25 January 2016

Save or Spend: 5 Ways To Spend Less When You're a Beauty Junkie

When I was reflecting over My 2015 Beauty Favourites, I realised how many new products had been released over the past twelve months and the immense pressure we often feel to purchase each new collection, sometimes just to say we have got it in our hands, other times because we want to provide a review for our readers. I was having a chat about all of this with my good friend and fellow beauty blogger, Melissa from Loads of Lifestyle and we decided to do a blog collaboration series about smart ways to shop, strategies for buying less and incentives for using up what is already in our existing collections, the Save or Spend Series!

Today's post is all about 5 strategies you can use to spend less when you're a beauty junkie like us!

1. Unsubscribe to e-mails from makeup brands, sites and online stores.

This one may seem pretty extreme, but 99% of the time I am tempted to buy something through an e-mail newsletter, it's not something I necessarily need right now but am just tempted because I opened up the e-mail regarding a 20% off sale or a free shipping deal. By eliminating these e-mails, you will probably only visit these sites when there is something specific that you are looking for. More than likely you have lots of friends who love makeup just as much as you who will text you or message you when a big sale is on so you don't miss out!

2. Think about what you really want and make a wishlist.

If you are tempted to spend money on makeup, try jumping online and adding all the items to your cart that you're interested in and then have a look at the order total. Which items do you want the most? Is there anything you could pick up later? When you are finished and have your absolute must-have items, even if you don't have enough money right now, jot them down in a wishlist and save up for the cart total instead of buying it straight away on your credit card.

3. Ask for gift cards.

When it comes to special occasions like a graduation, birthday or christmas, ask for gift vouchers to your favourite spots like Priceline, Mecca or Sephora. You can then purchase a few things from your wishlist, guilt-free!

4. Use reward programs.

Take advantage of programs that reward you for using up products in your collection such as Back 2 MAC (return 6 primary packaging containers and get a free MAC lipstick) and Lush Cosmetics, where you can return 5 black pots and get a free face mask. These programs encourage you to use up what you already own and then you get something for free in return! Bonus!

5. Shop smart.

If you are going to purchase new makeup or beauty products from that wishlist you jotted down earlier, make sure you account for the poor AUD to USD conversion at the moment and make sure that it's definitely worth it! You also have to account for any shipping charges which may apply. Try searching for any applicable discount codes and try to use sites that offer free shipping. You may also wish to buy from a site that has a loyalty program which may benefit you down the track such as Mecca Maxima's beauty loop program (I have a full post explaining it here).

If you already have 5 bright fuschia lipsticks, maybe you don't need to buy another one!

For 5 more amazing tips on how you can save money when you're a beauty junkie, head on over to Melissa's post here.

I hope you enjoyed these tips, and look out for more ways to make the most of your beauty collection and spend less with a few more blog posts in this series! 
What do you do when you're wanting to buy a new product but don't have the money?

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