03 March 2016

Beauty Bin: February Empties 2016

As promised, I will be continuing to do empties posts every month, and take you through all the products I've finished up and keep you all up to date with my empties count for the year. How many products can I get through in 12 months?! I've successfully used up lots of products this month, especially quite a few skincare favourites, so read on to find out what I would repurchase and what I would skip buying next time.

For a while there, I was super obsessed with this primer. It is silicone based and feels very silky when going on the skin. Unfortunately, I feel like when I was using this primer my skin was a lot more prone to breakouts so I feel like there was something in the ingredients that I didn't react well with. For such a cheap primer, it's definitely worth giving it a try.
Repurchase? I wouldn't repurchase this due to the reaction it gave my skin.

This is my HG, ride or die mascara. I have never used a mascara that works so well for me, makes my lashes black as night, curled, separated, lengthens and adds volume. When I wear this, it's the next best thing to falsies! Super expensive but worth it in my opinion.
Repurchase? Already have!

The label is almost worn off my bottle, I used this all the time and popped it into my handbag to freshen up my skin and keep oil away half way through the day. I love all the Urban Decay setting sprays and it's convenient that these come in a mini size for on the go applications, travel, etc. I still prefer my Skindinavia Bridal Setting Spray as my HG but these also work quite well.
Repurchase? I would, but I still have a full size chill spray to get through first.

This stuff may look a little crazy, but it's the cheapest makeup brush cleaner that I've ever used ($2.80 AUD) and definitely the most effective. It gets stains out of my brushes that no other brush cleaner could get out and makes my beauty blender look brand new again. The bottles are tiny, so I usually buy 5 or more at a time so I'm always fully stocked!
Repurchase? YES!

Definitely, my favourite AHA cleanser at the moment. I'm actually so sad without this at the moment. It's a different consistency, almost gel-like and comes out very quickly. You only need a small amount and it foams up easily. I use this after I've removed my makeup and it works so well at reducing breakouts and congestion in the skin and also strengthens the skin's integrity. Definitely HG status.
Repurchase? Definitely!
This is also a very liquidy, runny consistency but an amazing cleanser for getting rid of every trace of makeup. No scent, no frills, just great for removing all the excess makeup, dirt and oil from the skin. It's so gentle you can get this in your eyes and it won't sting whatsoever. A great staple to have in your skincare routine.
Repurchase? Yes, for sure!

I was advised to use this serum at my last consult with Australian Skin Clinics, where they suggested I try this serum to assist with increasing skin cell renewal because I had a lot of acne scarring. It has worked really well and also assist skin by hydrating, increasing skin firmness and elasticity as well as reducing sensitivity. I can sometimes experience sensitive skin so I have seen a great improvement from using this serum.
Repurchase? Yes.

Retinol is a form of vitamin A, which is used to also assist in skin cell renewal as well as collagen and elastin production. This is a more intense serum so you have to build up using it more frequently if you haven't used retinol serums before. This one assists to even out skintone and can also assist with scarring from breakouts.
Repurchase? I will eventually but for now I am using the ASAP A+ Serum which is very similar.

I've written a full brand highlight regarding Skinstitut products which you can check out here.

I bought this when it was $123 at Mecca but sadly it has gone up to a whopping $163 AUD!!! Ouch. That being said, it is a very very powerful corrective serum that did wonders for my uneven skintone and I also found it helped to reduce my congestion and breakouts. I don't know if it's worth this inflated price tag though, I feel like there are similar products out there for a lot less money but I did really love this product so I am torn.
Repurchase? I think I will have to get through all my other serums first before I can even think about justifying repurchasing this one.

This one comes in a dual pack with a day and night treatment. I used up the day treatment a while ago but kept forgetting to use the night repair. I found that it wasn't quite thick enough for me for an intensive lip treatment and prefer my blistex intensive repair treatment over this one. 
Repurchase? I probably wouldn't. 

This is such a neat and innovative product. A moisturiser that you apply all over your body in the shower, and it actually works! I tend to apply mine when  I am nearly done in the shower and apply it all over, allow maybe a minute for it to sink into the skin and as you are rinsing off you will notice your skin feeling super moisturised and nourished. It contains 20% glycerine so it actually locks in the moisture. This was just a travel size so it didn't last me very long. 
Repurchase? Yes I really want to buy this in the full size. 

This is a great basic cleanser to cleanse the skin of impurities, wipe makeup away and also hydrate the skin. It didn't really impress me very much though. It was just sort of meh so I'll probably move on from this one. I can't say that it really did anything wrong but just a basic cream cleanser. 
Repurchase? No. 

This is one of the nicest rosehip oils I've tried in a while. I won't bore anyone with the benefits of rosehip oil but I like applying this in the evening for additional hydration and to assist with uneven skin and scarring from blemishes. This rosehip oil is also really affordable at just $20 AUD.
Repurchase? I will eventually buy this again but I have lots of other serums to get through first. 

I have literally been using this lip treatment for as long as I can remember when I used to steal it from my mom's night table. I have very, very dry, chapped lips that just always feel rough and cracked so this stuff is my ride or die. I think this one I purchased when I was last in Canada but the Lip Conditioner pot and the Intensive Repair pot are quite similar and you can purchase them here in Australia. I haven't found many products that work as well for my lips besides lanolips.
Repurchase? I'll forever repurchase these!!! 

I randomly picked these up from Coles when I was desperate for some makeup wipes and thought I'd try something new. Big mistake! These were the worst makeup wipes I've ever used. They felt rough on the skin, didn't effectively remove my makeup and I just hated using these. I ended up using them to clean my makeup desk and clean swatches off my hands and arms for blogging.
Repurchase? Nooo.

Although the packaging of this didn't dazzle me, there is no denying that the product inside is really, really good! This is a great exfoliating scrub that smells amazing and really works at getting rid of dead skin cells or even exfoliating the last bits of your tan. It contains olive oil, sea salt, sweet almond oil, and vitamin e so it is also ultra moisturising.
Repurchase? Yes!

I've already done a full post regarding my thoughts on Delicious Skin products here, but since I first starting using it, I have become obsessed with the clean butter cleanser and this is the second pot that I have finished. The nicest solid cleanser I've ever used that emulsifies beautifully when a little bt of water is added and all traces are makeup are gone. One of the best makeup removing and nourishing cleansers I've ever used, EVER.
Repurchase? I have a backup of this because I really love it so much!

I have a full review of the shampoo and conditioner from this range which you can read here. I really love this shampoo and find it's one of the few affordable shampoo and conditioner combos that leaves my hair feeling silky and soft. Generally I stick to my trusty KMS and Goldwell brands. This is definitely worth trying though.
Repurchase? Yes, I would but only after I get through my current shampoo stash.

I was kindly sent a few items from this brand to trial and I have to say I absolutely love the packaging and gorgeous wooden details at the top of the pump. It was so nice having this sitting in my shower it just looked so luxe. You could also use this as a fancy hand soap in your bathroom but I used mine as a shower gel. It smells amazing, very fresh and tropical but my husband still enjoyed using it so it's pretty gender neutral. This is a NSW brand and you can find participating stockists across Australia here.
Repurchase? I probably wouldn't buy a shower gel or hand soap this expensive for myself but I think it would make an amazing gift for someone special.

Okay well that wraps up my February empties! Mainly skincare, but also some other bits and bobs in there to keep it interesting. I also got through two more products than last month!

Product total for February: 19
Product Total for the Year So Far: 36

Until next month beauties!!! What products have you recently used up? 

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