10 February 2017

A Hidden Gem: The Avon Luxe Range Review & Swatches

It has been a long time since I have tried any products from Avon, a very well-known global beauty company, who primarily sell beauty and skincare products through independent Avon sales representatives. In general. I am not a fan of brands who hire pushy team members and pressure people to buy their products to boost sales and commission (this hasn't been my experience of Avon) but some may have had this experience. For this reason, I can understand anyone's hesitation when looking to purchase products from brands who have this structure and rely heavily on sales through individual consultants. However, it seems Avon have come a long way since I used to scroll through their beauty catalogues when I was just a teenager, and you can buy any of these products mentioned on my blog on your own accord through their online website, without having to make an order with any sales reps. Today, I am talking exclusively about the Avon Luxe Range, which I hadn't heard of before until I was approached by the company regarding their products. The Luxe range is marketed as a higher-end makeup range from Avon and comes with gorgeous gold packaging that certainly is several steps up from previous makeup products I have used from the brand.

The product I was most excited to try from this range after hearing rave reviews from fellow blogger Katina Linda, is the Avon Luxe Silken Foundation*, which retails for $32 AUD. It has SPF 20 and is available in only 5 shades (Beige Linen, Medium Bisque, Porcelain, Nude Bodice and Natural Glamour). I was disappointed with the small shade range, and even more annoyed that I had so much trouble finding any shade descriptions for this foundation or online swatches to refer to!!! Luckily, the PR team at Avon were kind enough to send me four different foundation shades to try which I was sure to swatch for you all so you can have a look for yourself. I have light-medium skin with yellow undertones for reference. I am about an NC20-25 in MAC.

As suspected, if you are a pale girl you will most likely have to mix the lightest shade Porcelain with a white foundation mixer to get your perfect shade. Even porcelain is on the darker side for the palest shade in my opinion. I found very little difference between Natural Glamour and Nude Bodice but found they both blended into my skin really well and were a good match for me. Out of the shades I was sent, Beige Linen was the darkest and most yellow-toned. Overall, the shades all lean yellow, with Porcelain being a more neutral shade. I wish there was more of a variety in shades as well as undertones.

The foundation itself is a really nice formula, very thin in consistency as you can see from my runny swatches, and blends really well into the skin without highlighting pores or dry patches. The foundation is supposed to give a silky, soft-focus finish, which it definitely delivers on, providing a nice glowy finish without being greasy or overly dewy. The coverage I would say is light-medium, probably more medium and can easily be built up to cover up redness and acne scarring, both of which I struggle with. I found this foundation lasted well for me throughout a typical work day (8 hours) when set with a powder. The finish is demi-matte, very similar to the Urban Decay Naked Skin (full review here), if you are familiar with that one I think it is a very close dupe.

Next up, I received these Avon Luxe Cashmere Eyeshadows* which retail for $25 AUD and include a palette of 5 shades with varying matte and pearl finishes. To be 100% honest, I find the packaging of these way too bulky and the inclusion of the oldschool eyeshadow applicators, definitely could use an update to include a more luxurious and useful brush.

I received the shades Alluring Nude (left) and Sophisticated Violet (right), both of which didn't really catch my eye. There are other shades on their website that you may like better if you are a warm-toned and neutral lover like me, such as Cocoa Couture, which looks stunning and more my style. I found that the quality of these shades were inconsistent, with the nude palette swatching a lot more smoothly, with less fallout and more pigment overall compared to the violet palette.

Avon Luxe Sophisticated Violet Eyeshadow Palette

Avon Luxe Alluring Nude Eyeshadow Palette

(L-R): Alluring Nude (5 shades), Sophisticated Violet Palette (5 shades), Temptation Blush in Coral Elegance and Couture Rose

If you are a well-versed beauty junkie like me (let's hope if you are reading my blog), you may find the pigment of these palettes a little underwhelming like me. They are still extremely affordable for a full palette and would be great for someone that doesn't need a great deal of pigment or who may just be getting started with makeup.

Avon Luxe Temptation Blush in Coral Elegance

Avon Luxe Temptation Blush in Couture Rose

I really enjoyed trying out the Avon Luxe Temptation Blushes* which retails for $25 AUD and unfortunately come in a very beautiful but bulky compact. I think this packaging is way too large and bulky for a single blush and would recommend that they go with a slimmer and more compact style in future. The blushes themselves are gorgeous, and had great colour payoff as well as nicely blended into the cheeks. I love both shades which were Coral Elegance a shimmery beige pink shade and Couture Rose, a matte coral peach.

The Avon Luxe Couture Creme Lip Glosses* retail for $20 AUD and come in a range of gorgeous colours. I was hoping these would be a little more pigmented than what they were, as I really liked the colour range, but they are quite sheer. This was disappointing but overall they aren't a bad lip gloss and sit comfortably on the lips. They aren't too sticky and apply best over an opaque lip gloss to add a little more colour and shine.

This range also includes the Avon Luxe Volumising Mascara* which retails for $25 AUD. This is your standard volumising mascara, and comes in a deep black formula. I enjoyed the mascara but it didn't really stand out to me or replace my current favourites. For drugstore favourites, I can't seem to go past my Maybelline Lash Sensational or Maybelline Pumped Up! Volum'Express Mascaras.

The first lipsticks I tried were the Avon Luxe Couture Creme Lipsticks* which retails for $22 AUD, and have more of a satin finish. These lipsticks aren't overly pigmented, but provide a slight wash of colour and are very hydrating and nourishing on the lips. These are nice for everyday use but they didn't wow me.

One of the other products that impressed me the most from the items I was sent were the Avon Perfectly Matte Lipsticks* which retail for just $20 AUD each. These come in a sleek matte black tube and are creamy and full of pigment. I really like the shade range, how hydrating and comfortable they feel on the lips and I can definitely see myself continuing to use these in my regular beauty routine. The shade Superb Wine will be so stunning to wear this Winter! The lipsticks lasted about 4 hours on me before I needed to touch them up but I found that they layered well and didn't flake off as some matte lipsticks have the tendency to do.

Finally, a new release from the Luxe range is the Luxe Fabulous Finish Primer* which isn't pictured here but retails for $35 AUD. I really quite liked this primer and thought it was a great mixture of hydrating, creamy properties as well as smoothing properties to create a really smooth and moisturised base for makeup application. I think this primer would suit all skin types.

Overall, I was definitely impressed with the Avon Luxe range, with some products standing out way more than others. My recommendations would be the Silken Foundation, Perfectly Matte Lipsticks, Temptation Blushes and the Fabulous Finish Primer. I wanted to write this post just to remind you that there are often some great products out there that you can find when you look beyond a brand you may not have previously enjoyed, or decided was low quality. Brands are constantly changing, creating new ideas and developing new products so it is always helpful to try out something new and give them a chance!

What is a product that surprised you recently?

*This product was sent to Bows & Pleats for consideration. All opinions are 100% honest and my own. For more information please read my 

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