14 August 2015

Jaclyn Hill x Becca Cosmetics Champagne Pop Highlighter: Review

Raise your hand if you like Jaclyn Hill, Becca Cosmetics, Limited Edition items and/or sparkly things!!! Now, if you raised your hand to any of these things, than you will love today's post all about the new limited edition highlighter from Becca Cosmetics which is a collaboration with famous beauty YouTuber Jaclyn Hill. This baby pretty much broke the internet on it's release, and has been a very sought after, hyped up product.

I thought I'd share my thoughts with you today so you can make your own choice about this pretty, shiny highlighter sent from the makeup gods!

I have never actually owned any highlighter from Becca Cosmetics, so unfortunately I won't be able to compare it to the other Pressed Shimmering Skin Perfectors in Opal, Moonstone, Topaz, or Rose Gold. Every time I have tried to order Opal it has been sold out! I can see that the actual packaging for this highlighter is the same as the other highlighters from Becca Cosmetics, housed in a metal compact embossed with the BECCA logo. I like the packaging because it is very sturdy and feels luxurious.

When you open up the compact, a gorgeous golden champagne highlighter is revealed. I have heard a lot of criticism from makeup fans stating they felt that this sort of shade wouldn't suit lighter skin tones, or cooler skin tones, but I think it's a pretty universal shade to be honest with you, it just depends how heavy handed you are with your application. It's a golden highlight shade with peachy, warm undertones. It is extremely pigmented so just a subtle swipe across the cheekbones, over the cupid's bow and the bridge of the nose, and you are instantly glowing and looking like a shimmering goddess!

Compared to my other HG highlighter, TheBalm Mary Lou-Manizer, I feel this comes off slightly warmer and more golden. Temptalia does a great job at comparing dupes for this highlighter which you can view here. Basically, she has stated if you layered Moonstone and Opal together than it looks exactly like this shade. I was happy I don't already own any Becca highlighters so for me this was worth the purchase.

There is no denying that this highlighter is stunning. It's pigmented, blendable and makes the skin glow, however it also isn't overly unique. The shade can easily be duplicated by playing around with highlighters you may already own and layering them together. I think if you don't already own any highlighters from Becca Cosmetics, than this one is certainly worth adding to the collection, but if you already have a pretty decent highlighter collection, I wouldn't necessarily rush out to purchase this, or knock people down in the Sephora line up! 

I'm giving Champagne Pop 4 out of 5 bows, it's an amazing product but I'm not sure if it is completely worth the hype given that it is not amazingly unique compared to other highlighters I have tried but I do feel like I will enjoy using this alongside the other highlighters in my collection.

This is available from Sephora in the US for $39 USD (link here). This highlighter has not yet been released by Becca Cosmetics Australia but I have provided links below where you can stay up to date on the latest news and product releases!

Becca Cosmetics Australia Website
Becca Cosmetics Australia Facebook

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