18 October 2016

Dupe Alert: A Drugstore Sponge Better Than The Beauty Blender?

This post may seem like blasphemy, and as a lover of the original Beauty Blender, it does almost feel sacrifical to say that I have found a dupe that I prefer to the original, however it is true!!! With such a great find, I had to dedicate a post to this awesome dupe and share with you all. If you're a big fan of the Beauty Blender but maybe you don't like the pricetag, or if you haven't yet tried the Beauty Blender due to it's price, you will love this post! Keep reading to find out the dupe that I've found and where you can get your hands on one as well.

Left: The 4 Makeup Blending Sponges from Chi Chi and Right: Purple and Pink Original Beauty Blenders

Coming in at $23.40 AUD for a single Beauty Blender on BeautyBay, this sponge isn't cheap but is much loved by Makeup Artists, YouTubers and Beauty Gurus alike. By simply wetting this sponge and squeezing out the excess water, you have an amazing tool that helps to blend even the most full-coverage of foundations out seamlessly to assist to get that airbrushed look. Beauty blenders are also great to help blend out a liquid or cream highlight/contour and can save you from having to use different brushes if you just want a single tool that you can take with you when you are travelling or in a rush.

Unfortunately, the Beauty Blender doesn't always have the longest lifespan, with some of my previous Beauty Blenders growing mould, or becoming so stained they could no longer be used in my professional kit. I started to try out different dupes, and found many horrible duds, until I stumbled upon a 4 pack of makeup sponges at Target and I was amazed at the results that I found with these sponges.

Left: Chi Chi Makeup Blending Sponge and Right: Original Beauty Blender Sponge

The Chi Chi Makeup Blending Sponges are by far the best makeup sponges that I have ever used. I know, big claim. They come in a pack of 4 for just $15 AUD, which means they are around $3.75 AUD each!!! This is a bargain if I have ever found a bargain. The sponges feel slightly less dense than the original Beauty Blender and although they come in different shapes and colours, they each have the exact same consistency, so I can't say that one is substantially better than the other and it means I use all of the sponges in the pack, getting a great variety each a high quality product!

Left: Chi Chi Makeup Blending Sponge and Right: Original Beauty Blender Sponge

The ones I seem to use the most are the greenish blue one (egg shaped) and the pink one (narrowest around the middle). They perform extremely well and I actually prefer them both on myself and to use on my clients during MUA jobs. They are easy to clean, and I find they don't stain as badly as my Beauty Blenders.

I honestly swear by these sponges and I will continue to buy these for both my professional kit and for myself. Recently, when I was packing for a trip and I was thinking of what sponge to bring, I picked the Chi Chi one over my original Beauty Blender, so that just says it all doesn't it?

This just goes to show that sometimes the drugstore alternative is just as good or better than the more expensive version! I love it when I find an awesome dupe and this one was too good not to share with you all! You can purchase the 4 pack of Chi Chi Makeup Blending sponges online here or in Target stores across Australia for just $15 AUD.

 Have you ever tried the original Beauty Blender? Did you think it was worth the hype? 
Have you ever found a better dupe?

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