28 April 2016

April Monthly Favourites: 2016

I actually struggled a little to put together this april monthly favourites as I really didn't try out too many new products, and especially with makeup I've kept it pretty simple, opting for well known and loved products. There are a few lifestyle products I'm including this month, but I promise everything listed is a must have for me over the month of April and worth knowing about! If you missed my March Monthly Favourites, you can read the post here.

This one may not seem exciting, but I was pumped to receive my The Goodnight Co Silk Pillowcase ($69 AUD) in charcoal which I bought myself. It was a purchase totally influenced by Bec from Beauty With Bec, after seeing her positive review of this silk pillowcase in her 10 Ways to Keep Your Skin Looking Younger Post which I loved. I have been eying off various different brands of silk pillowcases for ages and this one seemed affordable while still being great quality. After reading Bec's post, I took the plunge and purchased the charcoal pillowcase to match my bedspread. I have loved using this pillowcase and it has certainly helped to preserve my hairstyles overnight, as well as help my skin to breathe better and reduce breakouts caused by lack of circulation. The shipping was super fast and I'm really happy with my purchase so I would recommend this to you if you're in the market to try a silk pillowcase.

A very very exciting release this month was the Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly Palette ($58 AUD). I actually bought this 100% from my own interest because when I saw these shades I knew I needed to have it, so the hype factor didn't really influence me at all. I have heard a lot of complaints about the small size of the palette, but if you are familiar with the Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette or Natural Matte Eye Palette, they are the exact same format, packaging and size, as well as the same price even though this one is limited edition, so I don't really understand people's complaints in that regard since the palette is compact and perfect for travel. I personally love the warm-toned shades, making the palette easy to use during the day for more light, subtle looks with the addition of some darker shades such as peanut butter cup and jammin' to create more of a smokey eye. I will be doing a full review of this palette so stay tuned!!! 


New in for my skincare routine are some products from Cosima Skincare which I received at the Malouf Pharmacies Australian Brand Showcase Event (you can read my blog post about it here), where Cosima had a stall and were showcasing their products. I don't like introducing too many products into my routine, but I thought I would give these a try and I have been pleasantly surprised. Cosima Skincare is a certified organic cosmeceutical skincare range, so they mix powerful active ingredients backed by science with natural products that won't harm your skin. They are also locally made here in Queensland so I am happy to support an aussie brand. 

The Polished to Perfection - Multi Active Exfoliating Powder with Coconut Milk* is a handful to say but it's an amazing powder exfoliator that works so well at sloughing off dead skin cells and leaving skin feeling, smooth, soft and hydrated. Just add a small amount of water to the powder in your hands to form a paste and this product does the rest of the work for you. It is very similar in consistency to the well-known Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant but I personally like this one better and feel it does a more effective job.

I also began using the Foaming Cleanser - Balancing*, which was suggested to me by the lovely ladies at Cosima for my combination skin. This is a gel to foam cleanser that removes oil, dirt, impurities and unclogs the pores in a gentle way. It contains aloe vera, witch hazel. apricot kernel oil and green tea extract which all work together to cleanse and replenish the skin so it feels clean, fresh and moisturised. I would definitely purchase this again.

How nice is this packaging for these Circa Home candles? These soy candles are handmade in Australia and although I hadn't heard of the brand before, I think they're definitely worth checking out! I love the frosted glass packaging with the embossed logo and wooden lids. You can also place the lid underneath the candle while lid for a stylish decorative effect. They are so vintage and definitely my style! I received the scents 1977 Pear & Lime* (perfect spaces size) which mixes lime, pear, warm vanilla and sandalwood as well as 1979 Oceanique* (mini size) which contains a blend of orange blossom, bergamot, with patchouli and sandalwood. Oceanique was definitely my favourite scent so I would like to purchase a larger size in the future! 

These candles come in three sizes: 
mini size 60g for $14.95
classic size 260g for $29.95
perfect spaces size 165g for $19.95

Overall. I felt that these soy candles are absolutely great quality and I love the packaging. They are definitely an affordable option if you don't want to spend too much on a candle, and you still get an awesome variety of scents. Next on my wishlist is 1951 Crème Brûlée, 1969 Narcissus & Patchouli and 1965 Vanilla Bean & Allspice.

Next up in the beauty department we have the SocialEyes Lashes in Butterfly ($5.95 AUD). I thought I would feature the one style I use and love the most which are these lovely natural lashes that provide some extra volume and length and adds some oomph to any look. Overall, I really love SocialEyes Lashes and find them to be a great quality with so many variations that I love. It is definitely my favourite brand of lashes next to Model Rock.  My favourite styles are Butterfly, Playing Coy, Enchanting and Delight. They have recently released a bunch of new styles so I plan on ordering more soon!!! 

Hands down, the product that I had lowest expectations for but which impressed me the most is the L'Oreal Paris Nude Magique Cushion Foundation ($29.95 AUD). I purchased this on sale, and it is my first time trying a cushion foundation. Jaclyn Hill raved about the lumi version of this L'Oreal Foundation but that hasn't yet been released here in Australia so I thought I'd give this a try. I didn't bother with the sponge applicator included, but dipped my Real Techniques Duo Fibre Brush into the cushion and started applying. The packaging stated coverage was sheer so I had low hopes, but I found that the coverage was medium and quite buildable. What impressed me the most is how easily this formula blends into the skin and so quickly begins to look like a second skin, while still providing some decent coverage. I am pretty picky and most light coverage foundations just don't do it for me but this one has been a go-to everyday foundation for me and I am so impressed with how it wears!!! It's dewy, natural and pretty. I use the shade golden beige which is light-medium with yellow tones. Let me know if you'd like a full review on this product with before and after pictures and wear time. I'll see what I can do.

Well, not too many favourites for me this month which is why I thought I'd go into a little greater depth with each product so you can know exactly why I love it. I hope you might try out some of these goodies out as well and find something you also enjoy!!! I'd love to know what your April Favourites were for this month, whether they are beauty, fitness, recipes, music, etc so let me know in the comments below! 

Hope you all are having a fantastic week!!! I will try to have a Coffee Break for April up for you soon.

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