04 May 2016

2 Year Blogiversary!!! | Thank-You

I don't usually do back-to-back posts, but today I remembered that it is a very important day in my life!!! It required a special post all to itself. I think I was too busy in the midst of discovering how to be a blogger and keeping up with life in general last year to celebrate, but this year I thought I would recognize that it has been two whole years since I began my beauty blog. Can you believe it???

For me, in a way it seems much longer, and yet in some ways it feels like it was only yesterday. I remember my sister in law asking me why I don't start publishing reviews since makeup is clearly a passion of mine and she was astounded by all my product knowledge. I remember her saying "People would want to read about that!" - I also remember almost laughing at her. I'm no expert, I thought to myself. I didn't think anyone would want to read what I had to say. I'm still no expert but I have definitely built up my confidence and I am now happy to review anything and everything, positive or negative, just me, my honest thoughts and a keyboard. I know I have something valuable to offer - even in a world which is now saturated with bloggers, instagrammers and youtubers, I still feel I have a place.

Below is my first post if you're curious. I was so nervous to hit publish!

It is definitely an extreme challenge juggling my blogging schedule with full-time work but I am developing strategies that are working for me. I am proud to say that at the beginning of the year I committed to posting twice a week and I have yet to break from that commitment. That has probably been my biggest blogging accomplishment this year (or ever) since I always struggled to maintain regular content or a set schedule.

No matter what, I still try to think of my blog as a hobby. One day I would like it to gain a profit, but I certainly never want it to feel like a job or a chore. I like having 100% control over my content and being able to be completely authentic with you in each and every post. I never want that to change.

I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to all my readers, old and new for following me along my blogging journey. The words I write don't hold any meaning without the people on the other end of the screen who might be gaining some motivation, insight or information from them. I am also so grateful for all the wonderful, fellow bloggers who I have met (either in person or virtually), you have definitely made my world a better place and I honestly think I often feel less homesick knowing I have so many likeminded people I can talk to right here in Australia.

Much love and hoping to write a post like this again in another year!

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