10 October 2016

Skincare 101: The Importance of a Good Skincare Routine

As you can probably tell, I have been really focusing in on my skincare lately. I thought today I would share with you some of the things that I incorporate into my skincare regime for healthy, clearer and more radiant skin. It's important to understand that everyone is different, and some of these things may or may not work for you. I think that often our routines are even more important than the products we use. Unfortunately for me, I was not blessed with perfect skin so it's always been something I have had to work hard to maintain and be diligent with each night when I do my routine. I've teamed up with Ego Skincare* for this post who offer lots of skincare advice on their website here where these tips have also been featured. Ego are an australian owned and manufactured skincare company that have products available exclusively in select pharmacies.

With acne-prone and combination skin, I have always had to work hard at my skincare routine and it is not something that I take lightly. In my own skincare routine I like to make sure I really focus on keeping my skin as healthy as possible.

I always make sure I remove my makeup at the end of the day. Whether I'm off to the gym or just coming home from a long day at work, I always remove my makeup at the end of the day to get rid of all the oil, dirt and toxins that have built up over the day. I never go to bed with makeup on, even if I've had a big night!

I am always sure to double cleanse at night, so I cleanse my skin once using a makeup remover or oil-based cleanser, and then again with a cream-based cleanser, or foaming cleanser. Often cleansing just once is not enough to remove everything, even if you think your face appears clean.

One thing I have been trying to incorporate into my routine more this year is wearing an SPF each day. This one is easy to forget but can have severe long-term effects if you forget to wear a moisturiser with SPF or a facial sunscreen. I try to look for products that sit really well under makeup and don't feel too heavy on the skin.

Finally, I always try to keep myself hydrated. I find drinking more water and also incorporating more herbal teas into my day definitely assists my skin to stay clear and bright. This is an easy addition to my routine but I find it hard to stay consistent so this is something I am working on doing each day.

The tip that I submitted to Ego Skincare was all about keeping good skin hygiene. This one doesn't require fancy products, but just consistently doing things like changing your pillowcase, switching up your face cloth regularly and avoiding touching your face. See my tip below and click on the image to see the rest of the Ego Skincare Tips.

Well, that is a little look into some of the things that I do to enhance my own skincare routine as well as an expert tip from Ego Skincare. I hope you enjoyed this post and having a look into my routine!

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What is your #1 skincare tip? I'd love to hear your advice!

*This is a sponsored post with Ego Skincare. All content in this post is 100% honest and genuine. Please see my disclaimer for more information.

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