18 June 2017

Coffee Break: Europe Trip + Where Have I Been?

Hello to all my beautiful readers! I am so sorry that it has been so long since I have uploaded on here. This has probably been my biggest break away from my blog since I started back in early 2014. However, that is why I am here now - to give you an update and let you see some highly requested photos from my recent trip to Europe. Although I feel guilty my blog has taken a spot on the back-burner, time away from my blog and social media platforms has been what I needed mentally to recharge my batteries and feel refreshed and motivated again. Working full-time, this blog has been a hobby that has grown into a business project, but I always said that if it felt like a chore than I would take a break from it. So here I am - with life updates and trip photos and blog ideas to share!

Our Europe trip was truly amazing. So many checks off my bucket list for travel and experiences. My husband Michael and I flew into London and spent 2 days there before embarking on our two week journey around Europe. We visited Paris, the Swiss Alps, Florence, Rome, Venice, Munich, Berlin and Amsterdam and then finally made our way back to London to complete our journey. Out of everywhere we visited, my favourite spots were the Swiss Alps and Florence. I'd also love to return to Berlin since we only had 1 night there. The tour itself had 50 people, so it was a massive group and the trip was very fast-paced, basically living out of a suitcase and rushing around from hostel to bus to destination. I found that part a little hard, you couldn't truly feel relaxed because you often would have 2am nights and 5am mornings followed by 8-10 hour bus drives. However, all of that was worth it for the amazing views, sights and friends made along the way. If any of you have done a group tour like this, you would probably know what I mean!

London, UK

Paris, France

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy
Florence, Italy

Trevi Fountain, Rome

Rome, Italy

Roman Forum, Italy

Venice. Italy

Munich, Germany

Berlin, Germany

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Our amazing TopDeck Group x

I took a 100% break from social media, besides uploading photos to Facebook for family/friends to see. It was so nice to not worry about uploading instagram photos or preparing blog posts. Unfortunately, as you would have noticed I have found it very difficult to get back into the swing of writing blog posts and taking photos for Instagram. I have taken the time to write down a list of ideas and blog posts I am interested in writing for you guys, and I thought this would be a good way to start to find some motivation again.

I have started back at work and returned to find my manager had temporarily moved to another office, and that I would be taking over for the manager's role for the next 12 weeks. Obviously, being promoted is a nice thing and can be seen as a compliment, however it just wasn't what I was expecting and came as a bit of a shock to me. The temporary promotion alongside getting back to my post grad studies at the end of the month has meant there has been a lot on my mind and it has been difficult to juggle it all. I am taking the time to come up with some strategies to find the time to do all the things that are important to me before I dive back into my blog to ensure I can keep some consistency.

I hope you all enjoyed this life update and blog update! I like to always be 100% honest and transparent with you all. If I can't stay accountable then I feel like I am a fake and I think the best part about blogging is being able to keep things real with you all as my readers. To give you an idea of some content moving forward, some blog posts I have planned include: My Travel Essentials, Collective Empties, My Current Skincare Routine, April/May/June Raves + Rejects, and lots more! Let me know what kind of posts you have been loving at the moment!

How have you been lately? I'd love to know if you have any upcoming travel planned or what your dream holiday destinations are! 

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