25 February 2017

January + February Coffee Break

It's time for another coffee break! Sit down, relax and catch up on my life over the past two months. If you haven't read some of my other Coffee Break posts you can read them here. These were some of my favourite posts to write throughout 2016, and it's been great to share more of my personal life with you all. Today I've got updates regarding my kitty, what's happening with my blog, as well as going back to uni, so make sure you keep reading!
10 February 2017

A Hidden Gem: The Avon Luxe Range Review & Swatches

It has been a long time since I have tried any products from Avon, a very well-known global beauty company, who primarily sell beauty and skincare products through independent Avon sales representatives. In general. I am not a fan of brands who hire pushy team members and pressure people to buy their products to boost sales and commission (this hasn't been my experience of Avon) but some may have had this experience. For this reason, I can understand anyone's hesitation when looking to purchase products from brands who have this structure and rely heavily on sales through individual consultants. However, it seems Avon have come a long way since I used to scroll through their beauty catalogues when I was just a teenager, and you can buy any of these products mentioned on my blog on your own accord through their online website, without having to make an order with any sales reps. Today, I am talking exclusively about the Avon Luxe Range, which I hadn't heard of before until I was approached by the company regarding their products. The Luxe range is marketed as a higher-end makeup range from Avon and comes with gorgeous gold packaging that certainly is several steps up from previous makeup products I have used from the brand.
03 February 2017

January Monthly Favourites: 2017

Well, it's that time again!!! Monthly favourites time! I struggled a little bit to get an assortment of goodies together to share with you this month. I feel like I have kept things very streamlined with my makeup and skincare, and my skin has been loving me for it! *knock on wood* I did manage to pull out a few highlights to chat with you about, including some stationery! Hopefully my organisation lovers will appreciate it. Keep reading to find out what I've been loving in January.