08 January 2016

2016 Changes: New Posting Schedule + Mailing List

As you may have noticed, I have tried to start of 2016 on my blog with lots of motivation, goals and enthusiasm. As part of my efforts to keep my blog as awesome as possible for you guys with lots of fresh new content and considering your requests, I have created a new blog schedule for you guys!

I will endeavour to have new posts up to you on Mondays and Thursdays with any additional content coming to you on Saturdays. I will definitely have two posts up for you a week, sometimes three (life permitting)! In terms of my work, nothing has changed for me, I'm still working full-time but I am just hoping to spend more time on the weekend to take photos and plan out posts and hopefully edit/write them up during the evenings.

I will be keeping up with some of my regular installments such as monthly favourites, empties (with a big focus this year) as well as a new series I'm starting at the end of each month called "coffee breaks" where I'll spend a bit more time telling you about what's new with me and include any personal updates since I don't think I do enough of this in my regular posts and I want you all to get to know me better this year!

I am also in the process of creating a monthly Bows & Pleats newsletter for all of you lovely readers, so you don't have to miss any of posts and I'll be including any exciting news, offers, updates, etc. so I would love it if you signed up, which you can do here! I promise I won't spam you since it will only be a monthly blast.

Well, that's all for me my pretties! I hope you all have an amazing weekend and I'll have a fresh post up for you on Monday! (Here is a sneak peak of that post)

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for my blog or if you have any input you would like to share. I have created a little blog survey it would be great if you could fill out here! Thanks!!! 

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