29 February 2016

Save or Spend: 5 Reasons To Do A Beauty Swap

Today, I have another installment from my Save or Spend Series which I've been doing in collaboration with blogging bestie, Melissa from Loads of Lifestyle. A little while ago when I was clearing out my collection, I kept picking out bits and pieces that I knew would suit really well for a certain friend, and by the time I was done, I had created a nice little care package for Melissa that made me super excited to send it her way. Through discussion, we decided it was a good idea for us to do a beauty swap, where we both curate some lovely products that haven't been well-loved and create an exchange via the postman since Melissa lives several hours away from me. I had such a great experience from the beauty swap I wanted to write a post about it and maybe inspire you to do a swap as well.

Through my experience with doing this swap with Melissa, as well as a few other swaps, I thought I'd share with you the main benefits from organising a makeup exchange with someone!

1. You Get to Try Things You Wouldn't Normally Buy Yourself

Probably the best thing about the beauty swap idea for me, is that you often get products that you would never thing to buy for yourself. When Melissa sent me over the gorgeous Laura Mercier Candlglow Luminizing Palette, I was so shocked and excited because I thought it was an absolutely gorgeous palette but something I probably never would have picked up on my own, Beauty swaps give you the opportunity to try things you wouldn't normally try and be a little more adventurous in your beauty regime.

2. You Get to Purge Your Collection Of Products You Don't Use 

If you're like me, and on a clear mission to reduce the amount of products in your collection in 2016, and only hold on to those that you love the most - a beauty swap is a great way of decluttering your beauty wardrobe without having to feel remorse that the items won't be loved. Especially if it's someone you know, I feel like donating makeup is way easier than selling it for some reason. It just feels like you are giving away something to someone who needs it more. Of course, you also gain products at the end of the exchange so you still aren't completely innocent in the process, but it also reduces the urge to buy any more products as well. In the end, I feel like it is still beneficial for any makeup hoarders out there (I see you!)

3. It Doesn't Cost Any Money

Besides postage, you don't have to pay anything to do a beauty swap. Most people just include products they already have in their collection. For Melissa's swap, I only included products that had been used once or twice and were basically brand new. All items need to be sanitised of course but you can stipulate this with your partner in crime when you organise the exchange. If you are worried about postage costs, either limit the swap to be within your own country, or try to keep your parcel to under a certain weight such as 500g to ensure the postage isn't too expensive especially if you are sending it overseas. A beauty swap is a great option if you and a friend are on a spending ban because you can still try out some new products without having to buy anything and break your ban.

4. It's Fun

I personally get a lot of satisfaction from picking out different items in my collection that I know could suit someone else really well. There may be an item that I paid a lot for and is now collecting dust and it's nice to know that someone will be giving it a new home and lots of love. It's also fun to think of what might be missing from your collection, what brands you might like to try, etc to help the person get together some items for you. In general, if you're a beauty enthusiast, you will have so much fun with this because it's something a little different that is mutually beneficial and relatively easy.

5. You Can Make Great Friends

Even if you don't already have a beauty bestie in mind to initiate your swap, there are lots of beauty groups and forums that offer people the opportunity to do a beauty swap with a stranger via Reddit as well as many Facebook beauty groups. However, I will advise caution here, because many of these exchanges are based on an honour system, so it might be good to talk with the person, ensure they seem honest and genuine first, before committing to doing a swap where you might be left empty-handed. In all of my experiences with swaps, I haven't had any issues. I'm always sure to spend time chatting about what each other's likes and dislikes are. It can make a great conversation piece to talk through different brands you've never tried before, your skin type, etc to assist with picking out some products that are well suited for the person. Who knows, maybe by the end of the exchange, you'll have a new beauty comrade.

Products included in Melissa's Swap:

Have you ever done a Beauty Swap? How did it go?
I hope this post might inspire you to try one!

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