28 August 2017

Makeup Declutter Series Part 1: Lipsticks, Blushes, Primers & Setting Sprays

Hello party people! Welcome to one of my most highly requested posts, ever! As many of you know I have recently begun my journey to transitioning to cruelty-free beauty. The decision to go cruelty-free brought with it an instant desire to both declutter, as well as take all the items out of my collection that weren't cruelty-free to sell, donate, give away, or bin if they were quite old. Everyone goes about this differently but I just figured that if I was going to be serious about the change, I would like to start discovering products already within my collection that were cruelty-free and put some of the earnings from makeup I sold, towards new cruelty-free makeup items from brands I may not have tried before. Today I'm showing you how I decluttered my makeup and what my collection looks like now! I have broken this series into 4 parts since there are quite a few photos of each of my drawers, some which include skincare. Today I'm showing you my lipsticks, blushes, primers and setting sprays!

Lip Products

My lipstick collection was honestly a huge mess and out of hand! I had way too many that I wasn't using what so ever and they were just developing clutter and chaos in my makeup collection. For some reason, I had lipsticks overflowing in both my large Aldi set of makeup drawers and in my other small makeup drawer unit so I found it hard to find certain lip products and I never knew where anything was as you can see from my unedited before photos. I didn't clean up anything, this is exactly how these items were sitting in my drawers for you to see.

Random assortment of lippie products

Random assortment of lippie products

Liquid Lipsticks
Liquid Lipsticks Continued

Lip Pencils and Lip Glosses

Lip Liners and Lippie Stix

It felt good going through all my lip products and thinking about the ones I used the most, and the products I wanted to get more use out of in my collection. I set aside all of the non-CF brands I currently had in my collection such as Rimmel, MAC, YSL, Bourjois, Maybelline and put them in my pile to sell, donate, or give away. That helped to give me a starting point for my decluttering and then I further culled my lip products from there. You can see below what I was left with! I managed to transfer all of my lipstick products to my smaller makeup drawer unit so they were all together and cohesive. I love it so much more now.

Left Jar: LipSense Products, Right Jar: Mini Lipsticks and Liquid Lipsticks

Drawer 1 - Liquid Lipsticks 

Drawer 2 - Lipstick Bullets

Drawer 3 - Lipstick Bullets (with room for more)

Drawer 4 - Lip Glosses and some Lipstick Bullets. I have since added them to Drawer 3.

I find it so much easier to find my lip products now, and I was able to remove all the lipsticks from on top of my unit of drawers and just add the two canisters which look a lot more neat and more organised.


I didn't find it too difficult to declutter my blushes, I felt like I already had too many and a lot of them were not getting used in my collection regularly. Blushes are probably a product where I am least adventurous, and I tend to use the same two or three over and over again.

Blushes overflowing in my drawer

I was able to go through my blushes and pick out the ones I use the most, and the ones I was really keen to try or use more out of my collection. This is what I was left with:


My primers were also a huge mess. I had some sitting in my large Alex 5 Drawer set from Ikea, and others in my 'Everyday Makeup Drawer' but they were just getting mixed up everywhere and really needed to be kept in one place and condensed down.

Primers in "Everyday Drawer"

Primers in Alex Drawer

As you can see, it is still not the most neatly organised drawer, but I like to keep it real. I managed to fit all of my primers into one drawer at the bottom of my small set of drawers that houses all of my lip products. They fit perfectly and are much more accessible now. I also use different primers more often now since they aren't as scattered and all over the place as they once were. 

Setting Sprays

Finally, I hated the way that my setting sprays were set up. I had them all on top of my unit of drawers and they just made the space looked cluttered and messy. I didn't get rid of too many but I mainly just found a better way of storing them.

My Most Favourite Setting Sprays Stored Neatly On Top of Aldi Drawer Unit

I decided to store my most used setting sprays on top of my Aldi Drawer Unit, and then the other sprays, including minis I have stored in my Everyday Drawer for quick access. I love the way it turned out and it looks much neater and more organised now. 

Small Drawer Unit from The Makeup Box Shop - Lip Products and Primers in Bottom Shelf
Holographic storage at the back holds my Colourpop and ABH Liquid Lipsticks
Small Jar with Heart stores my Lipliners

Well, I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of the Declutter Series! Stay tuned for Part 2!!! I am really happy with the progress I have made with my makeup declutter and storage overhaul and as you can see I still have so many options to choose from that are from cruelty-free brands!

What is your vice when it comes to makeup? 
Is there one category that you collect the most?

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