25 July 2015

MAC Cosmetics: Blush Collection & Swatches

If you're a makeup lover, you're probably already familar with the blush offerings from the infamous MAC Cosmetics. Here in Australia, they aren't cheap to purchase at a steep $41 AUD each, so if you're going to splurge, you should choose your shade carefully, and try to pick something that is wearable for many different makeup looks and something that suits your skintone.

Today I'm going through my small MAC blush collection and sharing my favourite shades and swatches with you! Keep reading if you love blush! Also, check out my post on 5 Blush Shades You Need In Your Makeup Bag which include drugstore and high-end blush products.

From Bottom Left Clockwise: MAC Cosmetics Full of Joy, Warm Soul, Margin, Peachykeen, Sea Me Hear Me

(L-R): MAC Cosmetics Blushes in Warm Soul, Margin, Peachykeen, Sea Me Hear Me, Full of Joy

One of the only true lavender blushes I have been able to find, that doesn't come across chalky on the cheeks. A gorgeous cool toned lavender pink, great for mixing it up a little but from the usual blush choices. It is probably best suited to cool complexions as well as pale skintones, but I love pairing this with a dramatic eye and nude or light pink lip.

This one came from MAC's limited edition Alluring Aquatic collection and is an Extra Dimension Blush. It is muted, warm-toned coral with a satiny sheen. If you are interested in similar blush shades, you could try Hourglass Mood Exposure or Benefit Rockateur which are both similar but slightly lighter than this shade. This is a but more of a dramatic blush but can be applied lightly and built up to the desired intensity.

This is a lovely blush shade for those peach lovers out there. It's described as a baby peach and has a slight shimmer to it, perfect for adding some warmth to the cheeks.

Described as a muted peach, with golden shimmer, Margin is a frost powder blush that doesn't disappoint. Arguably one of my all time favourite blushes, this shade compliments a range of skintones and makeup looks and is a great blush to pick up as a staple in your makeup kit.

This is a mineralize blush meaning they are a slightly different formula than the original powder blushes from MAC and cost slightly more at $45 AUD. There is a reason Warm Soul gets such a hype within the beauty community, and it's  because when applied to the cheeks it is just stunning. A mid tone beige with golden pearl adds some warmth to any look and makes the skin glow. It doesn't look like much as pictured here, but on the cheeks it can transform any makeup look! 

Mac Cosmetics Full of Joy, Sea Me Hear Me, Peachykeen, Margin, Warm Soul Blush
My MAC Cosmetics Blush Collection

Well, that's my current MAC Cosmetics blush collection! I am thinking I need to add a light or medium pink blush shade into my collection to add some more variety. Do you have any suggestions from MAC that fit this description? I'd love to hear your suggestions!


  1. Warm Soul is the only MAC blush I own, and it's probably my favourite blush ever so I really should try more from them! Sea me Hear me looks really pretty!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. Have you seen the new Warm Soul formulation? Nothing like the original I am afraid, such a pity!
    Beauty Wanderer

  3. Wooowww, blushes overload, eh? :)
    I like to try the peachy keen!

    Jhem |>