19 May 2016

PuraBeaute PuraSonic Sonic Cleansing Brush: Review

I've always been curious about electric cleansing systems, especially with recent hype around devices such as the Clarisonic and the Foreo Luna, which I just haven't been game enough to try, especially given their high price tags. With acne prone skin, there is always the fear that a device like this will be harsh on the skin and could potentially worsen breakouts. Recently, I was given the opportunity to try my first ever cleansing brush, the PuraSonic and today I'm giving you a full breakdown of my thoughts on this much more affordable sonic cleansing brush compared to the usual suspects.

Purabeaute PuraSonic Classic Cleansing Brush

According to the Purabeaute website, The PuraSonic Classic* has been proven to be 9x better than manual cleansing using water and cleanser. This system uses oscillating technology, with over 300 movements per second giving you an amazing, deep clean. The device is fully waterproof and can be left in the shower. The device is also fully rechargeable and with regular use the battery will last over a month before needing to be charged again.

Purabeaute PuraSonic Classic Cleansing Brush

The PuraSonic Classic comes with:

1 x PuraSonic Facial Cleansing Device
1 x Gentle brush head for sensitive skin
1 x Everyday brush head for normal skin
1 x Waterproof stand
1 x Magna-Link charger
1 x USB cord
1 x 100V-240V Power pack
1 x Instruction manual

Purabeaute PuraSonic Classic Cleansing Brush

The device has 3 speeds and a built-in 1-minute T-zone timer so there is no guess work to determine how long you need for each area. The PuraSonic timer designates 20 seconds for your forehead, 20 seconds for your chin area and 10 seconds for each cheek.

Purabeaute PuraSonic Classic Cleansing Brush

The design is simple with only a power on/off button, and then an arrow button to change the device speed settings. The light on the device shows green for the lowest speed setting (great for sensitive skin types), orange for the medium speed setting and red for the highest speed for a very deep and powerful clean. I used the green setting in my trials as I wasn't sure how my skin would react to the device.

Purabeaute PuraSonic Classic Cleansing Brush

Over the past 6 weeks of trialling this product, I found that I experienced positive results for my skin including my breakouts being visibly reduced. I started off by only using the PuraSonic once a week as a precautionary measure to introduce the device gently into my routine to avoid any bad reactions or increased sensitivity. I also found that it did reduce the look of pores and improved the smoothness and texture of my skin to some degree. This device isn't magical, and of course you need to uphold a high quality skincare routine if you're like me and are very prone to breakouts. However, the PuraSonic is great to use to ensure all of your makeup is removed at the end of the day and to give your face an extra deep clean that you cannot achieve with manual cleansing.

Purabeaute PuraSonic Classic Cleansing Brush

I tried using this with the Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash* and it worked extremely well to remove all traces of dirt, oil, and makeup. It also worked really well with my favourite Skinstitit Gentle Cleanser*, so the system works effectively with a variety of different cleanser brands and formulas.

Purabeaute PuraSonic Classic Cleansing Brush

The only complaint that I have about this product is that you cannot charge the PuraSonic while it is on the stand provided. I love the idea of the charger connecting to the device magnetically, but I was very disappointed when I sat the device in the stand and realised it couldn't be charged while in the cradle. I hope they fix this issue with newer models since it

PuraSonic Cleansing Brush System

Overall, I really enjoyed using the PuraSonic, and will probably increase my usage to 2-3 times a week now that my skin has gotten a chance to adjust. The PuraSonic retails for only $99 AUD which is super affordable considering it comes with 2 brush heads to get you started and replacements are only $19.95 AUD! To compare, The Clarisonic retails between $155-287 AUD depending on your model choice and brush head replacements are $35 each for the most basic brush. Over time, you would save so much money by using the PuraSonic that has definitely sold me on this device.

You can purchase PuraSonic devices here

*This product was sent to Bows & Pleats for consideration. All opinions are 100% honest and my own. For more information please read my disclaimer. This post was not sponsored.

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