My 2015 Skincare Favourites

Best of Skincare for 2015

I'm so happy you all seemed to enjoy My 2015 Beauty Favourites, and many of you requested I do a similar roundup of my top skincare products throughout the past year. I switch up my skincare far less than my makeup, so this post was definitely smaller and easier to narrow down. Nevertheless, there are quite a few products to get through so I hope you enjoy reading about them!

My 2015 Beauty Favourites

My Beauty Favourites of 2015

Last year, one of my most popular blog posts was my Top 10 Beauty Products of 2014. There have been so many new beauty products fly across my makeup desk this year, there was no way I could narrow it down to just 10 products but I wanted to come up with a special post to highlight my absolute beauty favourites for the year. I also decided to include both high-end and drugstore favourites where possible so this post can apply to a larger range of readers. So sit down, grab your coffee or tea, and get ready for a massive beauty roundup post!

Bite Beauty: Best Bite Rewind Holiday Set

As part of my Sephora US & Canada Haul (read the full post here), I picked up the Bite Beauty Best Bite Rewind Holiday Set which is just so cute and festive. I gifted it to myself from myself, as I thought this set was great value to be able to try a variety of shades from their matte lip crème collection. Today I thought I'd show you the shades included and what I think of the set which is available at Sephora.

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How-To: Peachy & Bronzed Summer Look

With Summer in full swing here in Australia, it's a good chance to trade in your contour for a more shimmery all over bronzer, and incorporate more warm tones into your makeup routine. I personally love a natural, bronzey look so I'm always excited to play with peachy blushes and shimmery bronzers!

This particular makeup look is something I threw together last weekend when I was heading out with friends. I liked the way it turned out so I thought I'd share it with you all.

What's in My Travel Makeup Bag: Take Two

I love reading what people take with them when they go on trips. Whether it's for one week, or six weeks, you really can do with a small arrangement of makeup if you bring the right items. I am notoriously an overpacker, but since I knew I wanted to buy some new makeup items on my trip, I tried my best to pack only the essential makeup items, and I think I did pretty well!

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Sarah Goes Shopping: Sephora USA & Canada

Everyone loves a good haul post, or at least I know that I love them! When overseas, it's almost impossible to walk past the big shiny Sephora store without going in ... for just a browse ... am I right? Yeah, well that didn't work out too well for me now did it! Well, I'm happy but my bank account is not! This haul was between both the Canada and USA stores, and was over a few different trips! Hope you enjoy. Please let me know if yo would like an in depth review or swatches of any of these products!

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