30 August 2016

August Monthly Favourites: 2016

I actually struggled quite a bit with this month's favourites since I was really set on sticking to using some of my most coveted products from previous months. I had a huge influx of new products throughout June and July so August was a month of consolidation for me where I had already discovered many products and wanted to stick with my old faithfuls. I think we all have months where we aren't really in the mood to test out new products or go outside of our comfort zone. It must have been that month for me! I did manage to highlight a few new finds within skincare and tanning and even some makeup favourites I haven't yet mentioned on the blog before. I hope you enjoy reading through my recommendations.

22 August 2016

How To: Depot Your MAC Lipsticks and Make a Custom Palette

How to Make a DIY MAC Lipstick Palette

For the longest time I have wanted to melt down my lipsticks and create a custom palette that is much more travel-friendly than carrying around a bag full of lipstick bullets which is just impractical!!! As I have gotten more serious about building up my freelance makeup kit this year, I decided to finally bite the bullet (get it? haha) and create my custom MAC Cosmetics lipstick palette. This post is all about the process that I went through to create the palette. I used my MAC Cosmetics lipsticks because these are my preferred lipsticks to use for freelance jobs, however you can use any lipsticks you want! You could mix and match different brands, or use all drugstore it doesn't really matter. Keep reading to find out how I created my own lipstick palette!

19 August 2016

My 3 Holy Grail Foundations: How I Achieve a Flawless Base

One question that I always get asked by my friends and fellow beauty junkies is what foundation is my favourite? For any fellow bloggers or beauty enthusiasts, you'd know this is a very hard question to answer! Foundation is such a personal thing. A foundation that works for one person, might look terrible on someone else. How a foundation performs really depends on the person's skin type, preferred coveraged and preferred finish. Even things such as the brushes/tools you use or the primer you wear underneath can vastly change the way the foundation works from person to person. Keep this in mind as you read through my recommendations. For me, I personally really like a medium-full coverage foundation that is demi-matte and somewhat hydrating while also not turning me into an oil slick. I have normal-dry skin on my forehead and cheeks, with an oily t-zone. I tend to be normal/dry in the winter and oilier in the summer. This post is about my top 3 recommended foundations, based on my personal preferences!

11 August 2016

Rimmel Moisture Renew Sheer & Shine Lipsticks: Review + Swatches

With the matte lip trend being more popular than ever with King Kylie and Jeffree Star ruling the liquid lipstick world, some may turn up their nose at this new lipstick collection from Rimmel with the words "sheer" and "shine". Personally, I thought it was a breath of fresh air and I think a more natural, hydrating lipstick always has a place in my heart and in my beauty collection. Keep reading to find out what I think of the new Moisture Renew Sheer & Shine Lipstick Range from Rimmel!

08 August 2016

Beauty Bin: July Empties 2016

Another month, another chance to go through my garbage and see what products I have managed to finish up over the past few weeks! I kept seeing my beauty bin get more and more full and I couldn't believe it when I went to write this post how many products I actually managed to use up! I am definitely proud of my efforts this month, I have even managed to finish off several makeup items which is hard to do as you gals know! If you didn't catch my other Beauty Bin Posts, you can read them here.

06 August 2016

July Monthly Favourites: 2016

Better late than ever, today's post is rounding up my favourite products over the month of July! So sorry for the delay but I promise you that this post is worth the wait! I have discovered lots of new goodies that I'm excited to share with you all! I've tried to be more adventurous this month and trial lots of new products to see what is worth recommending to you all. I've been digging a more natural base for my foundation, pastel nail shades and nude/pink lips. Keep reading to find out what products I've been loving!

02 August 2016

July Coffee Break: 2016

Well, it's officially August and time for me to give you all a recap of what I've been up to over the past few weeks outside of my blogging world! Everytime I sit down to write these posts, I think I'll b left with nothing new to report and then once I begin writing, I feel like they go on forever! I hope you don't find them too boring. As long as you're still finding them interesting, I'll keep writing them! If you haven't caught my other posts from the Coffee Break Series, you can read them here.