09 June 2016

Bloggers United AU Brisbane Event: My Experience as an Attendee

Bloggers United AU is an amazing idea founded by Nikita from NJT Blogger and Jasmine from Sweetaholic Beauty.Bloggers United AU was founded in late 2014 but officially launched in February 2015. The main aim of Bloggers United AU is to make an amazing Australian community even better, to support all bloggers and help them gain more exposure, meet other people in the blogging community, have opportunities to meet fellow bloggers face to face, make new friends and to have fun doing what they love – blogging!

Last weekend I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Bloggers United AU event being held in Brisbane. This was very exciting and special for me since Brisbane rarely has events for bloggers, especially within the niche of beauty blogging and I often miss opportunities that come across my desk for events in Sydney and Melbourne. Of course, I sprung for the chance to meet up with lots of my blogging friends, meet new bloggers and also network with brands. This post is all about the event and how I found it as an attendee. If you'd like to know more about what went behind organising the event and some more behind the scenes information check out Tahana's post here, as we decided to do a collaboration!
*All images are my own except those with watermark which are from the event photographer Peter Cabral

This event was quite intimate with around 35 bloggers, vloggers social media influencers being invited to come along to learn more about some innovative new brands around Brisbane and Australia as well as do some networking and meet some new content creators to gain some inspiration and have fun.

The event was held at the Fox Hotel in South Brisbane which was easily accessible via public transport and the room was well decorated and organised super well thanks to the lovely organisers, our Brisbane BUA State Reps, Tahana and Zebby
The format/schedule of the event was basically to have some brand presentations, then a break for networking, canapes/drinks and then back to more presentations then a final break for wrap up and goodbyes. There was theatre style seating so everyone had a great view of the guest speakers and could also sit back, relax and listen. 

Weleda Stall

Boe Beauty Stall

Dr. Haushka Stall

Learning about Dr. Haushka
Kiehl's Stall

Some of the guest speakers included representatives from Social Stylings, Boe Beauty, Beauty Next, Weleda, Kiehl's, Dr. Hauschka, Jexon Cosmetics, Julisa Nails and Natura Siberica.
Mackayla Paul from Social Stylings

My favourite guest speaker was definitely Mackayla Paul from Social Stylings who gave a very inspirational talk about the power of follower engagement, and reminded us all to stop comparing our stats and numbers to others, and instead focus on comments and meaningful engagement as a way of marketing ourselves as content creators. I loved the presentation, and I think I will be getting a lot more helpful tips from Mackayla and her stunning website which has great resources for bloggers.

My favourite brand stall had to be Julisa Nails, which had the most stunning display and gorgeous nail polish packaging. I could have spent all day looking around. Stay tuned for a haul of some nail polishes purchased from this brand and a separate review!

Beauty Next Stall Sneak Peak

I was also very excited by Beauty Next, which is an upcoming (yet to be launched) website that will be available to australians to purchase hard to get brands such as NYX Cosmetics, Sleek Makeup, Barry M and TheBalm Cosmetics! These are all brands that I know and love, besides Barry M which I had never tried before so I am looking forward to this website and I am excited to hear more about the brands they will be making widely available for Australian consumers.

The brand I am most excited to try and learn more about is definitely Natura Siberica which memorized me by their luxe and bright packaging. This is a brand that is from Russia originally and sources its ingredients from Siberia,  making it very exotic. It has just recently been made available in Australia and is distributed exclusively in Australia by The Rosehip Specialists. This is definitely a brand I want to learn more about and try their products which include skincare, haircare and body products which are organic and all natural.

Weleda Rep, Brii, Melissa, Me, Krystal, Kate

Finally, the highlight of the event for me was getting to connect with so many beauty bloggers and vloggers, many of which I have met before, but also lots of people I had only "met" online and others who I was seeing for the first time. Lots of new instagram accounts added, pictures taken and business cards exchanged. Bloggers have a special connection and definitely appreciate seeing people face to face as many who blog full-time can be quite socially isolated being at home a lot of the time.

Me, Kate and Maddie

Me & Zebby

Dani, Jacquelyn, Kate, Me, Zebby and Brittany

Tahana, Me and Brittany

Brittany, Me, and Zebby

Maddie, Krystal, Shannon, Tahana, Me and Kate

The goodie bags that we got to take home were also epic and I am so grateful for the generosity of all the brands who attended, and many who wanted to sponsor the event by providing products. Here is a flatlay I created featuring many of the products we received. Stay tuned for lots of reviews, features and trials with these products coming to you in the next few months!

Overall, I had such a great experience at the Bloggers United AU event! A huge thank-you to everyone behind the organisation, especially Tahana, Zebby, Nikita and Jasmine. The only feedback that I have regarding the event is that I ran out of time to see all of the brand stalls, so it would have been good to have a little more time for walking around and exploring, and chatting with the brand reps. The day flew by so quickly I couldn't believe it when it was over! 

Have you ever attended a blogger event? What do you think about events like this?

You can check out more about Bloggers United AU here.

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