05 June 2015

Frugal Fridays: Spotlight on Essence Cosmetics

Being a beauty lover, I can often get caught up in finding “the best of the best” in every beauty product, and can sometimes forget that the most expensive products don’t always translate into the best quality products. I can be guilty of having this mentality every now and then, expecting higher-end items to always beat drugstore dupes. For all these reasons, I have created this Frugal Friday series so I can keep updating you all on my favourite drugstore and affordable makeup products that I think are great quality without costing you too much! I haven’t done one of these posts in a while, but if you’d like to read through some previous Frugal Friday posts, you can click here.

Today I’m taking you through one of my favourite drugstore brands, and I couldn’t narrow it down to just one favourite product, so I’m doing a brand spotlight on Essence Cosmetics! They are well known for having some of the most affordable makeup products at Priceline, and their products are distributed all around the world. They are also Europe’s #1 cosmetic brand*. The Essence philosophy is access to great products that inspire you to express who you are with style, confidence and fun. As a bonus, they have extremely affordable prices, with almost all products available coming in under $10 AUD. If you’re interested to have a look through some of my favourite items from the brand, keep reading on!

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My Favourite Products from Essence Cosmetics

1. Lip Liner ($2 AUD)

Lip Liners are a makeup essential, so I was pleasantly surprised when I found that Essence offer a range of colours for just $2 each!!! These are smooth, silky and pigmented considering the pricetag. I have the shades 07 Cute Pink and 06 Satin Mauve. They're both super flattering shades, but satin mauve is definitely my favourite, and looks gorgeous worn alone or layered underneath some of my favourite lipstick shades like MAC Faux.

2. Mascara ($5.75 AUD)

Mascara is definitely one of those products where I prefer to go drugstore, as they are the quickest to expire and a product that you find yourself replacing the most often. I have been using both of these mascaras from Essence for over a year now, and they are both excellent!!! Depending on what kind of brush you prefer, the I Love Extreme Volume Mascara has a wide fat brush, and the I love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara has a plastic brush with short bristles. I personally love both and switch them up often. The formula is super black, so you get a nice dramatic look which I love!

Wearing Essence I love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara

3. Blush Up! Powder Blush ($7.15 AUD)

This ombre blush in 10 - heatwave, is just too pretty to pass up! I love the orange to pink transition, so this pigmented blush can be used by sweeping all the shades together or targeting a specific colour. I swatched them by sweeping them all together which is how I normally apply this one. The product is a little powdery, but honestly for the amount of pigmentation you get I don't really mind. It blends out nicely into the cheeks and lasts all day for me! They also have the shade 20 - pinky flow which is an ombre pink blush compact.

This is an awesome product for when you want a final touch setting powder that doesn't add any additional coverage, but just helps to control shine and oil. Although the compact appears white in colour, on the face it comes off translucent and blends in with whatever base products you've used. I love this for touch ups throughout the day and thinks it does a great job to keep the skin matte. It's extremely affordable for a base product, and because it's translucent you can use it despite your skin tone, and without looking cakey at all! 

5. Soo Glow! Cream to Powder Highlighter           ($5.75 AUD)

This is such a cool product from Essence, since it's a cream to powder highlight so you get the best of both worlds! I've already mentioned this product in depth in my Wake up and Glow post all about my top 8 highlighters for glowing skin which you can check out here. This is in the shade 20 - Bright Up Your Life which is a pinky-pearl tone, and looks stunning placed along the cheek bones. I think this is a really natural, fresh highlight and it definitely stands up well against my more high-end highlighter favourites.

From Top to Bottom: Essence Soo Glow Highlighter, All About Matt Powder, Blush Up!  Powder Blush in Heatwave

Well, that's my roundup of favourite products from the amazingly affordable and good quality brand - Essence Cosmetics! It just goes to show that we can't always judge products on their price tags! Have you ever tried Essence products? What did you think? What are your favourites? 

Let me know if there are any other affordable or drugstore products you'd like reviewed and I'll include them in the next Frugal Friday post!


  1. Essence is honestly one of my favourite brands! They were my go to when I was just getting into makeup and was super poor haha :P Their ombre blush is definitely one of my faves, and the lip liners are too good to pass up!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. I need to pick up the Essence lip liners, I haven't tried many of their products before.
    Beauty Wanderer

  3. blogrekindled6/6/15 9:32 am

    Yes I love Essence. I particularly love their mascaras, the matte setting powder, blushes and lip liners. A really awesome affordable brand.

  4. I really need to get my hands on some Essence products soon, they look amazing yet they're so affordable. That blush is so pretty x

    Beauty with charm

  5. The highlighter looks super pretty! I'm a big fan of Essence, their blushes especially! I have to say though, not a big fan of their mascaras.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  6. I love Essence, I have a few products that I was sent when they released, and a few others that I've bought. I really like their lipsticks!

  7. What lipsticks would you suggest from them Lena? I'd love to try some! x

  8. That's too bad they don't work for you Sheri! What is your favourite mascara at the moment? I usually love all of your picks!

  9. Thanks for your comment Alina! The blush is definitely worth getting at that price! x

  10. Totally agreed! Glad you love them too! xx

  11. I've probably heard the most range reviews about the liners, so definitely pick some up the next time you get a chance!

  12. They are great for anyone who can't afford more mid range or high end products. I found them since move to aus, when I've already had a pretty substantial makeup collection but I still really appreciate what great quality their products are for the price! x

  13. Haha I don't wear mascara that often tbh :P But I like the Max Factor excess volume... or the Revlon lash Potion! Both are super budge proof on me, but the Max Factor one is really great for volume.

  14. I have wear berries, and a coral one that I can't think of the name of right this second - both are so nice.