07 March 2016

February Coffee Break: 2016

Hi lovely people!!! So sorry we are having this February coffee break in March! But better late than never for a quick catch up to touch base with you all and let you know what's been happening in my life outside of the blogging world.

Trip to Cairns
I was lucky enough this month to get to spend a week in Cairns to do some work training with my job. I work in the community mental health sector and have a psychology degree (just for some background). I was asked to fly up to assist with the new office we have just set up there by providing training to some of the new staff that aren't familiar with the work we do. It was a very busy week but I got to enjoy the gorgeous scenery all around me, and although it was extremely humid and hot in that part of Queensland, it's also very beautiful. My husband came up to meet me and we stayed up there for the weekend as well. I loved walking around and exploring the city and just enjoying the peaceful atmosphere. I definitely want to go back and do the reef which we didn't have time for during this trip.


Makeup Freelancing
I was very hesitant to do much in terms of updates about this - I think mainly because I was scared of the backlash I might receive from other makeup artists who may have thought I was just randomly rushing into doing makeup freelance without proper experience and training. I understand that not everyone who watches YouTube becomes a professional MUA, but it's something I am truly passionate about and therefore I decided to just progress with this idea despite what others may think.

Truthfully, I have been doing makeup on friends and family quite a lot within the last six months and have been building up my kit during that time, and doing a lot of research about freelance makeup artistry and how to get started. It was only when I was approached a few months ago to do makeup for a bridal party for a wedding that I realised that others were seeing the value in my skills and I started to take myself a little more seriously. I have since created a Facebook page for my Freelance Makeup Artistry work - Bows and Pleats Makeup Artistry. It would be awesome if you could give me a like!

I am hoping to get lots more experience under my belt and slowly build up my portfolio and reputation. I am also interested in gaining some qualifications in the area to add to my existing knowledge so I have been getting lots of information about different institutions and courses and am hoping to begin studying in April/May depending on schedules. I'm restricted to evenings and weekends due to my current work schedule. I'll keep you updated on my progress with starting up freelancing and I'll try to keep including pictures of clients on my instagram page as well.

The stunning bride, Nicole on her special day x

Currently Obsessed With:

New Romantics by Taylor Swift, Bath and Body Works Candle in Warm Vanilla Sugar and Loving Tan. Just recently started using their tanning products and the 2 Hour Express Dark tan is so natural and pretty!!! I'm very impressed, maybe a should do a full review about it for you all.

Here's hoping March is going to be an amazing month with lots of positive things to report back to you all! What's something good that happened to you in February?

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