25 April 2016

Addicted to Blush Tag

I’m a huge lover of blushes, so when I read a post from Kat, from Kitsch Snitch, about how she decided to create her own Addicted To Blush Tag, I knew I had to complete it!!! It has taken me way too long to complete this (originally posted in February 2015), but now it’s finally here. If you’d like to read some other awesome responses to this tag which also inspired me to complete it, you can check out Loads of Lifestyle, Miss New Beauty or The Beauty Collection and read their posts, which answer these same questions. Keep on reading to find out my responses to this tag! Please feel free to join in and complete the tag yourself.

(L-R): Bourjois 16 Rose Coup De Foudre, Makeup Geek Romance, Milani Luminoso

What colour blush suits you the most? I feel like peachy, golden shades seem to suit me the best and they are often the shades that I gravitate towards the most. These shades seem to compliment any makeup look and I tend to like a little shimmer in the formula. 

Pressed/cream/loose blush? I definitely prefer pressed blushes over any other formula. I don't think I own any loose blushes and if I did, I probably gave them away knowing I wouldn't use them. I tend to also steer clear of gel or liquid blushes as they don't seem to work for me. Pressed are definitely the fastest and easiest to use and I find them easy to blend out. 

Favourite shimmery blush? In terms of blushes, I really like a little shimmer to add a healthy glow to the cheeks. I can't seem to go past a recent but much loved purchase, the Becca Afterglow Palette which contains mineral blushes in the shades Wild Honey and Flowerchild, which both contain some shimmer. I also love layering these with Rose Gold and Topaz highlighters from the palettes to create a custom shimmery blush shade. I also adore the Napoleon Perdis Cheek to Chic Duo #1 which contains a light pink and lilac shade which are shimmery and gorgeous on the cheeks.

Favourite matte blush? You can't go wrong with having a few matte blush shades in your collection. I personally really love The Balm DownBoy, which is a slightly cool-toned muted pink that really seems to compliment my complexion. I also love Melba by Mac Cosmetics which was recommended to me by Melissa from Loads of Lifestyle. This is such a gorgeous natural blush shade, and I use it a lot for my freelance jobs, especially on those that like a natural look but need some more brightness and warmth in their cheeks.

Favourite cream blush? I can't say that I use cream blushes too often, but sometimes when I'm playing around and want a very natural or dewy look, I'll use a cream blush. I really like Make Up For Ever HD Cream Blush in 315 Peach Beige and also this Napoleon Perdis cream blush. There is no shade name as it came free with a magazine I purchased. It's a very neutral dusty rose shade. Both of these cream blushes are very natural shades that blend in really well and are best applied with a small duo fibre brush.

Left-Top-Right: Bourjois 16 Rose Coup De Foudre, Milani Luminoso and Bourjois 34 Rose D'or

Favourite drugstore blush? Although you can't buy Milani in the drugstore here in Australia, it's considered a drugstore brand in Canada and the USA so I thought I'd include it. I absolutely love the formula and pigmentation of the Milani Baked Blushes, and Luminoso is an amazing shade that really brightens the cheeks and adds warmth. Although Kat from Kitsch Snitch listed these Bourjois Blushes as one of her most disappointing products, I really love these! I haven't had any issues with pigmentation, and find that although they apply fairly sheer the intensity can be easily built up and they look very natural on the cheeks. I own the shades 16 Rose Coup De Foudre (peachy golden) and 34 Rose D'or (pink with gold shimmer).

Favourite high-end blush? This was so hard to narrow down, but I think my favourite high-end blush brands would have to be Mac Cosmetics and Too Faced. I have never been disappointed from any blushes from either brand, and find them to have a great variety of shades as well as a consistent formula across the board. Above you can see my custom Mac palette where I have depotted some of my favourite blushes. I also love the blush and bronzer duos from the Too Faced La Belle Carousel collection from their Christmas 2014 collection. 

Favourite bright blush? I definitely have to agree with Kat on this one, as I also am so in love with my Stila Custom Colour Blush in Pink which is a super bright pink but blends out easily and is definitely not as scary on the cheeks. Although the blush is quite cool, I really love it and it packs a punch. I also really enjoy the Napoleon Perdis Cheek to Chic Duo #5 which has this crazy bright fuschia pink which I think is stunning! When applied with a light hand this blush can look gorgeous with a minimal eye and bright lip.

Biggest blush disappointment/regret? Although this seems to be a cult favourite by many, and a much hyped up palette, I didn't seem to use the Hourglass Blush Wardrobe Palette as much as I expected. Out of the three shades, my favourite is the middle shade, Incandescent Electra which is a light-medium peachy pink shade with a gorgeous shimmer. This shade was limited edition and thus why I purchased this palette however I don't seem  to use the other two shades much at all. These have a beautiful formula and are a dream to blend, however the shades just don't seem to appeal to me very much!

Best blush packaging? If you're reading this, chances are you a confirmed makeup junkie, and you can definitely appreciate some lush packaging. I think when it comes to packaging, blushes have some of the most girly, pretty and cute packaging out there. Some of my favourite packaging is from NARS, Becca Cosmetics, Too Faced and Urban Decay. I think that the NARS Stephen Klein One Shocking Moment Cheek Studio Palette was one of the nicest blush palettes released last year and I am obsessed with the packaging. The Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Blush Palette is a close second as well! 

What’s on your blush wishlist? As we can all see from the pictures in this post, I definitely don't need any more blushes but my wishlist is constantly growing!!! After reading Kat's post, I really need to check out Illamasqua’s Naked Rose, which looks stunning and such a nice every day shade. I'm also drooling over the Zoeva Coral Spectrum Blush Palette, which has me doing major heart-eyed emojis, Laura Geller Baked Gelato Vivid Swirl Blush in Cantaloupe and finally I'm dying to try the Limited Edition Tarteist Blush Palette for 2016.

(L-R): Mac Cosmetics Warm Soul and Makeup Geek Romance Blushes

Number 1 holy grail blush? My two HG blushes are Makeup Geek Romance and Mac Cosmetics Warm Soul. I have worn them hundreds of times and I never tire of them. They go with every makeup look and can make me look alive and pretty even when I'm sick or feeling like a zombie. Definite bae status!!! Would highly recommend both if you haven't tried them already.

Well, I had so much fun completing this tag! I forgot about all the blushes that I love and the great variety I have in my collection. It's always nice to rediscover your favourites.
I’d love to see everyone else’s response to this tag, so if you haven't already completed it and you have a blog or YouTube channel, I'd love to see your answers! I hope you enjoyed reading mine and let me know if you have any blush recommendations you think I should check out!

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