06 February 2016

Malouf Pharmacies: Australian Brand Showcase Event

Although my dream is to one day become a full-time blogger and MUA, at the moment I'm still working full time and blogging on the weekends. Fortunately though, I was recently invited to attend the Malouf Pharmacies VIP Australian Brand Showcase Event where they were featuring lots of aussie beauty brands and giving bloggers, youtubers and other social media gurus the chance to meet with brands and see what new products will be launching over the next year, and giving all attendees a chance to network and share our love for some amazing Australian brands!

I attended the event with Tahana from Tahana Lee so there weren't any awkward moments where I wasn't sure where to go or where I didn't know anyone. I  also got to meet up with lots of other bloggers, instagrammers, and youtubers that I recognized like Shannon Gibb, Brii Wright, Megan Williamson, Amanda Gregory and Jordy Cannon. These girls are honestly so lovely in person, and I don't feel like there is any competition or focus on follower counts, but we are all simply normal people, and many of us have other jobs outside of blogging/youtube so we can chat about those and relate to each other on many different levels.

Shannon, Myself, Tahana and Brii
The layout for the night wasn't the presentation style I was expecting, and rather more of an open plan expo, where each brand had a stall set up with product samples, displays and information so you could have a play with their products, ask questions and do a bit of networking for future opportunities. They also had catering, so there were canapes and drinks going around although I felt a little too overwhelmed and missed out on most of these! There was just too much to take in, see and do. 

The highlights for me definitely included learning more about some upcoming releases from Nude by Nature (think Becca packaging and luxury feel), chatting with the girls from Loving Tan, and finding out more about the ranges from The Jojoba CompanyKean Bean Scrub as well as Summer Salt Body. Pretty much all of the stall holders were extremely friendly and didn't mind answering tons of questions or recommending a product that they thought I might be interested in, or would suit me.

The Jojoba Company - Photo Credit: Malouf Pharmacies

Loving Tan - Photo Credit: Malouf Pharmacies

Summer Salt Body - Photo Credit: Malouf Pharmacies

Lanolips - Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Malouf Pharmacies

Kean Been Scrub - Photo Credit: Malouf Pharmacies

Nude by Nature - Photo Credit: Malouf Pharmacies

I was so happy the event was held during the evening which made it possible for me to attend after work, and it was so much fun networking with other bloggers and brands. It's nice to have an event where you can talk to a range of different people of whom you can relate to and share a passion for beauty and skincare especially. I definitely left with lots of energy and good vibes, as well as lots of goodies to try out!

Malouf Pharmacies Australian Brand Showcase Goody Bag
Some of my favourite goodies from the event!

I just thought I'd sneak in an extra post to share my experiences from the event in case any of you might be interested to know! 
Have you ever attended a brand showcase? What was your experience?

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