am super impressed with the products I have tried so far from Dunkle Authentic, and would highly recommend this brand if you are looking for products that are made with love from natural ingredients while still being pigmented, comfortable and high-end! I definitely give this brand 5 bows of approval. 

Photo Credit: Bobby Rein Photography


  1. I really love the packaging! Its gorgeous! xx

    This Damsel Loves

  2. The brand name is really cute! Love the look of the lipstick Sarah x

    Katina |

  3. The lipstick packaging is sooo adorable. Reminds me soo much of Korean/Japanese cosmetics packaging :)
    The lipstick color suits you & definitely a subtle look for everyday wear, Sarah xx

    | Bold-Expression</a

  4. It does sort of look like that packaging doesn't it? I feel it is so cute and girly!
    Thanks so much for the compliment, I do love the shade as well! I really appreciate your comments x

  5. Aw thanks so much Saumya you are too sweet! :)

  6. It is cute isn't it! It's because Molly's last name is Dunkle, that is how she came up with it. The lipstick is so pretty! It would look great on you Katina! x

  7. I love it too Lisa! Glad you agree :) x

  8. Love the lipstick packaging - so chic! xx

    Daniela |