22 July 2016

Just Released: Benefit Cosmetics Magic Brows Collection Review

Every beauty lover has been patiently waiting with heightened anticipation as the new Brow Collection is released from Benefit Cosmetics Australia today!!! With the addition of several new products, as well as repackaging and reformulation of old favourites, Benefit have definitely stepped up their brow game and it is seriously on fleek! I am an absolute brow fanatic and I can't leave the house without my brows filled in with some sort of product, so out of all the new collections coming out this year, this one has really caught my attention.

I was lucky enough to have been sent 4 products from the new collection to try, so I will be giving you a detailed review of each one to help you decide if these are for you. If you're curious about all of the new 9 products which have been released, you can check out the lovely KatinaLindaa for her great review which covers all of these products.

I was so impressed with the clever packaging of this PR parcel which I received in the mail. It serves as a clear reflection that Benefit have really gone all out to highlight the Magic Brows theme of this collection. They have really make it come to life with their gorgeous packaging that is full of creativity and fun. This set of 4 brow products came disguised as a pin ball machine. How cute! It's also personalised, which of course, any beauty influencer loves to see because it shows that the company has put in time and effort, and isn't just sending you something with a generic message.

Now, on to the products!!!

Gimme Brow Brow Volumizing Fibre Gel* $39 AUD
(available in 3 shades: 01 light, 03 medium or 05 deep)

Gimme Brow was already a product I was familiar with and I have owned it in it's older packaging which was a simple brown tube, not that exciting but with an amazing product inside. Benefit have certainly amped things up with this gorgeous silver packaging with bright pink branding and star bursts creating a theme that is elegant, fun and feminine. The wand seems to be pretty much the same as the older version, which is super teeny tiny to grab on to each individual brow hair and add volume while also providing a medium coverage tint. This product is amazing for those that already have a pretty good shape to their brow and just want some additional coverage and to groom the hairs in place. This product can also be applied very quickly for a minimal makeup look so it's a great time saver. I use the shade 03 medium which is perfect for medium to dark brown brows.

Browvo! Conditioning Eyebrow Primer* $49 AUD

Next up we have the Browvo! primer for brows, which is an innovative new product from Benefit that promises to condition and smooth brows. The primer is also designed to work with other brow products to extend their wear and increase longevity. For me, this is not necessarily a must have but a definite nice to have item. It uses a click technology, and I found I had to twist this about 20 times before any product came out and unfortunately too much came out on my first use. The consistency is similar to a clear brow gel, so it will suit any skin tone. I noticed that wearing this underneath a brow powder such as Brow Zings certainly decreased the amount of fading I experienced in the run of a day, but if you are already using a brow pomade for example, you probably wouldn't need to use this underneath.

Benefit Ka-Brow! Eyebrow Cream-Gel Colour* $42 AUD
(available in 6 shades: 01 light, 02 light, 03 medium, 04 medium, 05 deep and 06 deep)

For me, one of the stand out products in this new collection is the addition of Ka-Brow! which is a brow pomade similar to the ABH Dip Brow or Chi Chi Cosmetics Brow Pomade. In comparison to these other products, I feel that the Ka-Brow gives quite a nice pigmented and defined brow, but still comes across very natural. This is a great thing in my eyes as both the ABH and Chi Chi can be too harsh or severe if too much product is used. I love that when using Ka-Brow! it blends so seamlessly into the brow hairs and looks very natural. This product comes in 6 different shades and I use the shade 4, which suits me perfectly without being too warm-toned. I can always get a well-defined shape when using this product, and I don't need to use anything else to get my desired look. The packaging of this product is also my favourite of the 4, with a pop off top that doubles as a miniature angled brush that can be flipped upside down and clip back into the top to create a longer handle. This makes it an absolute dream product to take with you wherever you go and basically your new best friend.

Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil* $42 AUD
(available in 6 shades: 01 light, 02 light, 03 medium, 04 medium, 05 deep and 06 deep)

Finally, my absolute favourite product from the package that I received is definitely the brow pencil, which I was not expecting to love as much as I did. It has an angled shape, similar to the Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil, and it also comes with a spoolie, which is a convenient and clever addition that makes for a super easy brow-filling experience. This brow pencil is super pigmented, so you don't need to press down very hard to start seeing the shape you want. The formula promises to be 12 hr waterproof, which I haven't fully tested out by swimming with it on, but it certainly doesn't budge for me during a long 10 hour work day. The angled design makes it super easy to define the arch and then gently fill in the front of the brows. I then go over the entire brow with the spoolie at the end to blend them in, and the result is amazing, super defined and full brows. I love this product and it has cut down my morning routine quite significantly as I was previously using a brow wax/powder combo but this pencil just makes things so much quicker. There is also no sharpening involved as the product come up through a twist method which also makes it a great companion for a weekend getaway or an upcoming trip since it's a 2-in-1 product that requires minimal effort!

All in all, I have been extremely impressed with these new brow offerings from Benefit Cosmetics. They have clearly put a lot of time, effort, feedback, and dedication into this new collection. Through the redevelopment of existing products to filling in the gaps from their existing brow range, this collection really hits the mark for me and has something for everyone, no matter what your brow situation.

All of these products have been officially launched by Benefit Cosmetics TODAY!!! (22/7) These are available at MYER and | Visit Benefit's site here to learn more about their new brow collection.

What do you think about Benefit's new collection? Let me know your thoughts and if you try out any of these products!

*This product was sent to Bows & Pleats for consideration. All opinions are 100% honest and my own. For more information please read my disclaimer.

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