07 November 2016

September + October Coffee Break: 2016

Big apologies that I am so long overdue for a Coffee Break post and a big catch up with you all! If you haven't read these posts before, you can click here to read more updates from the series which has been a monthly installment. There has certainly been so much happening in my life over the past few weeks, and pretty much all good things, which I'm happy to report! From overseas trips, to visits from my parents, to even a new furry friend, there is lots to tell you about so keep reading to find out what I've been doing! PS: This is a long one, so you might want a coffee or a tea to accompany you :)

Visit from My Mom & Dad

One of the biggest updates for me was that my amazing parents booked a flight to come out to see Michael and I at the end of September and stayed with us for 6 weeks. I know everyone's relationship with their parents is different but I am super close with both my Mom and Dad and we talk every few days while I've been living half way across the world in Australia. I hadn't seen them since I was in Canada for our honeymoon last year so it had just been short of a year and it was so nice to be able to see them. I still had to work for a good portion of their visit since I didn't have a whole lot of annual leave, but they were awesome and pretty much fixed up any repair that needed doing in our place, and would cook us meals for when we came home from work which was so lovely! For anyone that lives apart from their family, you would know that you always feel torn, like you belong in two places and have two homes. It's really difficult for me to be apart from my family and I usually get very homesick over Christmas so with such a recent visit, I'm hoping it's not so bad this year and I can plan another trip home next year maybe!

1 Year Wedding Anniversary

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you might remember that around this time last year I was on my honeymoon. I can't believe a year has already flown past and I am well and truly a married woman now. If you didn't get a chance to read about my wedding you can check out my wedding progress post here and post wedding update here. If you're already in a loving, secure relationship with your partner, I think marriage just really solidifies everything and makes the commitment very real, both emotionally and physically - you can be reminded of it every time you look down at your wedding band. 

As a present from Michael, he gave me a matching wedding band so I could complete my ring set. This was a total surprise for me and I have a feeling he got some help from my mom but such a special gift and made me so happy. I really love the whole set together. I gave him some wireless headphones for him to use for travel or at work which he also loves but I felt my present wasn't as sentimental, hehe. I also got some wedding pictures framed up for around our house including a massive collage piece that has our names and when we got married so that was a present for both of us. To celebrate, we went and stayed at a fancy hotel in Brisbane for the night that was overlooking the river & had a beautiful dinner at Blackbird restaurant.

Trip to New Zealand

While my Mom and Dad were here, I suggested that we do a little trip somewhere fun, so when I took my annual leave, I wouldn't just be hanging around at home. We settled on going to New Zealand and booked a 10 day trip to the North Island. We visited Auckland, Waikele Island, Rotorua, Matamata and Napier. New Zealand is beautiful and so lush. The scenery was like nothing I had ever seen before and  the drives were so enjoyable even if they were long because of all the pretty sights, and lots of cute animals like cattle, sheep and even rabbits.

I think I most enjoyed the weather, since it got down to about 5 degrees at night with highs of around 19. I loved it and honestly I am not made for the summer here in Australia. I get so warm and grumpy and just basically live in air conditioning. I wish I could transport New Zealand's climate over here! My other favourite aspect was visiting the film set for Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit - Hobbiton! It was so fun and I honestly think anyone that visits NZ should do it if you're a fan of the movies because they do an amazing job at explaining where each scene takes place, how it was all built, etc.

It was also very special trip since Michael, his mom and his Dad actually flew down to New Zealand and met up with us for 4 days so we could all get a chance to sit back, relax and catch up! I was so grateful that they did this and it made the trip even more memorable. I'm lucky that both of our parents get along with each other really well.

Health & Fitness Focus

After having such a beautiful holiday and seriously indulging in drinks, dinners and lots of treats, I weighed in after my trip to find I was at one of my heaviest weights in several years. Still not my heaviest, but far from where I want to be. It was definitely a huge wake up call for me, and reflecting that I wasn't happy with how I was looking in photos, or within myself, I vowed to makes some serious changes. Some goals I have for myself over the next few months include:

  • Logging what I eat in My Fitness Pal and trying to keep within my macros.
  • Getting to the gym at least 3 days a week.
  • Doing a hike or a walk somewhere different with Michael once a month to mix it up so we don't get bored with our fitness plans.
  • Clean out my closet and get rid of 90% of clothes that are too small or from when I was at my smallest weight. For those of you that have gone up and down a lot in your weight, you'd know we often tend to cling on to these items but they are just more discouraging for us than helpful. You can always buy new clothes when you lose weight instead of keeping ones that no longer fit, making you feel depressed and unmotivated.
  • Dedicate sundays to meal prepping. Maybe I won't have breakfasts, lunches and dinners all completely organised but I will try to do at least one or two things to make my life easier for the week. Things such as making a large meal that can be used for dinners for the week, boiling eggs for lunches or even just making a garden salad. 
  • Participate in Fitbit challenges with friends and try to get 10,000 steps as much as possible!

Wish me luck with it! My weight has always been a struggle for me and has never come easy. I think the biggest key is to have a positive mindset and to stick with it even when you indulge or have a treat meal, or go out for dinner.

We Adopted a Cat!

Finally, one of the last pieces of exciting news, and very recent news is that over the weekend we adopted a cat from our local animal shelter. She had come in as a stray and was actually adopted twice and returned, first because someone was allergic and secondly because the person didn't like that she hopped up on their bench (why you would get a cat and expect that they don't do this is beyond me!), I felt so bad for her and we wanted to give her a new, loving home. She is just over a year and we named her Kiara after the Lion King since she reminds me of a little lion. So far Kiara is adjusting really nicely and she fits in with our home perfectly. She follows us around everywhere and is super affectionate. I am in love!!!

Well, that was a massive update and I appreciate those of you reading who have made it to the end! Only 47 days until Christmas and I think my next update will probably have a holiday theme!!!

I must admit, since getting back from my holiday I have been really slack with my blog and am very behind in photos, content and my schedule, so if you have any post suggestions, I would love to hear about them as I prepare for the next few months! What would you like to see? Do you have a series idea? Please let me know via the comments below or you can e-mail me at

Thanks and I will talk to you all soon!

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