29 August 2015

Zoeva Cosmetics: Haul, Swatches & Review

ZOEVA has quickly become the new "go-to" brand for makeup brushes amongst many beauty gurus. They are well known for their high quality, super soft and luxurious brushes as well as their colour cosmetic products such as eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks. After hearing a lot of hype about the ZOEVA brand, I decided to bite the bullet, and purchase a few products to trial the brand and decide for myself. If you're interested to hear what I purchased and my first impressions, keep reading! 

25 August 2015

Beauty 101: Makeup Terms You Need to Know

Being a beauty blogger, and being a part of lots of different beauty groups on Facebook and through regular conversations on Instagram. I sometimes forget that the average joe doesn't always know exactly what I'm talking about! Although I try to keep my blog in layman's terms, I do realize that there are a lot of terms that get thrown around in the beauty world that aren't that well-known to everyone. A loyal reader of mine asked if I would do a post about makeup lingo, so if you're interested to know more, keep reading!

21 August 2015

Frugal Fridays: Australis Metallix Eyeshadows

It's Friday!!! It's a dreary, rainy day here in Queensland so I thought I would add a little sparkle to your days! I have really been enjoying these Australis Cosmetics Metallix Eyeshadows* lately so I thought I would include them today for a Frugal Fridays feature, where I talk about affordable beauty products that don't sacrifice quality for a really great price!

If you'd like to read about some other Frugal Fridays products click here for the full list of posts.

18 August 2015

Too Faced Born That Way Foundation: Review & Demo

If I had to choose a makeup product I am more obsessed with than all the others, lipstick would come close, but foundation wins every time. I just can't seem to steer clear of new releases and I'm always after the best base products possible to keep my skin looking flawless. In my opinion, there is no blush, lipstick or bronzer that is going to make you look as good as an amazing foundation. If you have a flawless base, everything else just seems to fall into place! 

Although this new release from Too Faced called the Born This Way Foundation is coming to Mecca Maxima in Australia soon (August 25th), I just couldn't wait to get my paws on it and ordered it (along with some other goodies) from Sephora using Shop and Box. If you're interested to know more about ordering things from America, just let me know and I can write a post about it!

Back to the foundation ... If you're keen to know more about this product and see how this baby wears over a full night out, keep reading!!! 

14 August 2015

Jaclyn Hill x Becca Cosmetics Champagne Pop Highlighter: Review

Raise your hand if you like Jaclyn Hill, Becca Cosmetics, Limited Edition items and/or sparkly things!!! Now, if you raised your hand to any of these things, than you will love today's post all about the new limited edition highlighter from Becca Cosmetics which is a collaboration with famous beauty YouTuber Jaclyn Hill. This baby pretty much broke the internet on it's release, and has been a very sought after, hyped up product.

I thought I'd share my thoughts with you today so you can make your own choice about this pretty, shiny highlighter sent from the makeup gods!

10 August 2015

Delicious Skin: Skincare Review

I am a huge fan of skincare, and a self-confessed lover of more natural products, so when I was sent some goodies from Delicious Skin to try, I was delighted to discover this lovely boutique brand from
New South Whales, Australia. You have probably seen some of these products pop up in Monthly Favourites Posts here on the blog as well as some Instagram posts, so I decided to do a full review for you all! Keep reading if you'd like to hear the lowdown about this Australian skincare range!

07 August 2015

Mecca Maxima Beauty Loop Box: Level 2 Review

For those of you that live in Australia, you would already know Mecca Maxima is the place to go for many exclusive brands that can only be found at Mecca within Australia (some exclusions now that Sephora is infiltrating into Sydney and Melbourne). You can order these brands online, but Mecca actually allows you to swatch things in store which many Australians weren't able to do before it opened. I love Mecca Maxima, and I have to say I have never had a bad experience there. Whenever a product is out of stock, they have sourced it for me from other stores and sent it to me express at no extra cost. They also have always been kind in giving me samples of new products to try and have an excellent returns policy (you can return used makeup items if they didn't work for you). I find the staff are very friendly and helpful and leave you to look around as much as you want which I love! 

Mecca Maxima have a Beauty Loop Program, with three reward levels depending on how much you spend per year:

Level 1 - $399-$599
Level 2 - $600-$1199
Level 3 - $1200+

You get a box each quarter, that contains "a lovingly edited sample box of products for you to experience and enjoy" according to Mecca! They usually include a few deluxe sample sizes and then some smaller sachets to try. Obviously the higher your level, the more generous the boxes you receive. You can order your beauty loop box by purchasing something online and it will prompt you to add it to your cart, or you can pick them up in store free of charge. You will get an e-mail notification when they are available.

This quarter I was classified as a Level 2 (not far off of Level 3) Oops. I thought I would go through the contents with you now that I have been trying out these products over the past few weeks and can share my thoughts on each product and the box itself!

05 August 2015

Dusty Girls Makeup Review & Tutorial

Dusty Girls is a makeup brand created (or as they say, farmed) by the more well known brand MooGoo, an Australian based company who specialise in skincare, haircare and bath/body products to soothe sensitive and problem skin types and which don't contain any petroleum based ingredients. MooGoo have some great skincare products including their Full Cream Moisturiser which was featured in my recent July Favourites. I was definitely excited to hear that they have created a new range of products under the sub brand Dusty Girls which is dedicated to natural, high quality mineral makeup products that make you look like you've spent a day outside in the sun, creating that healthy, glowy look. I was intrigued to find out more, and gratefully accepted these products to trial for you all and put to the Bows & Pleats test!

02 August 2015

Sounding Out Samples: MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation

I thought I'd bring you all a new series on the blog all about my experiences with trying out samples. As a beauty junkie, I have often bought a new product based on other Beauty Bloggers and YouTubers recommendations. Sometimes they are spot on and I am so happy with my purchase, other times the product may have not lived up to my expectations or just didn't suit my skin type or colouring. I think that is why it is such a good practice to try out samples for makeup and skincare products when you can. All good cosmetic counters will kindly give you a sample sachet or pot to try out different products before you have to commit to any purchases especially Mecca Maxima, Myer and David Jones. I thought I could share some of my experiences of trying out samples with you and if I think the product is worth purchasing or not! First up is the very hyped up Mac Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation. If you're wondering if this bad boy lives up to it's claims than keep reading!