05 December 2016

November Coffee Break: 2016

November has been left in the dust and we are well and truly into December and (hopefully) ready for the festive season ahead!!! I am an absolute Christmas fanatic, so I couldn't be more happy to break out the Christmas-scented candles, decorations, egg nog and advent calendars. I love the feeling that December has about it, even if it feels strange being in a warm climate! I haven't forgotten about my promise to keep you all updated on the daily happenings in my life, so I am here to give you a little update from the past month and let you know what I've been up to. If you'd like to read some of my other coffee break updates you can find them here.

If you remember my september + october coffee break post, you may remember we got a new furry addition to the family with a gorgeous rescue kitty, Kiara or as we like to call her Kiki! Unfortunately since moving in, Kiara got sick and had to be put on antibiotics to reduce a fever. She has also not been eating very much at all, but she has had several visits to the vet and they have said she is now 100% healthy and hopefully her appetite picks up soon! They have given us appetite increasing pills to try so fingers crossed! She has already started trying to eat our Christmas tree ... just not her cat food! Oh my. I treasure her so much, and can't imagine life without her now! She is a super affectionate and happy cat.

Summer has arrived in Brisbane, and the temperatures have been above the 30's over the past few weeks which means the air conditioning has been cranked up in our household and I have been begging Michael to take me to the beach whenever possible! We headed to Noosa in November with a few friends and had a lovely day trip. I definitely want to go back there again soon and maybe stay the weekend. We went to Flux for a few drinks and Whiskey Boy for dinner, so if you're visiting the area I would highly recommend both spots.

It was also my amazing husband's birthday on Sunday, 4th December, so we celebrated by going to Caloundra to the beach for the day and just having a super relaxed and chill day. It was so nice to celebrate and being a December baby, it's definitely important to make the person feel special and that their birthday is separate to Christmas! No combined gifts!!! We will also be celebrating with friends next weekend for his birthday so it's a birthday that keeps on going! I'm looking forward to seeing a bunch of our friends and wishing Michael a Happy Birthday!

I was also lucky enough to get to celebrate a little blogger's lunch with some of my favorite beauty gurus around Brisbane with an Obsession Secret Santa event. You may remember my post about Obsession 2015, and since then many of the brisbane bloggers have been staying in touch with each other and creating a network to support each other and link in with local brands. This event was just for fun but the group is just so supportive and I always love seeing them. What a great event to kick start the silly season. I had so much fun celebrating with everyone, and catching up with some ladies I haven't seen in a while.

L-R: Brittany, Myself, Tahana, and Kate

Our little goodie bags from the Obsession Secret Santa event, featuring my lovely Secret Santa gift of makeup brushes from Beginning Boutique and the Maybelline Nudes Palette! Can't wait to try them out. Goodies in the bags included some skincare items from Nuxe including the Nuxe Contour des Yeux Prodigieux* and the Nuxe Crème Prodigieuse Enrichie Anti-fatigue Moisturizing Cream*, which I am super excited to try out. We also got a mini of the Benefit High Beam* and a Lush Christmas Bath Melt*.

I am also super happy to report that our Christmas tree is up! We have a Winter Wonderland theme going this year and our tree makes me feel like it's cold and snowing and makes me slightly less homesick for Canada. I always find the weeks leading up to Christmas really difficult to be away from my family and friends so this tree has definitely brightened up my spirits a little! It looks even better when it is all lit up! 

Well, those are all my updates for November and the first week of December! I may not have an update for you again until the New Year. Please let me know if you would like me to continue this Coffee Break series. It was something I just started this year in an attempt to share more about myself with you all, but they seem to be some of my most popular posts! 

Would you like to still see them going up monthly? Let me know! 
Are you all ready for the end of the year holidays?

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