29 July 2016

My Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick Collection: Swatches & Demo

When it comes to Jeffree Star, you might recognize the name for his unique style, the copious amounts of drama in the press with other brands and content creators but their is no denying his amazing makeup talent on YouTube and that his Velour Liquid Lipsticks have become the #1 cult favourite among many beauty addicts. I have personally never experienced any product which has sold out as quickly, with multiple restocks and sellouts again week after week (except for Kylie and her lip kits). For quite some time, I ignored the hype as I've never really been a huge fan of liquid lipsticks, especially with an all matte finish. I have naturally pretty dry lips so they often just accentuate the dryness or require so much prep I find them too time consuming to wear. Eventually, when the Jeffree Star hype just didn't seem to die down, I ordered several shades and put them to the test myself. Keep reading to find out my thoughts and if these are worth all the hype they receive!

Let's start with the packaging, it's very eye-catching, unique and sturdy. I love the design, including the pink theme with gold embellishments. Jeffree Star products are also 100% cruelty-free and vegan friendly.

Jeffree Star boats a unique liquid to matte formula that is very thin in consistency so it doesn't feel heavy on the lips or become flakey and hard to build up like many other liquid lipsticks. The formula is extremely opaque so only one thin layer is enough to cover your entire lips with solid colour. I love that the formula allows for about 30 seconds to fix up your lip line with the applicator in areas where you may need some additional coverage before it dries to a completely matte finish.

Even once the formula dries, I think that these liquid lipsticks feel considerably more comfortable on the lips than many other lipsticks that I have tried. For example, I find the Australis Velourlips are way too drying for my lips compared to the Jeffree Star lipsticks. This formula is extremely long-wearing and I can easily get 8-10 hours of wear through eating and drinking with these lipsticks which is amazing! During nights out where I am eating or drinking a lot, the formula has a tendency to ball up a tiny bit and flake off but this is generally only towards the end of the night after several hours of wear and more than usual eating/drinking. This has still been better performance than any other liquid lipsticks I have tried.


As you can see, the staying power of these liquid lipsticks is quite good!

Demo - Try them on!

Redrum is the most perfect true red lipstick shade that doesn't lean too warm or too cool. I would say this is a blue-based red but it definitely will suit most skintones.

Prom Night is a bright, barbie-pink that is perfect for a girl's night out or just for rocking if you love a bright lip! I personally love this shade but I don't think it's overly unique.

Queen Supreme is one of the coolest shades that I purchased and I can't say I have anything like it. It resembles Saint Germaine by MAC but is definitely more neon and pastel in colour. This is certainly outside of my comfort zone but I think it's a super interesting shade.

Doll Parts is my personal favourite shade out of the ones that I purchased and the one that I always get complimented on. I don't have anything quite like this in my collection. It is a soft, cool-toned pink and even has some mauve features on my lips.

Gemini is a gorgeous terracotta, warm-toned nude shade. I don't usually wear brown-coloured nudes but this shade has certainly grown on me. I love that this shade is quite complimentary to any eyeshadow look, especially a warm smokey eye. 

Celebrity Skin is one of the cult favourite shades and the new standard of "nude lip". It's a warm-toned peachy brown shade that will definitely suit most skintones. This is a great every day nude colour that compliments pretty much any makeup look.

The Verdict

For someone who doesn't like liquid lipsticks, I would rate these quite highly and I know understand why there has been so much hype around this product. They are one of the few liqud lipsticks I have tried that are easy to apply, feel comfortable on the lips and are extremely long lasting without too much flakiness. There are some shades which are very "out there" including yellows, whites, blues, black, you name it but obviously these will appeal to makeup artists who like mixing custom shades and anyone who loves getting really creative with their makeup looks. There are definitely a few more shades I am keen to get my hands on including watermelon soda, androgyny and rose matter.

Have you tried the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks? What did you think?

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