14 April 2016

Philosophy Skincare: My Favourite Products

Best Products To Purchase from Philosophy Skincare

A relatively new skincare brand which has been welcomed into my skincare routine is Philosophy Skincare who believe in working closely with dermatologists and scientists to offer revolutionary ingredients, breakthrough formulas and advanced technology for the skin. Their skincare is designed to not only deliver dramatic results but to enhance the integrity of the skin. I really like Philosophy Skincare, especially their "promise to deliver remarkable products that inspire you to live a better life by being better to yourself". They also have super cute, and innovative packaging which makes it easy to read and understand the purpose of each product and directions for use. Today, I'm highlighting some of my most-loved products from this brand with mini reviews of each. I'm actually not a big fan of the cult favourite purity cleanser, so you may even discover some products you haven't heard of before!

Philosophy Moisturiser

Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar Dry*
This has been one of my favourite moisturisers for a while now. It has a really nice, lightweight formula that quickly sinks into the skin while still providing a huge boost of hydration. It has been specifically developed for normal to dry skin, featuring a triple blend of alpha hydroxy acids, 3 forms of hyaluronate as well as asian fruit extract. I have combination skin, but love applying this at night over my favourite serum to wake up with softer, more hydrated skin. I love the amount of hydration I get from this cream without it feeling heavy or clogging my pores at all. It also smells clean and fresh, but may be an irritant if you have sensitive skin.

Philosophy Moisturiser

Philosophy Total Matteness Pore Minimizing and Mattifying Cleanser and Mask

Philosophy Total Matteness Pore-Minimizing & Mattifying Cleanser + Mask*
This is a new range from Philosophy, which is aimed at oily skin and enlarged pores. My skin is combination so I experience oiliness mainly in my t-zone. I have used this product as a mask and found that I could use it all over the face, without any irritation. It does dry and tighten up slightly, but doesn't feel uncomfortable. You could also just use this in your t-zone if you are more dry around your cheeks and forehead. It leave skin feeling clean, soft and pores appear smaller and less clogged. This is a great dual purpose product since it can also be used as a regular detoxifying cleanser. It works well to unclog enlarged, dark pores and leaves the skin feeling soft and matte. I have enjoyed this as both a cleanser and mask but tend to use it only once or twice a week so I don't dry out my skin from the clay formula.

Philosophy Skincare Total Matteness Oil Free Mattifying Pore Refiner

Philosophy Total Matteness Oil-Free Mattifying Pore Refiner*
Out of all of these products, I think this one is my current favourite! This is also from the total matteness range and is an oil-free toner. I generally dislike toners and find that they either do nothing, or irritate my skin from a high percentage of alcohol in the formula. Although looking at the ingredients in this toner, alcohol denat is listed as the second ingredient which is common in any cosmetic astringent, I don't find this toner drying or irritating in the least. The formula also contains lentil seed extract to help strengthen the pore wall and keep pores clear as well as bamboo isoflavone, which is a natural alternative to silicone with the added benefit of strong antioxidant protection. This ingredient is capable of preventing damage to the skin due to oxidative stress while also stimulating cell proliferation to aid in repairing existing damage. Overall, I love using this toner in the morning to keep my skin looking matte and pores refined. It has a milky white appearance in the bottle but applies clear and reduces any excess shine I may have in the morning.

Best of Philosophy Skincare

These are definitely some of my favourite products from Philosophy Skincare, and may be worth trying depending on your skin type and your particular concerns. You can read more about Philosophy products on their website. You can purchase these products from Mecca.

Have you tried any skincare products from Philosophy? What did you think of it/them?

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