22 March 2017

5 Tips for Surviving a Makeup Spending Ban

The two words that every beauty junkie is dreading ......... SPENDING BAN! It can be a scary idea and often one that we dismiss as being ridiculous or too difficult. Last year I participated in a Project Pan with Melissa from Loads of Lifestyle (blog post here and 6 month update here) and we also wrote about 5 Ways to Spend Less if You're a Beauty Junkie, these tips are also great to consider if you are thinking about reducing your makeup spending or taking on the challenge of a full spending ban. Today I'm taking you through the top 5 tips I would suggest if you are wanting to start a makeup spending ban and stick with it! 

#1 Have A Goal

With spending bans, it isn't enough to just say "I want to stop buying x" you need to have a goal in mind, or a reason for why you feel your spending is in excess. Just like going to the gym or drinking more water, it isn't enough to set the task because you know you should, you need to know WHY you want to do it. For me, we are going away to Europe in May, so I decided I wanted to set aside 12 weeks for no new makeup (except a few clauses). I decided I wanted to implement my spending ban so I can enjoy our trip, make the most of the extra savings and be able to treat myself while in Europe. If you don't have a goal such as saving for a house, an event, for a trip, etc, you may wish to allocate a set amount of money each pay which would normally go towards makeup to go towards a savings account and then decide on an amount you are hoping to reach! It will be so rewarding when your ban is over when you can look back on your original goal and see that you achieved it!

#2 Set Dates & Parameters

Again, with any spending ban. It doesn't work well if you don't set start and finish dates. If you are a true makeup addict, you will need to plan around certain things like big sales, or what happens if you run out of a certain item before your ban is over. I have decided I will only be purchasing items if I don't have any left of that product, which - let's be real here - I have dozens of every makeup items so that won't matter. I am really forcing myself to work my way through my collection. The only times that I can break my ban are if I have a gift card (not spending my own money) so spending as close to the gift card as humanly possible, or if I have a voucher such as Priceline Voucher a Beauty Loop box. I also already have a monthly subscription for a Look Fantastic Beauty Box which I haven't cancelled. I set my dates from 15th February - 15th May because we leave for Europe on May 16th!

#3 Avoid Temptation

Go into your e-mail list and unsubscribe from any makeup e-mails you may get that you really don't need updates on. FREE SHIPPING, 25% OFF SALE, these are all tempting and easy to click on to instantly break your spending ban. Avoid going to Priceline or other chemists unless you need to pick up a prescription or other necessities. I find even spending less time on instagram looking at other people's hauls reduces my temptation or the feeling that you NEED to have something or it's LIMITED EDITION so it's okay to buy it. I find making a wishlist on my phone or in a notebook for anything that is tempting me very helpful to help prioritise what I may purchase when the ban is over.

#4 Make Use Of What You Have

The best part of a makeup spending ban, is rediscovering the amazing products that already exist in your collection. We all have at least 638384 eye shadow palettes, yet we continue to keep buying them. I guarantee that from shopping your stash you'll find some amazing things you've forgotten about. It definitely makes you appreciate more of what you already have, and stop yourself from buying another highlighter, eyeshadow palette or foundation when you have so many others just sitting there, waiting to be used. You can also take the extra time you have from not buying new beauty products to declutter your collection and sell any items that you aren't using. This money can also be added to your savings goal, or put away somewhere safe for when your ban is complete!

#5 Get Support From Others

I have found a few Facebook groups for support that include people that are on "low-buys" or "no-buys" that post things about rediscovering their collections and are very supportive. This has been a great help for me, and I tend to focus more on these posts than spending time looking at haul videos or other content I know will tempt me to buy things. I have also told friends about my ban, so they can help me stay away from sales, and I have posted on here to stay accountable to my readers!

Finally, I think it is important to keep it realistic, and if you do end up buying something during your ban, just recognize that it isn't the end of the world. If you do break your ban, you are only really cheating yourself and spending money on items you don't really need. Just bring it back to the reason why you started in the first place and I'm sure you will be back on track in no time.

A spending ban is a good exercise to help you save money, use more out of your collection and in general take a step back from being so consumer-driven, which I think many of us are guilty of doing! Spending bans don't need to be a life sentence or a scary task, if I can stop myself from my frivolous makeup purchases, than anyone can! Your spending ban can also apply to food, clothes, books, whatever your guilty pleasure or obsession may be. If you make positive changes to your lifestyle, your bank balance will love you for it and you will probably end up with a lot of self-satisfaction as well.

Have you ever tried to complete a spending ban? How did it go?

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