14 March 2016

Makeup Geek: My Eyeshadow Collection & Swatches

Makeup Geek (MUG) has quickly become known as the be all, end all when it comes to amazing eyeshadows. Once people got around to trying Marlena's amazing buttery and pigmented eyeshadow formula, they quickly threw their MAC palettes out the window and jumped straight back on the MUG website to order more shadows. I did a review of my Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Palette back in June 2014 which you can read here. As you can see from this post, at that time I only had a small collection of 9 shadows which fit into a small z palette! I am happy to say that I have just recently made an order to MUG and have completed my 27 pan large Z Palette. Marlena has amazing swatches on the MUG website but I thought I would share my custom palette with you and take you through all the shades I own so you can get some recommendations of shades you might like to try as well!

Custom Neutral Makeup Geek Z Palette

My love for neutral and warm tones definitely shines through in this palette and I have strategically chosen mainly neutral shades because they are what I lean to for everyday looks. Generally, if I am going dramatic I will choose a brown, burgundy or copper smokey eye so this palette has me covered. The palette includes mattes, shimmers and foiled shadows from the MUG website. Each shadow costs $6 USD and the foiled shadows are $10 USD (so worth it though). MUG offer international shipping to Australia which varies by weight but generally is around $12-15 USD on orders I have made. 

Makeup Geek Custom Palette Shade Names
My Makeup Geek Custom Z Palette with shade names

This first row has some gorgeous highlight and foiled shades that work well in the inner corner, as well as a brow highlight, especially shimma shimma which I use all the time. Peach smoothie is matte and works well in the crease or all over the lid. Cosmopolitan is absolutely stunning as an all over lid shade and this swatch doesn't do it justice. It has a perfect rose gold hue. Creme brulee is also my all time favourite transition/crease shade and I use it almost daily. The last three are foiled shadows and are so pigmented and beautiful. Starry eyed is a little pinker and cooler. In the spotlight is a shade I wore on my wedding day in the centre of my lid and is the most stunning champagne colour. Grandstand is a gorgeous rose gold shade with taupe undertones.

Next up we have vanilla bean, which is a perfect creamy beige shade for cleaning up lines and blending out harsh colours. Beaches and cream would be a great crease shade for more pale-skinned girls but I use it to blend out other darker shades. Purely naked and latte are great for building up depth in an eye look. Glamorous is a stunning golden bronzey shade that looks amazing on the lid. Pretentious is a metallic bronze golden shade that looks amazing with a dark lip. Corrupt is one of the most pigmented black shadows I've ever used and is a must have in any MUG palette.

Cupcake and cinderella are both nice everyday lid shades and go with the warm theme of the palette. I like mocha for a brow shade or creating a brown smokey eye. Frappe is a nice warm toned transition or crease shade, Preppy was suggested by Jaclyn Hill and it's a lovely khaki green that is quite unique in my collection. Barcelona beach is a great cool-toned sand shade that works well as a transition shade and one of the few cool tones I have included in this palette. Moondust is perfect for a silver smokey eye or a cool eyeshadow look with a metallic finish.

This is definitely my favourite row, where the warm tones get amped up a notch and you can see what shades I love to put in my crease for a gorgeous warm toned smokey eye. Roulette is stunning and makes a great crease or all over lid shade. Burlesque is a metallic burgundy shade that has a lot of depth and small flecks of silver. Bitten is the slightly less intense sister that looks amazing when blended out into the crease for a gorgeous burgundy smokey eye. Showtime is such an amazing foiled shadow, it's just so pigmented and sultry and has rusty brown undertones. Cocoa bear is a cult favourite and is great for warming up the crease and creating definition and depth. Flame thrower is also amazing (foiled) and looks so pretty on the lower lash line.

A better look at all the swatches from my Makeup Geek Palette

My Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Palette Z Palette

Well, those are the swatches for every shade in my custom Makeup Geek Palette. I hope you found this post helpful in deciding what shades you might like to add to your collection or just to give you some insight on the different shades that I like to include in a custom palette.

Have you tried Makeup Geek Eyeshadows? Which ones are your favourites?

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