The 5 Classic Red Lipsticks You Need This Holiday Season

The Christmas season is definitely well underway and it has inspired me to share my top 5 red lipsticks with you all in case you are hunting for the perfect red lip for a special occasion you may have coming up. Personally, I'm not a huge red lip lover myself. It's a shade that I often get compliments when I wear, but I tend to steer more towards bright pinks and fuchsias rather than a classic red. However, when you find the right red lipstick shade, it can really become the hero of your makeup look. I love pairing a red lip with a minimal eye. Today I am taking you through my favourite red lipsticks that contain easy to wear formulas, bold colour and longevity! Keep reading to find out my recommendations.

My Customer Service Experience With Mecca Maxima

For any of my readers that live in Australia and New Zealand, you would know that Mecca Maxima has really changed our relationship with makeup and the way that we have access to high-quality and high-end brands that were previously only available to us through online retailers (if they shipped to Australia that is). It has been great to be able to swatch brands in store like Stila, Urban Decay, NARS and Too Faced that were inaccessible to aussie makeup lovers in the past. This is something that I probably took for granted coming from Canada, where some of these brands are available at our local pharmacies like Shoppers Drug Mart and I had easy access to so many high-end makeup brands. Today, I just thought I'd talk to you about a recent customer service experience I've had with Mecca just in case you haven't yet shopped there or if you may be curious about their services and what they are all about.

Beauty Bin: November Empties 2016

Well, I am late coming to you with these empties from November, but I promise you I have been working hard to finish off products and this month's empties post is quite large!!! This will probably be my last empties post for 2016, unless you wanted a little review and summary of how many products I managed to get through during the year. Just let me know if that would be of interest to you. If you'd like to read my other Beauty Bin posts, you can click here.

November Coffee Break: 2016

November has been left in the dust and we are well and truly into December and (hopefully) ready for the festive season ahead!!! I am an absolute Christmas fanatic, so I couldn't be more happy to break out the Christmas-scented candles, decorations, egg nog and advent calendars. I love the feeling that December has about it, even if it feels strange being in a warm climate! I haven't forgotten about my promise to keep you all updated on the daily happenings in my life, so I am here to give you a little update from the past month and let you know what I've been up to. If you'd like to read some of my other coffee break updates you can find them here.

November Monthly Favourites: 2016

Can you believe it's less than a month until Christmas? This year really has flown by and I am so looking forward to the holidays! As the weather gets warmer here in Australia, I've had to change up my beauty routine a little to ensure that my makeup lasts throughout the day. I've definitely had to seek out more long-lasting base products and experiment with my skincare combinations. I have also been trying out some new lip products that I am excited to share with you. To find out what I have been loving this month, keep reading!

Shanghai Suzy 16/17 Cocktails at Sunset Collection: Review & Swatches

If you have been following my blog for a while now, you would be no stranger to Shanghai Suzy, a Melbourne based lipstick-only cosmetics brand with a bold and bright range of seasonal, limited edition lipsticks. This brand was founded back in 2013, and I have been loving many of their collections over that period. I have previous reviews of their Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection and Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection. Needless to say, I was super excited to try the Shanghai Suzy 16/17 Cocktails at Sunset Lipstick Collection* that is filled with pinks, oranges and bright shades, taking inspiration from a beautiful sunset!

Christmas Gift Guide 2016: Beauty Lover

Well beauties, better late than never I am coming to you just a little more than 1 month away from Christmas! These are my picks if you have a friend, family member, sister, momma, fellow beauty junkie or someone you think would enjoy some presents from the beauty world. All of these are super easy to get your hands on, and will hopefully give you some ideas for someone special in your life or maybe even yourself! The best presents are signed to me, from me!!! Keep reading to find out my Christmas Gift Guide for the 2016 Beauty Lover!

Save or Splurge: Mascaras and Setting Sprays

As much as I support and often give in to extravagant makeup splurges, I have always tried to buy, test out and review affordable and drugstore products on my blog. Being someone who is constantly buying and testing out new products, I think I have a fairly good idea of the kinds of products that are worth investing in and those products that are not worth the money or that have equally good drugstore counterparts. Of course, at the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference but one of my readers requested that I continue my Save or Splurge Series talking about different categories of products, and which ones I would splurge on and which ones I would choose drugstore! Today I thought I would discuss mascaras and setting sprays. If you're interested in other posts about saving money and beauty bargains click here. Stay tuned for lots of other categories in the series and let me know if there are any particular categories that you'd like to know my thoughts on!

September + October Coffee Break: 2016

Big apologies that I am so long overdue for a Coffee Break post and a big catch up with you all! If you haven't read these posts before, you can click here to read more updates from the series which has been a monthly installment. There has certainly been so much happening in my life over the past few weeks, and pretty much all good things, which I'm happy to report! From overseas trips, to visits from my parents, to even a new furry friend, there is lots to tell you about so keep reading to find out what I've been doing! PS: This is a long one, so you might want a coffee or a tea to accompany you :)

October Monthly Favourites: 2016


Hey guys! So if you have been following me on social media, you'd know that I just got back from a lovely two week trip to New Zealand with my parents who are visiting me from Canada! We had such a great time and I am hoping to catch up with you all soon in an upcoming September/October Coffee Break! I have been so busy with my parents visiting that I haven't had a chance to chat with you lately. I'm so sorry about that! Never fear, I made sure that my October Favourites post would be up and ready to go for you all! I have actually been doing really well with paring down my spending, and only one of these items is a new purchase. Some are new releases that were sent via PR samples but I am trying to save my money for some of the new Christmas releases I know I will want to purchase. Keep reading to find out what I've been loving this month.

Beauty Bin: August and September Empties 2016

Well, it's been a little longer than I was hoping since I last did a Beauty Bin post, but never fear! I have combined my empties for August and September so we can have a look at what I have used up as we edge closer towards the end of the year.

This Beauty Bin series has been one of my favourites this year and it truly has been amazing to see the things that I go through the most and the items which I thought I would get through and have been struggling to use up. If you're keen to know how I have gone with my Project Pan Project for 2016, you may want to check out my recent Project Pan Update on the blog which shows what I was able to finish up in around 6 months.

Dupe Alert: A Drugstore Sponge Better Than The Beauty Blender?

This post may seem like blasphemy, and as a lover of the original Beauty Blender, it does almost feel sacrifical to say that I have found a dupe that I prefer to the original, however it is true!!! With such a great find, I had to dedicate a post to this awesome dupe and share with you all. If you're a big fan of the Beauty Blender but maybe you don't like the pricetag, or if you haven't yet tried the Beauty Blender due to it's price, you will love this post! Keep reading to find out the dupe that I've found and where you can get your hands on one as well.

Skincare 101: The Importance of a Good Skincare Routine

As you can probably tell, I have been really focusing in on my skincare lately. I thought today I would share with you some of the things that I incorporate into my skincare regime for healthy, clearer and more radiant skin. It's important to understand that everyone is different, and some of these things may or may not work for you. I think that often our routines are even more important than the products we use. Unfortunately for me, I was not blessed with perfect skin so it's always been something I have had to work hard to maintain and be diligent with each night when I do my routine. I've teamed up with Ego Skincare* for this post who offer lots of skincare advice on their website here where these tips have also been featured. Ego are an australian owned and manufactured skincare company that have products available exclusively in select pharmacies.

September Monthly Favourites: 2016

I struggled a little to compile this month's beauty favourites since I have definitely been sticking to the wide array of amazing products that I have discovered over the past few months. I have found some great base staples that really work for me, and have been sticking to the same lip and mascara combinations. This month I have mostly been trialing out a few new skincare bits here and there and dabbling in new eyeshadows. Keep reading to find out the products I've been enjoying this month!

Save or Spend 2016: Project Pan Update

Bows & Pleats: Project Pan Update

7 months onwards from my original Project Pan Post and here we are! I thought I was definitely due to update you all on how I went with my little beauty project with the aim of using up more of what was already in my collection. I think overall I did better than expected, but I definitely didn't follow all the "rules" that I set out for myself. Keep reading to find out how I went!

Jaclyn Hill: Ride or Die Makeup Tag

The Ride or Die Makeup Tag created by Jaclyn Hill has been one of my favourite tags going around lately. I loved her video which you can view here, where she goes through a list of products she would choose to take with her if she was on a deserted island. You can only choose one single product from each category which makes things extremely difficult! #firstworldproblems. Keep reading to find out what products I chose for this tag!

Makeup Mixology: My Favourite Foundation & Illuminator Combos

If you have dry, normal or combination skin it may be worth considering ways you can add some extra glow into your daily makeup routine. Something I have been really loving lately is mixing in an illuminator with my regular foundation to add some more dewyness and luminosity. This seems to work really well to break down a really matte, full-coverage foundation and make it into something a little more light and natural. Today I'm going through my favourite foundation and liquid illuminator combinations and hopefully this will give you some inspiration to try this with products you have in your own makeup collection! Generally this isn't a good idea for oily-skinned gals but I'm all for trying things at least once, so don't dismiss this for your skin until you've tried it for yourself!

My Favourite Products from Skinstitut: A Guide to Flawless Skin

With my obsession for Skinstitut skincare in full swing, I thought I would dedicate another post to the brand and update you all on my favourite products. I started using Skinstitut products about a year and a half ago and I haven't looked back since. I was really tired of my skin constantly breaking out, and no skincare brands or regimes seemed to be doing the trick. I was walking past an Australian Skin Clinics in my local shopping centre, and the brand caught my eye, offering 3 products for $99, so I began my journey with Skinstitut and haven't looked back since. I'm sure not every product will work for you, but I can promise you that you will find at least one product that you love from this brand as they have products that cater to every skin type and skin concern. If you'd like to read more about some of my favourite Skinstitut products, I have an older post you can read here.

How-To: 10 Minute Spring Makeup Look

With September being well and truly here, it's starting to feel like Spring in Australia! I thought it would be a great chance to share some of my makeup favourites for a super quick and easy makeup look. These products always help to make me feel more put together and help my skin to look fresh and glowy! This routine is super easy and literally only takes me 10 minutes in the morning and then I'm out the door and ready for the day. If you're looking for a quick and easy morning makeup routine, keep reading to find out what products I use and how I use them!

August Coffee Break: 2016

This month has definitely been a bit of a blur for me. It's all happened so quickly. I've definitely had my share of ups and a lot of downs but I still remain optimistic and it was a month where I learned a lot about myself. I like to be honest with you guys and every month doesn't always go as planned so I won't be sugar coating anything or pretending I live a fake and perfect life! I think it's good to keep things real and that is hopefully why you have all told me you have enjoyed this series so far this year! Keep reading to find out what has been happening throughout August for me.

August Monthly Favourites: 2016

I actually struggled quite a bit with this month's favourites since I was really set on sticking to using some of my most coveted products from previous months. I had a huge influx of new products throughout June and July so August was a month of consolidation for me where I had already discovered many products and wanted to stick with my old faithfuls. I think we all have months where we aren't really in the mood to test out new products or go outside of our comfort zone. It must have been that month for me! I did manage to highlight a few new finds within skincare and tanning and even some makeup favourites I haven't yet mentioned on the blog before. I hope you enjoy reading through my recommendations.

How To: Depot Your MAC Lipsticks and Make a Custom Palette

How to Make a DIY MAC Lipstick Palette

For the longest time I have wanted to melt down my lipsticks and create a custom palette that is much more travel-friendly than carrying around a bag full of lipstick bullets which is just impractical!!! As I have gotten more serious about building up my freelance makeup kit this year, I decided to finally bite the bullet (get it? haha) and create my custom MAC Cosmetics lipstick palette. This post is all about the process that I went through to create the palette. I used my MAC Cosmetics lipsticks because these are my preferred lipsticks to use for freelance jobs, however you can use any lipsticks you want! You could mix and match different brands, or use all drugstore it doesn't really matter. Keep reading to find out how I created my own lipstick palette!

My 3 Holy Grail Foundations: How I Achieve a Flawless Base

One question that I always get asked by my friends and fellow beauty junkies is what foundation is my favourite? For any fellow bloggers or beauty enthusiasts, you'd know this is a very hard question to answer! Foundation is such a personal thing. A foundation that works for one person, might look terrible on someone else. How a foundation performs really depends on the person's skin type, preferred coveraged and preferred finish. Even things such as the brushes/tools you use or the primer you wear underneath can vastly change the way the foundation works from person to person. Keep this in mind as you read through my recommendations. For me, I personally really like a medium-full coverage foundation that is demi-matte and somewhat hydrating while also not turning me into an oil slick. I have normal-dry skin on my forehead and cheeks, with an oily t-zone. I tend to be normal/dry in the winter and oilier in the summer. This post is about my top 3 recommended foundations, based on my personal preferences!

Rimmel Moisture Renew Sheer & Shine Lipsticks: Review + Swatches

With the matte lip trend being more popular than ever with King Kylie and Jeffree Star ruling the liquid lipstick world, some may turn up their nose at this new lipstick collection from Rimmel with the words "sheer" and "shine". Personally, I thought it was a breath of fresh air and I think a more natural, hydrating lipstick always has a place in my heart and in my beauty collection. Keep reading to find out what I think of the new Moisture Renew Sheer & Shine Lipstick Range from Rimmel!

Beauty Bin: July Empties 2016

Another month, another chance to go through my garbage and see what products I have managed to finish up over the past few weeks! I kept seeing my beauty bin get more and more full and I couldn't believe it when I went to write this post how many products I actually managed to use up! I am definitely proud of my efforts this month, I have even managed to finish off several makeup items which is hard to do as you gals know! If you didn't catch my other Beauty Bin Posts, you can read them here.

July Monthly Favourites: 2016

Better late than ever, today's post is rounding up my favourite products over the month of July! So sorry for the delay but I promise you that this post is worth the wait! I have discovered lots of new goodies that I'm excited to share with you all! I've tried to be more adventurous this month and trial lots of new products to see what is worth recommending to you all. I've been digging a more natural base for my foundation, pastel nail shades and nude/pink lips. Keep reading to find out what products I've been loving!

July Coffee Break: 2016

Well, it's officially August and time for me to give you all a recap of what I've been up to over the past few weeks outside of my blogging world! Everytime I sit down to write these posts, I think I'll b left with nothing new to report and then once I begin writing, I feel like they go on forever! I hope you don't find them too boring. As long as you're still finding them interesting, I'll keep writing them! If you haven't caught my other posts from the Coffee Break Series, you can read them here.

My Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick Collection: Swatches & Demo

When it comes to Jeffree Star, you might recognize the name for his unique style, the copious amounts of drama in the press with other brands and content creators but their is no denying his amazing makeup talent on YouTube and that his Velour Liquid Lipsticks have become the #1 cult favourite among many beauty addicts. I have personally never experienced any product which has sold out as quickly, with multiple restocks and sellouts again week after week (except for Kylie and her lip kits). For quite some time, I ignored the hype as I've never really been a huge fan of liquid lipsticks, especially with an all matte finish. I have naturally pretty dry lips so they often just accentuate the dryness or require so much prep I find them too time consuming to wear. Eventually, when the Jeffree Star hype just didn't seem to die down, I ordered several shades and put them to the test myself. Keep reading to find out my thoughts and if these are worth all the hype they receive!

Certificate II In Retail, Makeup and Skincare: My Experience With AICD

I wasn't sure if I should write this post as a series, but now that I am only one week away from completing the course, I thought I would dedicate a post to the Certificate II in Retail, Skincare and Makeup and write about my experiences studying this course with the Australian Institute of Creative Design. If you are interested in doing a makeup course, perhaps you may want to work on a makeup counter or take the first step to start your own freelance career, keep reading to find out more about this course!

Just Released: Benefit Cosmetics Magic Brows Collection Review

Every beauty lover has been patiently waiting with heightened anticipation as the new Brow Collection is released from Benefit Cosmetics Australia today!!! With the addition of several new products, as well as repackaging and reformulation of old favourites, Benefit have definitely stepped up their brow game and it is seriously on fleek! I am an absolute brow fanatic and I can't leave the house without my brows filled in with some sort of product, so out of all the new collections coming out this year, this one has really caught my attention.

8 Wonder Products for Dry and Dehydrated Skin

Although I have combination skin, during the cooler months my skin tends to become more normal-dry and I often suffer from dehydration in my cheeks and forehead. I thought I would aim this post for anyone who is also suffering from dehydrated skin and also any dry skin types, you will love most if not all of these products!

USA Makeup Haul with ComGateway: How to Use a Mail Forwarding Service

I have been umming and ahhing about doing a USA makeup haul, given the poor Australian dollar compared to the US dollar. I also didn't really NEED any new makeup but my wishlist had been growing steadily. I was dying to make an order from ColourPop and after doing a dummy order and seeing that shipping was going to be $30 USD, I figured I would actually save money by using a mail forwarding service and creating a combined order from a few different US retailers. If you'd like to know more about what I picked up and the process for using a mail forwarding service, keep reading!

Julisa Nails Review: How to Get Mermaid Nails

If you like sparkles, mermaids and pretty colours, then today's review is definitely going to be for you! Julisa Nails is a boutique nail company from Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Their mission is simple, to offer mermaid shades for everyone so they can create gorgeous mermaid nails. Co-founders Juliet and Elisa formed Julisa Nails for their kind-hearted & earth-caring mermaid friends. Make sure you read until the end for a discount code for these gorgeous nail polishes!

BUA x Lush Cosmetics: 1st Birthday Event + Haul

I was recently invited to celebrate Bloggers United AU 1st Birthday Party with Lush Cosmetics in Brisbane. How exciting! If you don't know about Bloggers United AU, I explained what they are all about in my post from their last Brisbane event here. Basically, they work to bring bloggers/vloggers and influencers together to create a supportive and exciting community. They often organise events with brands to assist bloggers/influencers to increase their exposure, while the brands also benefit by getting promoted and offered reviews. It's a super exciting and successful movement that I am happy to be a part of! Keep reading to find out more about their 1st Birthday Party with Lush Cosmetics!

Beauty Bin: June Empties 2016

Another month, another look at what products I have managed to get through over the past four weeks! As usual, there is a mixture of beauty products including makeup, skincare and other random bits and bobs! I've been trying way harder this year to get through products that I have purchased to avoid having a bathroom full of empty bottles or ten mascaras opened all at once. I'm doing pretty well so far I think! If you'd like to check out my previous Beauty Bin Posts, click here.

June Coffee Break: 2016

It's already half way through to 2016 and only 6 months until Christmas!!! It just seems crazy to think about and I really feel like this year is flying past! I am here to chat with you all about what has been happening outside of the beauty world over the past month via my Coffee Break Series! I love these posts and being able to connect with you each month, so hopefully you feel the same and I'll continue this series each month to keep you up to date, so we can get to know each other better.

June Monthly Favourites: 2016

Wow, can you guys believe we are officially halfway through 2016?! That is just so hard for me to get my head around. I feel like it has literally flown by before my eyes, but at the same time I know I have already done a lot this year! This month it has been quite chilly here in Brisbane, which isn't a sentence you hear often. Nothing compared to the weather that I grew up with as a child in Eastern Canada, but after being here for several years now I have acclimatised and I can feel the cold too! I've got a random mixture of favourites for you this month, but each one has been a product I've had a hard time putting down. I love writing about my new discoveries and I can't wait to share these with you!

RosehipPLUS: Organic Skincare Review

With winter well and truly here in Australia, my skin has gone from being combination with quite a bit of oil through my t-zone to being normal/dry in many areas. This has meant needing to change up my skincare routine quite a bit by leaving the charcoal masks and heavier exfoliant scrubs behind and replacing them with more hydrating products. The RosehipPLUS range has been a welcome addition to my skincare routine although it has taken me a while to start using the products. I like to introduce new items into my routine one by one to ensure I don't have any bad reactions and to avoid any unnecessary breakouts from product irritation. I think RosehipPLUS is definitely a skincare brand worth knowing about and after using these products for about two months, I thought I could share my thoughts and let you know my top picks from the range!

MY VIP Dermalogica Experience

Recently, I was lucky enough to be given the chance to visit the Dermalogica Education Centre in South Brisbane. I was offered a VIP facial treatment which included a skin mapping analysis to get to know my skin a little better, a personalised facial treatment and finally the chance to discuss some future product recommendations with a Dermalogica expert. This Centre is mainly used for training purposes, however every now and then, Dermalogica may invite people to visit and spread the word about their products and treatments. Just a disclaimer, this is not a sponsored post, and although the treatment provided to me was complimentary, it was completely my choice to write this post and tell you a little more about my experiences with Dermalogica. I hope you find this post helpful and informative!

BH Cosmetics + Shaaanxo 18 Colour Eyeshadow & Lipstick Palette: Review & Swatches

This much anticipated collaboration between well-known NZ Beauty Youtuber Shannon Harris and BH Cosmetics features nine matte and shimmer eyeshadow shades and nine satin lipstick shades in a dual-sided palette. Shaanxo is quite well-regarded for her successful Youtube channel where she is known to her followers as Shaaanxo and also has her own xoBeauty line which is quickly gaining in popularity with their lashes and brush sets. The BH Cosmetics + Shaaanxo 18 Colour Eyeshadow & Lipstick Palette ($22 USD) is quite reasonably priced and today I'm providing my thoughts along with lots of swatches so you can decide if it's worth your investment!

The Best Makeup Products for Concealing Acne and Blemishes: High-End and Drugstore

As someone who identifies as having very problematic skin and always having a blemish or two to fight on a daily basis, I definitely have had my own struggles with self confidence when it comes to my skin. Those who suffer from acne will know that you feel so self-conscious and sometimes makeup is the only solution to getting a break from your own paranoia that everyone is looking at your bad skin. I suffered with moderate acne as a teenager which was part of the reason why I discovered makeup very early on and learned how to use it to help improve my confidence levels.

These days my skin is looking a lot better than what it used to, however recently I went through a really bad breakout that lasted several weeks and my confidence levels dropped significantly again and I was dreading have to attend activities or important events because of my skin. The whole emotional rollercoaster we go through when it comes to acne inspired me to write this post with my top recommendations for covering up blemishes. This post covers the products I swear by that really work for me when my skin is really bad but I want to feel better and go out to face the world.

Bloggers United AU Brisbane Event: My Experience as an Attendee

Bloggers United AU is an amazing idea founded by Nikita from NJT Blogger and Jasmine from Sweetaholic Beauty.Bloggers United AU was founded in late 2014 but officially launched in February 2015. The main aim of Bloggers United AU is to make an amazing Australian community even better, to support all bloggers and help them gain more exposure, meet other people in the blogging community, have opportunities to meet fellow bloggers face to face, make new friends and to have fun doing what they love – blogging!

Last weekend I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Bloggers United AU event being held in Brisbane. This was very exciting and special for me since Brisbane rarely has events for bloggers, especially within the niche of beauty blogging and I often miss opportunities that come across my desk for events in Sydney and Melbourne. Of course, I sprung for the chance to meet up with lots of my blogging friends, meet new bloggers and also network with brands. This post is all about the event and how I found it as an attendee. If you'd like to know more about what went behind organising the event and some more behind the scenes information check out Tahana's post here, as we decided to do a collaboration!
*All images are my own except those with watermark which are from the event photographer Peter Cabral

Beauty Bin: May Empties 2016

Hi beauties! I've got another installment of my Beauty Bin Series for you today taking you through all the products I've managed to use up during the month of May. If you'd like to read some of my previous Beauty Bin posts, you can check them out here. Some of you have been asking for a Project Pan Update as well since it has been just over 6 months since I started, so I will try to get that up for you soon. Until then, let's get into some of these empty products!

May Coffee Break: 2016

Hey babes! I'm back to you with another post from my Coffee Break Series where we catch up and I tell you a little more about what has been happening in my life! If you'd like to read my previous posts from the series, click here. So if you're keen to have a little chit chat and hear what I've been up to, keep reading!

May Monthly Favourites: 2016

May was definitely a month of discovery for me, and I definitely made an active effort to incorporate some new products into my beauty regime. The cooler weather seems to be playing havoc on my skin, causing my face to feel dry yet still experiencing hormonal breakouts, which means new skincare saviours have been needed. I've also started trying out a few new haircare and beauty bits, so keep reading for my monthly roundup and to find out what I've been loving!

Tarte Cosmetics 30% Off Sale: Haul & First Impressions

I have been dying to get my hands on some products from Tarte Cosmetics for a long time now! Unfortunately products from this brand are quite inaccessible here in Australia, and even with their recent availability through Sephora Australia, the prices are substantially more expensive compared to the Tarte US website. Recently, Tarte announced they would be doing a 30% off sale for their entire site. They also recently began offering shipping direct to Australia when you spend over $168 AUD, so I decided to get my wishlist ready and take full advantage of the sale. If you're wondering what I picked up, and would like to hear some full impressions, keep reading! I plan on doing more extensive reviews on many of these products so just let me know what you would like to see!

PuraBeaute PuraSonic Sonic Cleansing Brush: Review

I've always been curious about electric cleansing systems, especially with recent hype around devices such as the Clarisonic and the Foreo Luna, which I just haven't been game enough to try, especially given their high price tags. With acne prone skin, there is always the fear that a device like this will be harsh on the skin and could potentially worsen breakouts. Recently, I was given the opportunity to try my first ever cleansing brush, the PuraSonic and today I'm giving you a full breakdown of my thoughts on this much more affordable sonic cleansing brush compared to the usual suspects.

5 Beauty & Lifestyle Blogs You Should Be Following

I've been meaning to do this post for a while, but I have found it overwhelming picking all my favourite blogs to include. I might try to do this one every few months so you can get a snippet of five of my favourite beauty & lifestyle & other blogs so this post doesn't have to be so long!!! One of the most motivating things for myself to do as a blogger is reading other like-minded blogs and looking at the artistic, carefully-thought out photos and text and gaining inspiration from each and every one of them. All of these bloggers below have their own unique style and charm, yet each one has definitely figured out their niche and their blogs really stand out and draw readers in because of it. Keep reading to find out who they are!

10 Killer Products You Can Buy From The Drugstore

As much as I love a good haul from Mecca Maxima or Sephora, unfortunately they can be extremely pricey and sometimes we get buyer's remorse. Knowing about some of the great drugstore alternatives out there for a lot of products can definitely be useful when you're a makeup junkie. Today I thought I'd talk to you about some of my favourite drugstore buys which may save you a few dollars and surprise you with their great quality!

Activeskin x Gorgeous Cosmetics Haul: First Impressions is an awesome online retailer for those Aussies who want to access the best deals in skincare, haircare and of course makeup all from one location. They are an Australian owned and operated business, so shipping is lightening fast from within Australia which is a huge plus for any of you reading who are like me and track your parcels via Australia Post with high anxiety levels for fear they may not arrive!

I hadn't actually used this website before but was offered the opportunity to trial some new products and get a feel for this online boutique and welcomed the opportunity so I could share my thoughts with you! Activeskin offer same day shipping if your order is completed before 2pm and they offer free shipping for orders over $95. As always my opinions are 100% honest and my own. Activeskin carry popular brands such as Dermalogica, Gorgeous Cosmetics, Napoleon Perdis, Butter London, Eye of Horus, Alpha H, Medik8, OPI, LancĂ´me and many more!!! I was lucky enough to receive a package from Gorgeous Cosmetics containing three lovely makeup products which I will detail below with my first impressions!