25 August 2015

Beauty 101: Makeup Terms You Need to Know

Being a beauty blogger, and being a part of lots of different beauty groups on Facebook and through regular conversations on Instagram. I sometimes forget that the average joe doesn't always know exactly what I'm talking about! Although I try to keep my blog in layman's terms, I do realize that there are a lot of terms that get thrown around in the beauty world that aren't that well-known to everyone. A loyal reader of mine asked if I would do a post about makeup lingo, so if you're interested to know more, keep reading!

Lorac Pro Palette has hit pan on Espresso and Nude

  • Hitting Pan - When you use up enough of an eyeshadow, blush or pressed powder that you can see the metal pan in which the product is held. Some baked eyeshadows and powders have a dome pattern that can be seen when the product runs out.

  • FOTD – “face of the day”, usually a photo of a given makeup look someone is wearing that day or the products which were used.

Swatches of MAC Faux, Melt Cosmetics Summer, Australis Cosmetics Salsa

  • Swatch - This is a picture of a makeup product such as an eyeshadow or lipstick applied onto the skin (often the back of the hand or arm) to show the color, pigmentation, texture and other characteristics of a given item.

  • Buildable Coverage - Whether a foundation has light, medium or full coverage, buildable means that you can apply more than one layer of foundation or build up the foundation in specific problem areas without it looking thick or cakey. Generally lighter coverage foundations are more buildable and full coverage foundations require very little additional coverage.

After I de-potted my Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot Palette into a Z Palette

  • De-pot – To remove a product, such as an eyeshadow, from its main packaging such as a palette or pre-packaged casing.

Dupe: Rimmel Apocalips Matte Liquid Lipstick in Orange-ology and MAC Lady Danger

  • Dupe – Duplicates, knock-offs or comparable products, which are usually a cheaper version of a more expensive, discontinued, or highly popular item.

  • Fallout – When small particles of eyeshadow fall onto the cheeks or other unintended areas when applying due to being powdery or finely milled.

A box of recent empties

  • Empties - When YouTubers or Beauty Bloggers go through products they have used up for a certain period (usually a month or more) and do a mini review stating if they would repurchase the product or not. Basically going through their garbage!

  • Guru – A YouTuber, Blogger or other beauty expert, who makes beauty-related video tutorials, blog posts, reviews etc. (also known as a “Beauty Guru”).

MAC/Sephora Haul from the USA

  • Haul – A picture, post or video of someone's latest collection of purchases or acquisitions.

  • HD – High definition, generally understood to refer to cosmetics which are ideal for photography and which do not cause a white cast over the face when a flash is used.

Some of my holy grail products

  • HG – Holy grail, usually referring to the perfect product you have long been searching for, and the one in which you compare the same category of product when trying something new.

The Limited Edition Lorac Cosmetics Mega Pro Palette

  • LE – Limited edition, something made available for a short time only, and generally something which will not be re-released again in the future.

  • TightliningPlacing a gel, liquid or pencil liner directly to your lash line, preferably from the underside of the lash line for a very natural look. Can be done alone or in conjunction with waterlining.

  • Waterlining -  Placing a gel, liquid or pencil liner across the skin that lies just above the bottom lashes. Lining the waterline can cause the product to transfer to your lower waterline since the area is wet.

There are so many more terms I wanted to include but I didn't want this post to be too long! Let me know if you enjoyed this. I know that many of you would already know most, if not all of these terms but I still thought it would be fun just to reflect on how much terminology us beauty lovers use everyday and how many acronyms we actually use as well!!!

Hope you have an amazing day beauties! What is your favourite beauty term or one that took you ages to figure out?

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