16 May 2016

5 Beauty & Lifestyle Blogs You Should Be Following

I've been meaning to do this post for a while, but I have found it overwhelming picking all my favourite blogs to include. I might try to do this one every few months so you can get a snippet of five of my favourite beauty & lifestyle & other blogs so this post doesn't have to be so long!!! One of the most motivating things for myself to do as a blogger is reading other like-minded blogs and looking at the artistic, carefully-thought out photos and text and gaining inspiration from each and every one of them. All of these bloggers below have their own unique style and charm, yet each one has definitely figured out their niche and their blogs really stand out and draw readers in because of it. Keep reading to find out who they are!

1. The Beauty Collection

Ash from The Beauty Collection excels with her in-depth product reviews, and I especially love her foundation files series and her surplus of lipstick and eyeshadow swatches. She often chats about the latest in beauty and showcases products before they have been released here in Australia which is super useful if you're wondering if you need to buy something before it comes out. I like that Ash's style of writing is very down to earth, detailed, yet still very real and honest. Her photos are probably my favourite aspect of her blog, since each one contains small details that really make it beautiful and stand out from the crowd. Ash is great at answering any questions you may have via her comments and is lovely to talk to which is an added bonus!

2. A Balancing Peach

Everytime I read Kelsey's blog, I feel like I am transported to a special place of pretty lace, natural light and gorgeous decor and books. Her photos are seriously #photographygoals and I absolutely love her blog's design, layout and feel. Most importantly, I find each of her posts really captivating, full of information and easy to read. I especially love her fashion posts where she is going for a minimalist design and a year of less (which I could learn a lot from). She also has some great hair tutorials and I really love her makeup and skincare posts for obvious reasons. I have also started paying attention to her posts about photography since I adore her style of photos and they have been really informative. Kelsey has a large following but still manages to reply to her comments which I truly admire.

3. Jasmine Talks Beauty

I absolutely love Jasmine's beautiful makeup photos and stunning flat lays. She posts 3-4 times a week so there is never a lack of content. I really love the way Jasmine talks about products and explains how why she likes or dislikes them in a way that is easy to understand and fun to read making her beauty posts and product reviews very informative. I also love reading her blog category where Jasmine shares a lot of insight into how she has grown her blog and things she has done to improve as a blogger over time. I love reading these kinds of posts and hers are so interesting and helpful.  Jasmine has a beautiful writing style, and I really like reading about her life updates as well. Definitely someone worth following!

4. Sarah Loves Makeup

I've been following Sarah's blog for quite a while, and throughout that time she has remained very consistent with her minimalist design and love for negative space. She has a Charlotte Tilbury collection that dreams are made of and a great taste in high end products. I love her clean blog design and her photos - although with the classic white background, still seem so different and unique to me. Sarah generally keeps her posts short and sweet but with enough content that you're never left wanting more. I especially love her posts where she takes you through a particular makeup look and all the products she has used to create it. Sarah's writing style is very personable and you feel like you are talking to a long-time friend.

5. A Girl, Obsessed

Mandy has a great mixture of makeup, skincare, blogging tips and just lifestyle topics in general. I love how varied her blog is so you can never feel bored. I really do love all of her blogging resources, especially her blog post ideas and tips for photography. She also has a love of stationary so I am always stocking her latest hauls and recommendations. Her reviews are usually short and to the point, but always contain useful swatches or product demos. Overall, I love Mandy's blog and I'd recommend checking her out!

If you're stuck for a bit of motivation or inspiration for your blog, I'd suggest following some new blogs or checking out your favourites and trying to pick out specifically the things about each blog that make you follow them or why you like them. As you can see, I love pretty photos with clean, feminine vibes and reviews written in a friendly and simple way for me to understand. If you're just a lover of beauty and looking for some new people to follow, I promise you won't be disappointed by these offerings.

I would highly suggest checking out any or all of the above bloggers. They provide me with inspiration all the time! Who are your favourite bloggers? 

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