02 September 2016

August Coffee Break: 2016

This month has definitely been a bit of a blur for me. It's all happened so quickly. I've definitely had my share of ups and a lot of downs but I still remain optimistic and it was a month where I learned a lot about myself. I like to be honest with you guys and every month doesn't always go as planned so I won't be sugar coating anything or pretending I live a fake and perfect life! I think it's good to keep things real and that is hopefully why you have all told me you have enjoyed this series so far this year! Keep reading to find out what has been happening throughout August for me.

This month I applied for a position at my workplace in which I have been acting for about 4 months now. My boss had gotten promoted so the position needed to be filled while recruitment was held so I was chosen to fill in while this was happening. I got an interview for the permanent role and also found out that I didn't get the job about a week later without very much feedback. I also discovered that the successful applicant was hired from an external organisation, which really surprised me since I would not have needed to be trained or do any induction. I have been working with the same company for 5 years in December, so I really had my hopes set on this position which was in a management role. I was absolutely devastated when I learned this news and it was so difficult to contain my composure as the news was announced to my colleagues and many reacted as being "shocked" or asking "what happened". To be honest, I felt so humiliated and definitely had some time to feel sorry for myself and wallow in my misery. After lots of reflection, I decided that I gave it my 100% best efforts and if that wasn't what they were looking for than there is not much more that I can do. I am not sure what my future looks like but I will say that I now feel okay about keeping my options open and perhaps moving on somewhere else if the opportunity arises. 

A Goal Setting Page from my Bullet Journal

With the shake up at my work, I definitely have not felt myself, and my self-confidence was definitely affected, causing me to question other areas of my life as well. Should I have gone back to uni to do some post grad work? Should I have switched to a different company earlier? Maybe I'm not as good in the role as I had thought. I have found that using my Bullet Journal has been a huge help for me, and I have started to do things like record something I am grateful for each day, write about my goals and do a lot more self-reflection through my journal. I know it sounds lame, but I always used to keep a journal, and it can be really helpful for anyone, especially those who may suffer from anxiety. Search bullet journal in pinterest for endless inspiration and ideas on how you can make your own. I also shared some pages from my journal from my July Coffee Break if you'd like to read that one too.

The Key for my Bullet Journal that helps me keep things on track

On a happier note, I was lucky enough to be invited to attend a Benefit Cosmetics Brow Masterclass this month and got to see some great tips in action from the lovely Hannah Terrett from the Benefit team in Sydney who is a national brow educator. Hannah had some amazing tips on how to use the different products from the new Benefit brow range and since attending the event, I have completely fallen in love with the Precisely, My Brow Pencil* and the High Brow Glow Pencil*. You can follow Hannah and her brow tips @hannahbenefitau

The goodie bag we were gifted from the Benefit Brow Masterclass

Coming towards Spring here in Australia means that it is well and truly wedding season and I have quite a few friends who are getting married in September! This month I was invited along to a Hen's night in the city and also a Bridal shower! I had lots of fun at both of these events and it was a well-recieved way for me to get my mind off of the negativity that was going on throughout the month. I am really looking forward to seeing two of my good friends get married in September, and I will also be celebrating my own 1 year wedding anniversary in October.

Finally, another piece of good news is that I finally have my Australian passport! If you have been following my Coffee Break Series, you would have saw that last month I was granted my Australian Citizenship! Now I also have my passport so I can use this as well as my Canadian passport to travel overseas. I am excited that Australia and Canada both allow citizens to hold dual passports. I am actually heading overseas next month so you will hear more about that in next month's coffee break!

Well, thanks for catching up on what has been happening with me this month. I'd love to hear any of your comments, advice or inspiration for me! Especially if you may have gone through something this month as well. I love hearing from you all and learning more about you all.

How was your August? What are you looking forward to in September?

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